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How will you be using "Millennial Madhead"?
I read somewhere that the Millennial Madhead will give 10mil exp to anyone you feed.

So in this case, who will you use it on?

Personally, I am considering using it on one of the Jotuns since they require 10mil exp to max... I think.. Or will you be keeping it for collection purpose?

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Considering there's currently only 2 known ways to get it, I'd probably keep mine for collection purposes. It's a nice thing to have as a sort of trophy.

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I will keep it for some future 10m card that hasn't been released yet that doesn't have a feeder like Jotuns.

Also Jotuns seem very useless. Their stats are nowhere near impressive enough to warrant losing a slot with a skill

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I will probably be tempted and use it on an SM card, but fingers crossed.
What's the 2nd way besides the tos stat card event?
1000 day login reward.
Will only keep it as collection.

For me it's very wasteful if use on Jotun
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Considering my poor Nidhogg is level 1... He seems like a nice candidate. I always have the slot filled in the index, if we talk collection.
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and i went to max Zeus the MH + dagger way. Oh my lord...7mil exp!
We should be able to feed his limbs bit by bit, 10 mil at once is a bit much atm. This feels like it's foreshadowing really high EXP monsters though, not too happy about that.
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