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Haza for dummies
The arrival of version 15.4 brought along the long awaited Power Release of "Companions of Mystical Beasts". Debuting around September 2016, Haza's multiplier was considered high at that point. However the core members it needed, along with the somewhat restricted usage of Earth Beasts (unless you have "Furi the Youkai of Whirlwind") and the eventual power creeped pushed it out of the meta. Although the recent Version 16.2 brought along beast leaders that rival to Haza, it can still be considered a solid choice thanks to its survivability and consistency in damage. In addition it had also received many new toys to play around with.

Mechanics and Theory

[Image: 60] Wits of Unicorn - Haza

Leader Skill : If the Team consists of only Beasts, Team Attack x 5 and HP x 1.5; recover 0.6% of total HP for each Runestone dissolved (affected by Combo bonus) (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted);
Earth Runestones also possess 50% effects of other Attributive Runestones (effects can be superimposed)

The introduction of earth runes possessing other rune effects means that "Furi the Youkai of Whirlwind" is no longer a core member in the team, freeing up a slot as well as allowing non-Earth Beast members to be used together. The HP multiplier of 1.5x and HP recovery via rune dissolve allows you to soak multiple hits and easily recover from them, providing you with time to save up the CD of your members. It works even better if you have another Wits of Unicorn – Haza or even Carefree Mindset - Zero as ally.

The team efficiency will mainly depends on the spinning skill of a player, especially with the lack of additional spinning time. However this could be easily be mitigated by using Carefree Mindset - Zero as an Ally.

Active Skill 1 : For 1 Round, Earth Attack and Beast Attack x 1.5; Earth Beast Attack x 1.8 [CD MAX : 6]

A pretty standard boost for a reasonable CD.

Active Skill 2 : Fully recover HP.  Dodge all attacks of enemies for 1 Round. All Runestones also possess the effects of Runestones of the Beasts’ Attributes in the Team for 2 Rounds [CD MAX : 16]

A versatile skill, basically a offensive defensive boost. Although the dodge skill is nothing compared to Mellow's stealth, you can use it to avoid non-ambush forced hits (initial shield), hits that can lead to annoying debuffs (poison debuff) or even save yourself from a dire situation. The HP recover is somewhat extra, but can prove to be helpful with poison-based enemies skills.

The one round dodge combined with the two round all rune effect is a deadly combo, especially since it allows you to have another shot at the enemy if the burst somehow fails (except for Karmic Rebound).

Possible Allies

[Image: 60] Carefree Mindset - Zero: I believe that he is easily the best ally for a Haza lead team. His leader skill not only allows you to have the same HP as that of a double Haza lead team, his attack bonus and shared attributive rune effect help boost the team's attack making it feel less grind-like. The only downside to using this is that your healing is slightly weaker than dual haza and that you do not have two dodges. Apart from that its a great choice.

[Image: 60] Devil Purification - Suzuko: Her multiplier is pretty good. However the effect of other runes from earth runes are reduced by half, plus Suzuko's active skill does not synergize with Haza lead very well as it may convert away existing earth runes.

[Image: 60] Wits of Unicorn - Haza: Initially upon release, Haza was intended to be run as leader and ally. The 1.2% HP recovery per rune dissolve makes it so that you are almost able to heal up to more than half of your maximum HP. Combined with the total HP multiplier of 2.25x you can tank most hits. In addition, this setup allows you to entirely mitigate the requirement of Furi the Youkai of Whirlwind as earth already possesses effect of all runestones. However the weak attack multiplier of 25x will force you to semi-grind using this team until your attack boosters are activated.

:[Image: 60] Untraceable Moves - Ghostie: Ghostie lies in a weird position, as she is better of as a leader for the team rather than an ally due to her team skill. The only time you would use her as an ally with haza leader is when you need her skill for an enemy skill.

Core Members

[Image: 60][Image: 60] Panda Druid - YunyangYunyang the Lute-playing Panda:
As the team can heal without the need of heart runes, increasing the drop rate of earth runes is a good option as they are the main attacking runes. Even if you use Zero as an Ally with Haza as leader (interchangeable), the increased drop rate of earth rune can help increase combo count, further increasing healing and damage output.

