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Help with deck
Madhead kept giving me beasts, is there anything I can do ?

Mufasa x2
Aloof x1
Basti x2
All CN beast
The Merry Puppy

All pally except fire

Elizabeth the Nobel


John the shadow Assasin

DD Dark

Yep, a Beast team would look like the brighest team that you can form out of all the cards you have.

Taotie/GSoD(L) + Basti + Aloof+ Basti + Zhuque(?) - PR Daji (A)

Make sure Aloof is placed between Beasts so the buff will be shared. The problem with this team now that is clearly the lack of an offensive converter. A Dark Gnome will solve this problem, temporarily. Just hope for MH to release the 'new' Drawing seal for the recently removed Greek Beasts/Fate Sisters and etc- asap.

Typical advice, but yeah draw cards whenever you're able to instead of hoarding/keeping them for a specific week till you find yourself with the right cards to build the right team.

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Why not
Basti (L) + Aloof + Basti + Zhuque + something else + PR Daji (A)
I have Endor but no PR
Isabel? I have no CC which is sad
Is Taotie 3x multiplier a must?

^ due to your lack of converters, I would suggest going rainbow and using one of the new civ beasts (like Basti/Odous/Mufasa) as leader.

Taotie's x3 is not a must, IMO. Basti's x2.5 + other runes effect should be better for a rainbow team, I think.

Basti(L) + Odous, Mufasa, Zhuque, Baihu + ally beast leader or Daji

Crux's suggestion works better if you have Baphomet, in which case you can do a mostly dark beast team as he suggested.

An alternative deck is to simply use PKOE with a bunch of your best cards, maybe

PKOE + Elizabeth, Hephaestus, John, Persephone + ally Daji

or substitute whichever are your best leveled cards. This is just a temporary deck until you get better cards though.
.. I forgot about Basti. But yes, Basti will definitely be better considering you not possessing any offensive converters. Instead of slotting in non-Beast, I'll recommend you going pure Beast except for Daji. Your overall damage will just be that much better. However, Endor is actually be a pretty nice addition post PR.

Tried brainstorming a team with PKoE too, but nah I'll suggest sticking to your Beast team.
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Thanks for the tips. Will focus on the beast till I draw anything better.
Spiritual civ beasts are great leaders, and I cleared a lot of stuff early on with them. The overall recovery is very low though so you should ally Daji instead of another beast.
Yes currently Im up to last seal (5th)
Mainly running mufasa (L) + basti + aloof + basti + GSoE + daji (A)
Might swap out basti for BaiHu or Zhuque
Just got grumpy puppy. I guess it fills the last slot
Basti aloof basti zhuque grumpy PR daji ?
(03-28-2015, 10:39 PM)kmtan85 Wrote: Just got grumpy puppy. I guess it fills the last slot
Basti aloof basti zhuque grumpy PR daji ?

Yep, definitely better now with a converter albeit the long CD. If you have access to Disney (go to General Discussion for the guide for it if not), and try attempting the Advanced stage of Essence of Villains and try to aim for Cheshire Cat in R6 (if not mistaken its a Beast which converts runes that are not Heart/Light(forgot)>Dark* .
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