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[Guild Recruitment] Lvl 17 - Eclipse [ Active Guild ]
Hi, can me and my friends join your guild? We have total of 4 people :X

Hi ivan, its okay if do not have a max card...are you active on both accounts?
if yes, both can join us.
If not just select the one you are most active in to join usSmile

Emerl, are they active? i see that you applied to join..we have 3 slots left.

sure... i play both acc.... just 1 more than the other... cant play both at the same time... can u pm me ur no?

i'll usually concentrate on 1 acc 1st then follow by the other so u might c a bit of inactive in one of my account Smile it all depends but will at least log in everyday once for both account

hi ivan , i have pm-ed you about the no. Its stated in this thread anyway Smile
Aww did it fill up while I was sleeping?
(12-22-2013, 03:26 AM)we123450 Wrote: Aww did it fill up while I was sleeping?

haha we received a surge of requests this few days...we do have slots left... first come first serve!!

Hi Guys! Thanks for your requests!
request sent for both account. Smile
Registration is open guys!
Feel free to ask any questions Smile
Hey everybody! I am searching for a guild, do you have a place left for me?

My ID is : 27.112.169 , invite or PM me if interested.

Thanks! =)
5 slots open guys! Join us now ! ^_^

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