[Image: 60] The Eve of Ragnarok - Fenrir: One of the favorite cards in the game, Fenrir can be used as the team's main attacker due to his high attack and extra 50% dark damage. In addition his first active skill can be used as emergency healing and a partial board clear, while his second active skill can be used to convert away runestones that the team does not use.

:[Image: 60] Untraceable Moves - Ghostie:
Some people may disagree with this, but Ghostie is actually versatile with Haza. Not only her active skill cancels out marked runes, you can easily burst down most enemies with just ghostie's and haza's second active skill. On another hand you can choose to use her active skill as a method to counter weak overheal shield or even heal back to full health in case you do not have Irresistible Cuteness - Plumpy or Secret Panacea - Merbromin in your team.

Utility Members
[Image: 60] Fox of Myriad Forms - Inari: Since Haza has trouble with marked runes Inari can be used to convert all the marked runes into beast runes, which also boosts the attack of the team. However in this case, you must either remove your heart runestones entirely via fixed board converts like Lethal Boxer - Fist and Aloha the Wave-riding Killer Whale, or have
to reduce Yunyang the Lute-playing Panda to remove heart drops. If you are just looking for a board clear, Lethal Boxer - Fist and Aloha the Wave-riding Killer Whale can already do that. You may even opt out to use Bon Appétit - Choux or The Eve of Ragnarok - Fenrir for the situation.

[Image: 60]
Astute Lockpicker - Wimpy: Being the only beast card that unlocks all locked actives, he is a must for stages that mainly locks beast attack. You may also choose to use him to enchant runestones in 3 random columns under beast members.

[Image: 60]
Bon Appétit - Choux: The card clears your entire board and drops enchanted rune. If you used her active skill first at the start of the round, you can use her in 3 turns thanks to her CD reduction skill.

[Image: 60] Lethal Boxer - Fist: Basically a beast version of Fiend of Destruction - Azathoth, useful in Haza especially since Haza doesn't have any method of generating specific runes. However you will have to adjust your members depending on the amount of runes and the type of runes you need. If it isn't required, his skill is pretty solid.

[Image: 60] Aloha the Wave-riding Killer Whale: Since Haza is unable to easily generate enchanted attributive runes for any usage, aloha allows you are guaranteed to have 6 of each enchanted attributive runes. The 10 second time extension is also quite handy as it allows you to easily make 10 combos. His active skill synergizes with Meticulous Cartographer - Tim very well, providing you with an easy 12 attributive rune dissolve.

[Image: 60] Irresistible Cuteness - Plumpy: Even healing can pose a threat to the team, either because you cannot heal enough or it is impossible to heal (Frozen Rune). The card provides 2 rounds full healing.

[Image: 60] Secret Panacea - Merbromin: Similar to Irresistible Cuteness - Plumpy, the card provides healing when it is not enough or impossible. However Merbromin heals for 3 rounds and 15,000 [Even Wave Numbers] or 30,000 HP [Odd Wave Numbers]. Merbromin also has a team skill which increases the attack of the first copy by 3 times if the HP is Full before moving runestones, however you should not rely on this heavily as you should assume that you will be hit many times.

[Image: 60][Image: 60] Medusa the Shattering Eyes / Bursty Froggy - Iquitos: The inactivation can provide you a window of opportunity to semi-grind down an enemy, or even save you from a dire situation.

[Image: 60] Carefree Mindset - Zero: His active skill works great in the team. A 10 second time tunnel, 2.5x team attack, tumbler effect if dissolve all attributive runes. Need I say more? Though realistically, if you have him as a member you are much better running him as a leader with Haza as ally, or even Mellow.

