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Help me build a stable deck! And i need advice also on how to utilise my cards!!!!
Dark Cards: PR Loki (Power Alternated), Shen Gong Bao, Osiris, Gondul, Unjust Soldier, Baphomet PR (All Max), Sunnie, Malphas, Basti the Solar Deity, Solace Endor, PKOD, Brynhildr the Scythe Warrior,Wawel, Sumatra, PR Xi, Lu Lingshuang the vicious cadaver,Chang'E, Odin the knight of runes, Sirius, Puppy.

Light Cards: Twilight Paladin,  Tulzscha the Gleaming Grace, PLuma the Sky High Outlaw, Psalm Chorister Yan,  Jiang Shang the Tao Achiever, Marquiss Nathaniel, Hsia, Valac the master of whispers, Baihu, DSOL, Kazuma Kuwabara, pupper, Imanotsurugi & usumidori, Jack the gentleman, Pinocchio, Lisa Bufano, Fafnir,  Jyu Yun and Cloudy, Galio, Sirius, TERRY.

Earth Cards: Terra K ight, Earth Chrysalis, Verthandi, Pilatus, Belle the Poppy Bride, Lu Xun, Yan, Geironul, Lord of Forest Duncan, Jin,Amor and Celos, Kojiro, Hsiahou Jin, Jing Tian, HERTZ, Gusty puppet, Byakhee, Xuanwu, Govidnasaur.

Fire Cards: Hephaesteus Meng Huo, Tyr, Metablaze, Magraence, PKOF, DOF Yan and Xi, Erik, Genkai, Iquitos, Tristan, Musbile, Marchosias, Duck, Hong Yue, Dipankara the enlightened buddha, Shuten doji, Cerberus, DSOF, Skuld, GSOF.

Water: Chalice of divine wine skogul, Cinderella, sun ce, Yan, Aqua Knight errant, CATEUA AND RAVNISS, Carrie, Dreamer matthew, Dagon (PR), Molly (PR), Cai wenji, Scrubia, Beauwolf the dragon slayer, Grethchen and heisenberg, The great cthulu, Hjikamioo, Vepar(PR), Urd, weaver of the past, Yuanshi Tianzun, 

I am a returning player and first time poster, THANK FOR THE HELP!!!!!!

Hm. YYH will have a second rare up day, I think you should draw then if you can, but maybe not as I actually think it's a bit tricky to fill a YYH team given their race restrictions and recommended elements.

From your actual inventory, I think your best leader is Hephaestus but you've just missed Shakuro from the last bingo card event who is one of his best members. You can still train him up and VR him and he'll suffice for a lot of stages with pretty much whatever members. Dipankara AR should probably be priority member though, but even he is not so good compared to Shakuro or Medea or Yog-Sothoth.

Sun Ce is decent too, but again, very hard to fill an inventory because his restrictions are so tight, also he's kinda unpopular even though his damage output and problem solving is fine so you might have a hard time looking for allies.

There's apparently going to be a free VR Greek giveaway next patch, you can get one of those.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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