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Help with diablos and elfish perennials
Im a bit cinfused about the build of a team can work with te skill of surplus of diablo , i build , but the skills , doesnt appear, what a i do wrong?, Sorry for my bad englidh

Can you list your team members? Diablo doesn't work with all elves, his team skill is with three specific series and one SM. These are Sprites (Yidhra, Yvette etc), Toy Pixies (Matryoshka, Morris etc), Elfish Perrenials (Cornflower, Rose and co) and Princess Woodbury (available in the Lost Relic like the Sprites). You need at least three members from any of these series at their current final form (6* or 7*). The last slot in the team should also be an Elf, but this can be from any series. Diablo should also be Power Released and the leader of the team (very important - his teamskill does not work if he is only ally and not leader).

You can now ally with PR Sprites to have all runes be healing runes, this is the preferred setup now for Diablo, I think. It makes his damage much more consistent and frees up another slot to use Elves which don't belong to his teamskill series, as the ally counts toward teamskill.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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