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Guild [SG] Eärendil #1613
Ah ha...a fellow elvish savant!

Thanks for accepting the arrow Chronos...your PKOE ally 'archer attack' is ironic, no? ; P

Fellow guild members, please take a look at the attached spreadsheet and update accordingly


PKOE launches arrows from the front Tongue

it does not boomerang to his back Tongue


Mamasan is Ghost!

Aiya Eärendil Elenion Ancalima!

Works in Progress on My Dark Mono...
[Image: c32a4aaa.jpg]
Nice work chronos nw i know what that spread sheet is about Smile

(01-21-2014, 01:13 PM)cescwong Wrote: dunno whether u all experience some bug/error for the TOS english version guild system.
Just like the ( gold donated yesterday ) it did not show up ppl who alway show 0, after myself make a donation, i still could not see by tomorrow. and the guild member event ( like clear or seal some card< i did not make filter > ).it will clear all eveytime after log in.
It is totally diffrent from my chinese version. it show all and can track back the previous activity.

It has come to my attention that the "Gold donated yesterday" applet within the Member List in the TOS in-game Guild application is not entirely trustworthy. Dodgy

No matter, I have full faith that we will continue to donate to the best of our ability to fill up our guild's coffers. Let us work towards continued levelling up of our guild and greater EXP and GOLD bonuses Big Grin

Tower of Saviors Android Version 4.54 Update Announcement
21 Jan, 2014

Fixed Content in Android Version 4.54:

1. Fixed a bug for “Urd the Valkyrie of Memory”, where Runestone-moving time addition was unusual when the Active Skill “Flash of Ice” was activated.
2. Fixed a bug for “Brynhildr the Invincible Warrior”, where the Active Skill “Prison Break” had an unusual effect when some team members were not deactivated.
3. Adjusted the monsters’ ability scores in the 3rd Battle of “The Phantom Dancer – Master”.
4. Adjusted the sort of “Yesterday’s Donations” in Guild Members List. (Now sorted by “Donation Amount from highest to lowest”.)
5. Adjusted Guild Active Rate calculation: Now calculated on a daily basis. The Active Rate is the number resulted from total number of Guild Members who have logged in within 7 days divided by the total number of Guild Members.
Tomorrow's special battle is Return of Soulmaster Stage 『The Lunar Eclipse』
Time: Jan 22 (Wed)
“Sirius of Lunar Eclipse” will consume the land when darkness falls!
*One-day Exclusive Battle
A very warm welcome to our newest member #44, [SG] YyOnly ID 4369944, who joined us on 22 Jan 2014. Please PM me to settle admin matters.

BTW, YyOnly has created a Whatsapp Chat group. Guild members who are interested in joining can contact him in-game or PM him.
I would love to join. I play 24/7 or whenever my stamina is full.
My ID- 47834425
Currently level 58 - been playing for a week and a half
I spend 10 dollars a week on this game
I have the 1 million to donate for first time
I like this guild too coz i am Singapore lang too. Too bad the last slot is save for someone else. Even if I am not in ur guild, can I join the whatsapp group basing on the fact that I am also Singapore lang. Smile
[Image: bhgg74.jpg]
Welcome to our 45th member, Panda ID 17235771, who joined us on 23 Jan 2014! Please PM me to settle admin matters.

Gezi and Pak Thomas - thank you for your interest to join [SG] Earendil. I wish I could accept both of you but as mentioned, there are only limited vacancies and priority was given to those who had PMed me and already left their guilds. However, when we become level 5, you are MOST welcome to apply for membership again in-game. I will look out for your names. In the meantime, good fortune in your TOS battles!

NB - the Whatsapp group is for existing Guild Members only Tongue

Fellow Guild Members,

It is time to stand as a guild united and make foie gras (*yum yum*)!

[Image: 19_V2_20140116_en.jpg]

Revival of 『The Visitors from afar』
Time: Jan 23 (Thurs) 00:00 – Jan 27 (Mon) 23:59
Jan 23 (Thurs): 『The Visitor from afar – Water』
Jan 24 (Fri): 『The Visitor from afar – Fire』
Jan 25 (Sat): 『The Visitor from afar – Earth』
Jan 26 (Sun): 『The Visitor from afar – Light』
Jan 27 (Mon): 『The Visitor from afar – Dark』

From Jan 23 (Thurs) to Jan 27 (Mon), when guild members pass any difficulty of the stage 『Blessings from the Visitors』, their guilds will be awarded Guild Points. When a guild has accumulated specified amount of Guild Points, ALL guild members in the guild will be awarded accumulated prizes! Also, ALL guild members in the Top 100 Guilds Worldwide of highest Guild Points will be awarded a Golden Badge to showcase their power and glory!

Guild Points calculation:
Passing Apprentice level once – 10 Guild Points
Passing Elite level once – 20 Guild Points
Passing Master level once – 30 Guild Points
Passing Grandmaster level once – 40 Guild Points

The Accumulated Prizes are as follows:
500 accumulated Guild Points – “Light Prime Soulstone” x2
1,100 accumulated Guild Points – “Light Prime Soulstone” x2
1,800 accumulated Guild Points – “Eye Spirit” x3
2,600 accumulated Guild Points – “Madhead” x1
4,000 accumulated Guild Points – “Harpy” x1

1. This event is applicable to guilds of all levels.
2. The current Guild Points will be shown in Guild Announcement.
3. To count as passing 『Blessings from the Visitors』, Summoners must enter 『Blessings from the Visitors』 stage of any difficulty, win the battle and wait for the Battle Result screen to display. Summoners can pass the stage multiple times.
4. Guild Points and prizes are counted on an accumulated basis. For example, when a guild has accumulated 1,800 Guild Points, ALL members in the guild will be awarded “Light Prime Soulstone” x4 + “Eye Spirit” x3.
5. Guild Points will be calculated until Jan 27 (Mon) 23:59, UTC +08. To collect Guild Points, Summoners must enter the stage of 『Blessings from the Visitors』 and win the battle before Jan 27 (Mon) 23:59, UTC +08.
6. All prizes will be distributed on Jan 28 (Tue). The prizes will be found in “Community” -> “Reward” after re-logging into the game.
7. Prizes will only be distributed to Summoners who have joined a guild on or before Jan 27 (Mon) 23:59, UTC +08. Summoners who join a guild after this time will NOT be given any prizes.
8. If any guild member is found to be participating in unauthorized gaming activities, Guild Points collected by that member will be canceled immediately.
9. If any guild member is kicked by the Guild Leader during the event, the Guild Points contributed to that guild by that member will be canceled but will NOT be transferred to any guilds that member joins afterwards. If any guild member leaves the guild on his/her own during the event, the Guild Points contributed by that member will be kept in the original guild.
10. The Golden Badges will appear in the “Friend List” of the owners’ friends, and when the owners’ friends are selecting an Ally before a battle. The Golden Badges will be available until next Guild Mission.


Aiya Earendil Elenion Ancalima!
hi can i join [SG] Quorra level abit low 76... Full Paladin Set
Hi guys, Divine9 here.

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