[Image: 60] Meticulous Cartographer - Tim: Like most beast leaders, Haza has a tough time generating runes that he needs. That's where Tim comes in, as his active skill makes 3 counter attribute rune drop for every group of attributive rune you dissolve (this only affects first batch of runes dropped only). However, do note that using his active skill together with Untraceable Moves - Ghostie may cause dark runes to be dropped in abundance. In addition, you need to completely dissolve runestones in 3s and in rows, where the group of runestones are touching the first and the last column. Otherwise you may end up just using his active skills to provide you with runes you need for the next round. In addition, he is somewhat RNG dependant as your rune drop will depend on what you have on your board. His active skill synergizes with Aloha the Wave-riding Killer Whale very well. In addition his 2.5x beast attack in the last wave of the stage is pretty good too, hence he could be used both for utility and offense.
Rune drop Priority : Dark > Light > Earth > Fire > Water.

[Image: 60] Shingen the Domineering Orc: His active skill provides a large amount of kit for Haza. A minimal boost in team attack, a time extension and an additional 8 combos to the combo count. However if you are relying on his time extension you're better off just using Aloha the Wave-riding Killer Whale as his time extension varies depending on the number of attributes in your team (you need 5 attributes to achieve additional 5 seconds). In addition, if you are looking for a burst booster Untraceable Moves - Ghostie does it better. However if you are planning on using the same board you started with / enemy skill limits the use of their active skills / you do not have these two cards, he does get the job done.

Other Notable Members

[Image: 60]
Cat of Charisma - Mellow:  Her active skill is pretty versatile, a team attack x3 and a stealth, which can be used to set up your board. Depending on the stage, you may also be able to grind up your CD without taking any damage using her stealth. Though realistically, if you already have her as a member, you might be better off running a Mellow - Zero Setup.

[Image: 60][Image: 60] Earth Shattering Roar - Mufasa / Nocturne of Felids - Basti: It can be used to provide a massive burst. Their amelioration skills are also helpful in boosting damage and healing by a small noticeable amount.

[Image: 60] Tactful Illusionist - Copperfield: His active skill is a slightly weaker version of Earth Shattering Roar - Mufasa and Nocturne of Felids - Basti. However his CD can be reduced to 5 if it is used first in the round. In addition his minimal convert can be used to help remove existing heart runes that cannot be dissolved.

[Image: 60] Zhu Bajie the Heavenly Marshal: Haza's multiplier isn't enough to defeat most tanky mobs with ease, especially if you use dual Haza lead where earth runes is your main attacking runes. Zhu Bajie can help boost 2 random beast member's damage by 5x for 1 round. It is especially overpowered if the boost goes to Earth Shattering Roar - Mufasa or Nocturne of Felids - Basti.

[Image: 60][Image: 60] Marine Sharkneral - Odous / Pluma the Heroic Bandit: A x9 boost for 2 rounds, it can be used along with Fenrir and the other. Their active skills is similar to Zhu Bajie the Heavenly Marshal, however you can choose the outcome of where the boost is applied to.

[Image: 60] Dodo the Ice-breaking Penguin: Since dual haza lacks the ability to efficiently mow down tanky mobs, it may be a good idea to bring a booster. That's where dodo comes in, his 2x attack boost is consistent and easy to maintain. However you are required to use 3 different attributes of beast in the team, in addition dodo is extremely susceptible to neutralising effects in the short timespan after the skill is activated.

[Image: 60] Boyciana the Fire-controlling Stork: Similar to Dodo the Ice-breaking Penguin in terms of role albeit a weaker multiplier, boyciana's 1.8x has no conditions. In addition, neutralising effects have little effect to Boyciana as her boost lasts for 6 rounds and shortest CD is 6.

[Image: 60] Mothman: His active skill helps provide Haza with additional healing, as well as a boost in damage. However, his stats are pretty mediocre at this day, hence your team might be a bit limited in terms of health.

[Image: 60][Image: 60][Image: 60] The Triplets: Grouped up because their active skills synergize very well, on paper it doesn't seem to be really great. However Versatile Stratagem - Tristan can become a solid choice, especially if you have two copies and Fox of Myriad Forms - Inari to extend his buff by 2 turns. But by then you could just use Fenrir which although deals slightly lower damage, provides you with more utility and free one slot for another member. Their stats are pretty average though.

[Image: 60] Wits of Unicorn - Haza: Multiple copies of Haza are not a bad idea, especially since his active skills synergise with each other pretty well. 

