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Help for building Deck
Hello saviors,
I would like to ask what team should i develop next.

Here is my solid team now. I'm able to pass ultimate without diamond but hard to pass nightmare

[Image: y8xePm0.png]

As per the Diamond Seal Event 『A Journey to Tianzhu』is in run, this morning i was spend my dimes and get a lot of monster.
And for the ancient draw, i really lucky to draw
- 1st draw : atlantis on my first draw (this is really my first draw on ancient coin due to start again at december while absent around 3 years)
- 2nd draw : opiuchus
- 3rd draw : rakshasa
Really lucky for me

Because of that, i really lost for now, because i still save Your 5-Year-Draw All Max
I really need advice what move should i do next?
What team should i focus with my card and also with my Your 5-Year-Draw All Max?

I was gonna try to build (invest) barbara team as i already has panda, medusa mufasa, byakhee and nidhogg.
But now i'm not sure which team should i build?
and also I was trying to draw circe with my 5-Year-Draw, but in doubt because of opiuchus and atlantis

Here is my cards
[Image: gc4dl5W.png]
[Image: vHdbzds.png]
[Image: ZVLAFfM.png]
[Image: JuKZFHJ.png]
[Image: NatsYv9.png]

For your all max draw please consider reading:

I would not recommend starting on another team in the same element as your main team, especially one that is as outdated as Barbhogg. You have a very strong water leader now, so I suggest you focus on him and pour whatever leveling mats you were going to put into other earth members into Rakshasa, who is one of the strongest possible members for Izanagi. Arthur is also a strong choice if you manage to draw the other light common from the current seal.

Circe is a viable choice, but you may want to get a leader instead as it seems you don't have full elemental coverage yet, which is one of the things everyone should aim towards at least in the beginning.

[Image: hDTtKNv.png]
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