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Honest opions on state of ENG tos player base
Playerbase easy to gauge, just rank to Bronze in Arena and you can count how many active players, multiply that by around 2.

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So there's 10k people in English tos? Wow that is a veryyyy small player base hahaha I don't know if I should spend money now XD

(7 hours ago)Glune Wrote: So there's 10k people in English tos?  Wow that is a veryyyy small player base hahaha I don't know if I should spend money now XD

I don't really think playerbase should be a primary concern whether you want to throw money at this sort of game unless you're really competitive lol. Others have said this before but this server probably won't be closing down anytime soon even with the small player pool, if it does though, it'll definitely come as a shocker to a lot of people. The way I see it, the main reason to spend money on this game is for collection purposes and to progress (relatively) faster. That being said, a lot of f2p players have had great success without spending a single dime, just that it would take a bit more time and patience. If you're absolutely fine with how you're doing now, then I don't see the need to spend money either. 

Good thread btw, always nice to see the opinions of other people.  Tongue

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Is 10K particularly low for a mobile game? There are probably MMOs with lower player bases these days.
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Oh 10k ain't that small.. for a phone game haha but I was just wondering everyone's opions lmfao
Of course I'll keep spending money a little by little

Just gonna say some games like TERA might have 10k lol

And if you play thus game where no one else plays it, the player base seems smaller than 10k Big Grin

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