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Guild 3514 Moonlight Sonata Recruiting
Greetings fellow summoners,

Guild Moonlight Sonata is recruiting, we welcome all summoners interested.

There is no requirement for entry, just players who want to play, have fun and play often. Just be considered and don't leave the game for months without notice. We don't ask for any minimum performance, player level or donation, we want people who enjoy the game and wants to have fun.

Remember, guild 3514, Moonlight Sonata (guild level 7, EN server)

Good luck recruiting, just wanted to let you know you have your Private Message disabled in case people want to ask you questions.


Thanks, I must have disabled it by accident, best of luck to you too.

My friends, don't be afraid, this isn't work, this is a game... you won't be troubled by a tedious selection process... on the contrary you will be welcomed "arms wide open" so come and while playing Tower of Saviors the EN version visit us and apply to our guild, remember...

Guild 3514 Moonlight Sonata is waiting for you.

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