[Image: 60] Devil Purification - Suzuko: Her active skill provides fire runes, as well as a whopping beast attack x 3 boost for one round. However in a dual Haza team it is safer to avoid using her as you may end up removing existing earth runes. You can use her to generate fire runes for certain shields, but its not really practical as you are better off using dragonary compulsion to stock up on runes.

[Image: 60] Furi the Youkai of Whirlwind: Haza's leader and Furi's active skill does not stack. This leaves only the low boost of 1.5x beast attack, which is just a weaker version of dodo. You would only use him if you don't have them or if the stage is limited to earth members only.

Sample Teams

[Image: 60][Image: 45][Image: 90][Image: 45][Image: 60]
Haza can be used to dodge an insta-kill blow or as a burst due to his all rune effect. Whereas Yunyang can be used as Haza doesn't require heart runes to heal, giving extra earth rune drops allowing the team to achieve higher combo count. Choux can be used to provide enchanted runes for stages every 3 turns while Fenrir provides high damage output, as well as healing via damage and mass board convert. Zero can be used as a time tunnel / burst booster / tumbler unit under certain circumstances. If you don't have a need for Fenrir's utility, he can be easily swapped out with Mothman and Boyciana the Fire-controlling Stork. If you need a more focused powerful burst, Fenrir can be swapped out with Earth Shattering Roar - Mufasa / Nocturne of Felids - Basti and Marine Sharkneral - Odous / Pluma the Heroic Bandit.

[Still Incomplete]

UPDATE 12-28-2018 : Added Meticulous Cartographer - Tim and Tactful Illusionist - Copperfield, Mothman and the Triplet Series. Updated Aloha the Wave-riding Killer Whale.
UPDATE 12-29-2018 : Added Shingen the Domineering Orc and sample team portion, more to come.
UPDATE 01-01-2019 : Edited Text of certain member choices, changed sample team. However still incomplete oof.
Note : This is actually my first time writing such a thread, please do leave some feedback on its structure and content.

Special thanks to Oriceles for providing with source code that provided me with a layout.

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You did great with the guide. Wonderful job. Someone should buy you a drink.

Not your fault, but it seems haza is pretty obsolete unless somehow you did not draw from cat thieves. In all my teams i have no room for haza. The cd16 skill is useful but its 4 to 6 rds too long to be useful in 2019. Also zero already has universal runes and mellow has dodge capability and x3 at cd8

Since this thread is about haza, the cd16 all attributes should stack with zero's leader skill. I might investigate it. I still think they should reduce the cd or whatever just to make all the beast cards useful. I hate dusty cards.

(12-28-2018, 06:15 AM)jtsmith Wrote: You did great with the guide.  Wonderful job.  Someone should buy you a drink.

Not your fault, but it seems haza is pretty obsolete unless somehow you did not draw from cat thieves.  In all my teams i have no room for haza.  The cd16 skill is useful but its 4 to 6 rds too long to be useful in 2019.  Also zero already has universal runes and mellow has dodge capability and x3 at cd8

Since this thread is about haza, the cd16 all attributes should stack with zero's leader skill.  I might investigate it.  I still think they should reduce the cd or whatever just to make all the beast cards useful.  I hate dusty cards.

In my opinion, I don't necessarily think that Haza is really left out of the bunch. Just recently I passed one of the 10th seal stages that was restricting me to use only Earth Members. I wouldn't say that it was an easy journey but it was mainly one stage that was really difficult for me to get through, partially due to me forgetting to use Haza's dodge skill at that moment.

I should probably add several choices of Heart Converters inside there, even though heart converters don't exactly have a place in Haza team, there are certain stages with heart rune shield which would bring about the need for them. The stage that I had trouble on was actually a heart shield, since earth did not have any heart converters.

On a side note I should probably mention Mothman.

EDIT: I realised that I wasn't exactly answering your doubts, can work without Cat Thieves. You don't necessarily need them to run him, Cat Thieves mostly provide him utility to work around stages more easily. You can work around having these utilities to a certain extend.

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