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Important Announcement Regarding the Add Me Section
In view that the old sub forum was getting very messy with the large number of stickied threads getting in the way of everything, metacreeper has very kindly volunteered his time to reorganize this subforums.

It is a massive undertaking and by no means easy given how large this place has gotten.

The Add Me section has been reorganized into the following broad categories (with 2 more categories to go):
1. Semi-Humans (Palas/Santa/Trojan/Cyborgs)
2. Rainbow Leaders (Hades/Fusion/Archer/Daji/Sirii/Valac/Astaroth)
3. Greek Gods
4. Dragons (MDs/EDs/DSs/Nidhogg/GSOA)
5. Beasts (Schemas/SS Beasts/KODB/Duck King)
6. Mono Leaders (Norse/Blood Fiends)
7. Defensive (DDs, Idun, zodiacs, tumbler, elves)
8. Unusual allies (everything else that is not often used, like Egyptian, Randeng/Yang Jian)

While the old threads have NOT been locked, they have been unstickied and meant for references only. We urge the community to re-add your allies using the following sub forum categories.

We trust that this format will be neater and more relavant to the current metagame today and as always we welcome feedback and suggestions


A short note. Minamoto and PR Nezha allies would fall into the unusual category

Greek Gods, so special they're the only ones to keep their section! Tongue

Main Allies: PR Nezha, All SS Ducks/Dogs

Looking For: PR Baph, Mark II, RGB Yanxi, Solomon/Pete, Su siao-syue, 
Main Deck
[Image: 0236565c.jpg]
Other (complete or in Progress)
[Image: u4IzV_.gif]

I'm looking for more PR Tefnut. If anyone have, please add me to this ID.


My ally: Hephaetus All max

(08-15-2014, 05:42 PM)PsychoticSoul Wrote: Greek Gods, so special they're the only ones to keep their section!
To be fair you often can't ally anything other than another Greek God
Lazy to update images.

Current Ally: Lucy OR VR Freyja


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