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HxH Scissors-Paper-Rock Campaign
1- lose - 2x baby harpy
2- lose - 1x harpy

1-lose-2x baby harpy *cant rmb played paper*
2-win-didnt see reward *Biscuit played scissors*
Leorio added to selection pool
Me always play rock becuz me is like Gon in anime
think i have to play paper tomorrow tho because of the high probability¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Please share match opp and what they played in case there is a pattern.

New day starts midnight HK time.

Day 3: Lost against Hisoka who played scissors

day 3 lost to hisoka who used scissors.
If there is a pattern I think by the time we learn it it won't be useful anymore. There's no pattern to real life rock paper scissors after all. Just metagaming.

I'm at Lose, Draw, Lose. Illumi, Biscuit, Leorio. 1M Coins, 2 BB Harpies, 1 Diamond.
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LF: Love and condo buyers. JK.
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Yeah I agree, don't think it's that useful. I actually thought that you could see beforehand against whom you were playing (didn't really pay much attention first 2 days) but that wasn't the case.
Is anyone actually getting the prizes ? I havent been getting any for the past 2 days.

btw Day 3 I used rock on 2 accounts and won on both.
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Prizes are put directly in the inventory not in the rewards, they don't even have the "new" tag in the inventory.
Day 1: Paper Win - 2 Heavy Gear Knight
Day 2: Rock Win - 1 diamond
Day 3: Rock Draw against Leorio - Harpy
Day 4: Rock win against biscuit - 5x eye spirit
Day 5: Rock win against biscuit - 5x kfc
Day 6: scissors lost against biscuit - 2x baby harpy 
Day 7: Rock win against kurapika - 5x eye spirit
Day 8: scissors beat hisoka - 5x kfc
Day 9: rock lost against biscuit - 2x heavy gear Knight
Day 10: Rock beat biscuit - 1 diamond
Day 11: Rock beat hisoka - 200 souls
Day 12: Draw - 5x prime soulstones
Day 13: Rock win 5keys
Day 14: rock draw - 2x heavy gear Knight
Day 15: Rock win - 200 souls
Day 16: rockb win - 2x heavy gear Knight
Day 17: Rock win - 2x baby harpy
Day 18: Rock win - 5x eye spirit
Day 19: rock lose - 1x diamond
Day 20: rock lose -1x diamond
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1: Rock Lost Keys
2: Rock Draw Coins
3: Rock Won Plump X5

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