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How to play with Emulators properly + [Mouse explained]
Hello Summoners, today a fellow guild member asked me all my settings for playing ToS on PC because his phone screen got damaged so I decided to share with you a guide on how to play Tower of Saviors on Windows with the most efficient way.

My experience:

The most popular emulator out there is Bluestacks, but personally I don't like it because it's hard to customize and brings a lot of bloatware, so I tried many different emulators out there, and currently my personal best choice is Nox 6.0. 

I've been playing with Android emulators on Windows since 2 years ago mainly because I live on a dangerous country (Venezuela), and I've been robbed twice. So I usually spend around 8 month periods without a phone. This week I finally managed to purchase an used i9195, so no more emulator for my main account.

I've managed to clear many Nightmare stages and even Frigg and Hel stage on Void of the realm while playing on emulator. If you are on the Discord server you have probably seen how fast I share the screenshots because of this lol.

Installing and customizing Nox 6.0

You can check the release notes so you can see how often this emulator is updated. And here is the download link.

After you finish installing this program, you will have on your desktop 2 shortcuts, Nox and Multi-Drive. The first one will open the emulator with the default settings, while the second one allows you to customize the virtual machine and create emulators with different settings.

That being said, open Multi-Drive and open the settings button for the virtual machine, and you will get the following window:

[Image: aNJ5vyq.png]

Here please change the settings as I have them, if you have a bigger monitor feel free to use a bigger resolution, I don't recommend going custom for lower than 800x480. CPU:2 can be set by enabling VT on your BIOS if your CPU has support for that, I would recommend you to Google about that, but having 1 core is enough actually. 1gb ram is necessary for system and TOS to run smooth enough, otherwise prepare for the game crashing while you are in the middle of a stage.

Mouse settings

Something that gets players scared out of playing ToS with a mouse is the fact of how precise your hand feels compared to your thumb or finger on a phone screen, this is caused by the settings on Windows which are made to reduce the amount of effort you have to put on your wrist while using the mouse, but this settings actually hurt precision for gaming in general.

That being said you will have to remove mouse acceleration, there are two ways of doing it:

  1. The basic mode: here you will have to go to control panel > mouse settings > pointer options tab > and turn off "Enhace pointer Precision".

    [Image: dGDSw20.png]
  2. The hardcore mode: in this mode we are going to turn off mouse acceleration completely from the system by using a registry mod. You can read more about the mod and more information about mouse acceleration on this link. I've done this and got to say that the difference is great, I usually struggled on doing pixel edits on Photoshop until I found this.

Parallel Space and multi instance emulators

Since we are already playing on the PC why not playing more than one account?. Some time ago someone recommended me the Parallel Space app which allows me to have 2 instances of ToS or any app in the same phone. Since this emulator uses Android 4.4 you won't have to download the data files for ToS twice which is nice~. You can also use multiple emulators using the Multi-Drive screen I pointed above.

Removing the default Nox launcher

Sometimes people get annoyed by the fact that Nox installs some random promoted games, you can read this tutorial on how to remove those and the default launcher which will stop the emulator from doing things like that.

FAQ and things to keep in mind

  1. Can you use payments and purchase diamonds normally?: Yes
  2. Is it too hard to get used to it?: It took me around 1 month to get my spin to 5.6 average combo after turning off mouse acceleration.
  3. Can I score on guild event and leaderboard using this emulator?: Yes, as long as you configurations set the emulator to be a specific device and not be identified as Nox emulator.
  4. Will customer support help me if I report any incident?: Yes, as long as you tell them that you are playing on the fake device model without any hint of playing on an emulator or parallel app. So if you take screenshots with alt+print instead of the built-in screenshot button of Nox, be sure to remove the emulator frame with an image editor software, paint will do. Customer support doesn't offer help to players not using a mobile device because of hackers and the fact that the emulator performance depends on your computer specs.
  5. Will I be labeled to be a hacker by playing on emulator?: No as long as you don't do stuff like botting or using hex editors to change the game behavior.


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