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[Guild Recruitment] Lvl 17 - Eclipse [ Active Guild ]
Hey is there still space avaliable? I am currently lvl 115 (116 in one battle) and have several seals maxed. (maxed are light ED, GSoA, Metablaze, Govindasaur, Cancer, and working on Ao Gaung, The Martial Master, fate sisters, and the Paladins.) more than happy to change to what ever ally they need. Active player!

Hi do you still hv a slot for a fellow sg player? Just started 2 weeks ago, now level 71 but will be aiming for at least 80 over the weekend. My current team is the Dark ED, Light ED, GSOA, Dark Golem and Fire ED (unmaxed). Also hv the full schema team not maxed out yet.

I'm pretty new but learning along the way and very active! My ID is 47542444

as of right now im lvl 79 active player and can make some donations regularly dont have a maxed out leader though

Space available? Use level 95 PR Endor (high chance going to max level it today Big Grin) also use dark mono/paladin/Santa/water mono/Dragon DS team Big Grin
[Image: 6793abdd.jpg]
Still have slots?
Using 6* water DS as ally.

Requested already, xklydez
Hi everyone who asked about the availability of slots , we still have the full 5 slots still available.

Send in your requests to guild id 1079 ( post here or 'pm' me your ign so i can know who you are)

Those with higher player level with have the 'higher' priority.

But those who just started can send in your requests also, there maybe still some slots left Smile

-Will try to get all , if not most of you into the guild if possible Smile
Hey! I'm about 30ish days played and level 77 and rising (I play everyday)

Currently using 6* Hertz as ally.

Hopefully there's still room? Smile

IGN: Jyos

Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
Hello.. SG player here.. IGN: Nash.. Level 102 with full paladin set.. Currently using level 85 paladin shooter as leader in place of PKOE cuz its the only one not max evolved yet.. Sent my request to join guild already.. Hope i can join Smile
Clearing SM/GM with defensive teams ftw~~
2 more slots left... Keep on requesting guys!
ID : NubbyNub - 27966955
Lvl : 106

Ally : Faugn(max) / Urd(max) / Cass(57) / Metablaze(59) / Skuld(81) / Galio (70) / Circe(49)

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