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Hatsune Miku collab songs
So here is a list of the songs so far, with links to youtube videos of the songs with english subtittles.

Main theme, Lullaby Miku theme, Apple Tunes - Romio & Cinderella

Mikaito theme, Clock Tunes - Cendrillon

Rin&Len theme, Butterfly Tunes - Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder

Leek Miku biweekly - I'll Miku Miku You

Dramatic Mask Miku - Karakuri Pierrot

ID: 79230079

Available allies: pr Idun, all max pr Verthandi, ame IV Lu Cheng-Syuan, Dumuzi, Atrahasis.
Thanks for this!!

Would you know what the Ultraman event themesong was as well, by any chance?

EDIT: No worries, I found it. It's Ultraman Geed's Themesong!

[Image: bd7cfb6a.jpg]

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