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How do I increase my team cost?
As the title says, how do I increase my team cost its been stuck at 40 for quite awhile. BTW, currently I'm lvl 46.

Just increase your summoner level, simple as that. You can do it fast by playing the highest level you can clear in day of gold and day of greed on weekends.

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The more you level up, the more team cost you get.

Here's the wiki page on what you get with each level in terms of team cost, stamina and team slots.

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Alright, thanks.
Did they set the minimum team cost to be at 40? Because if he is level 46 it should be only 33? I have a friend who also started out at team cost of 40 it seems

Edit: Saw Chinese wiki and indeed min 40. Goes to 42 from level 64 onwards.
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