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Help with Dragon Team?

I recently got back to TOS trying to build a dragon team, but i dont really have the recent best dragon cards. Is there any other option?

Cards I have below:

6* Ursula
6* Water Dragon of Icy Thorns
3* Icigon
5* Combative Whale Mostro
6* Dagon
5* Hydrometallic Dragon
6* Qinglong the Prime King

7* Seth
5* Piasa
5* Bellicose Wings Vouivre
3* Baby Amber Dragon
5* Inferno Melog
5* Pyrometellic Dragon
5* Blazing Salamander
5* Dragon Spiritor - Fire
4* Flamisaur
6* Cthugha 

8* Nidhogg
6* Byakhee
5* Draco
6* Foul Dragon of Corrupting Magg
5* Shu
5* Terrametallic Dragon
5* Govindasaur
6* Barbara the Dragon Maiden

5* Fafnir
5* Luminsauirus
5* Dragon Spiritor - Light
5* Luminmetallic Dragon
7* Dragon Emperor of the Skies Uranus
5* Tulzscha the Gleaming Grace

6* Sunnie The Food-hunting Dragon
5* Moonlight Dragon
7* Novalis
6* Wawel
5* Nightfall Melog
6* Faugn
5* Noctimetallic Dragon
4* Decaptor

Right now the best Dragon leader is azathoth, it's hard to draw these days so right now I think your best setup is something like

PR Ursula leader
Pr novalis
Pr nidhogg
Moonlight dragon
Pr wawel or dragon of icy thorns as a booster
Azathoth ally

Make sure to PR Ursula and novalis if you haven't already.

[Image: 6636360e.jpg]

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You've got Novalis, Ursula and Nidhogg, which is a good core to any Dragon team, but without Azathoth you'll likely be struggling a good bit.
- If you insist on going with pure Dragons, you could try leading with Ursula and allying Azathoth.
- If you've got PR Artemis you might lead with her and use the core Dragon members, since Novalis takes all your off-color Dragons and the high combo count can make up for lower REC.
- PR Nidhogg + PR Barbara is possible, but the team is rather weak in the meta right now and forces you to also include Earth Beasts.

My advice would be to leave the Dragons behind and focus on your other cards, starting with the better leaders.

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