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[Guides] The Dark Side (Discretion Advised)
Guide updating to the version 8.0 (-_- I'm just taking my time...)
I'm doing changes to my guide, please bear with it and please, please give suggestion Smile

[Image: B3LMnrq.png]

As usual I will unselfishly put in all my knowledge, it may get coarse, boring and repulsive to some players at some point so if you find the need to voice it out please do it constructively Smile I do not know it all but I do hope my over 700 days of game play will let my experience help you in any way possible.

What is new in 8.0?

[Image: BL4BJT3.jpg][Image: D2fvDOo.jpg]

[Image: nWl4mhf.jpg][Image: MBIPrag.jpg]

[Image: t0WurEO.jpg]

[Image: UJDC8wY.jpg]

[Image: 60px-798i.png][Image: 60px-799i.png]
Dragon Daji 0_0

[Image: bKmd6eO.png]

[Image: AwIPWHy.png][Image: DJEnrPU.png]

[Image: At5DvJr.png][Image: 9dAwIE4.png]

[Image: CUae2E7.png][Image: 8KeGRRM.png]

[Image: epTpgLq.png][Image: CZa8AZe.png]

[Image: rzlYb6y.png][Image: Xjhds81.png]

[Image: yWO6tFF.png][Image: XU8WQZf.png]

[Image: H85HNVa.png][Image: X417Ind.png]

[Image: Pu2KyG6.png][Image: OxK7VNh.png]

[Image: f8jDGA9.png][Image: UpdtPaR.png]

[Image: AwIPWHy.png][Image: DJEnrPU.png]
Skip if you don't bother Dodgy skip the whole guide for all I care Dodgy

To know the worth of my guide, you have to 1st understand the creator Smile me ralfhero haha
I started this game around Feb 2013 and I started playing with Fate sister team, my 1st diamond draw was Verdandi, didn't know much and I continue playing with it, evolve it and max it soon making my 1st team sisters

[Image: 60px-139i.png][Image: 60px-130i.png][Image: 60px-124i.png][Image: 60px-121i.png][Image: 60px-127i.png]

I slowly get my Beast and form my 2nd team the beast team

[Image: 60px-040i.png][Image: 60px-190i.png][Image: 60px-036i.png][Image: 60px-028i.png][Image: 60px-184i.png]

The beast team was good, it let me clear all the way to the last seal but that is where I was stuck... for weeks I couldn't clear the stages, I was giving up hope and I lost interest in the game, I just log in daily and do nothing, my beast team was max, skill level was max (Except medusa) and there were days I didn't even log in at all. Sad
Soon MH started an event, higher chance of getting Artemis and Loki. I've decided to go for it, 3 draws all I took to get both of them, this 2 cards is the game changer for me Smile
Since getting this 2 card I’ve been playing Dark mono, I’ve clear GM/SM and even been ban 3 days cause the system thought I was hacking, the ranting please refer to my other thread Angry HERE (CLICK ME)

I hope my story give you hope and if you’re reading this thread then you must be interested in getting or forming a dark team, if that’s the case….Welcome, to the dark side lol

My Show Off Section
Smile I consider myself near F2P spending around $50 for over 600 days worth of game play. I only topup when there is events for reward and if you support the game and have the extra cash why not support the game with cash

Team Currently using (Updated 18/07/2014)

[Image: 60px-510i.png][Image: 60px-287i.png][Image: 60px-287i.png][Image: 60px-360i.png][Image: 60px-370i.png][Image: 60px-595i.png]
My standard dark team. Finally all maxed all their CDs

[Image: 60px-200i.png][Image: 60px-579i.png][Image: 60px-589i.png][Image: 60px-580i.png][Image: 60px-605i.png][Image: 60px-200i.png]

My 2nd main team

[Image: 60px-508i.png][Image: 60px-287i.png][Image: 60px-349i.png][Image: 60px-593i.png][Image: 60px-374i.png][Image: 60px-508i.png]

[Image: 60px-471i.png][Image: 60px-374i.png][Image: 60px-374i.png][Image: 60px-349i.png][Image: 60px-483i.png][Image: 60px-471i.png]

Diablo Team
[Image: 60px-285i.png][Image: 60px-308i.png][Image: 60px-302i.png][Image: 60px-305i.png][Image: 60px-496i.png][Image: 60px-286i.png]

Dragon Team
[Image: 60px-575i.png][Image: 60px-422i.png][Image: 60px-160i.png][Image: 60px-240i.png][Image: 60px-414i.png][Image: 60px-575i.png]

Water Mono
[Image: 60px-467i.png][Image: 60px-345i.png][Image: 60px-389i.png][Image: 60px-591i.png][Image: 60px-378i.png][Image: 60px-467i.png]

[Image: 60px-192i.png][Image: 60px-579i.png][Image: 60px-542i.png][Image: 60px-591i.png][Image: 60px-378i.png][Image: 60px-192i.png]

Fire Mono
[Image: 60px-479i.png][Image: 60px-347i.png][Image: 60px-592i.png][Image: 60px-409i.png][Image: 60px-409i.png][Image: 60px-479i.png]

ralfhero Wrote:Thank you for seeing my show off section, I just want to let new summoners know I am near F2P player, only spending on special events like topup 1 diamond free 5 diamonds etc only and able to get these teams. There is high and there is low, I still haven't get my Daji but I'm enjoying the game Smile

[Image: At5DvJr.png][Image: 9dAwIE4.png]
Why? Why dark mono you ask? Dark and light is the only 2 color that doesn’t decrease in damage by other colors, dark average higher in damage compare to light so this is the main reason why people choose dark. Many of the farmable SM bosses like Hades, Odin, Sirius & Saruman are also dark so making a strong dark team is not that difficult. I’ve tried and proven that a good Dark Norse team will be able to clear 90% of the SM/GM battles out here and others proven that it can even clear transmigration, so if you’re selected by the dark lord to create a dark team, don’t hesitate, the power awaits you *evil grin*.

If you're unsure about the cards you can always refer to TOS Wikia for more detail explanation Smile

If you understand Chinese

I personally prefer heha

ralfhero Wrote:The back bone of a dark mono team; see below for options on your selection

Convert Light to Heart Runes

[Image: 60px-105i.png][Image: 60px-037i.png][Image: 60px-038i.png][Image: 60px-039i.png][Image: 60px-040i.png][Image: 60px-515i.png][Image: 60px-610i.png]

Convert Heart to Dark

[Image: 60px-065i.png][Image: 60px-455i.png][Image: 60px-188i.png][Image: 60px-189i.png][Image: 60px-190i.png]

Convert Light to Enchanted Heart

[Image: 60px-333i.png][Image: 60px-359i.png][Image: 60px-360i.png]

Convert Heart to Enchanted Dark

[Image: 60px-530i.png][Image: 60px-539i.png][Image: 60px-540i.png]

Convert Light to Heart & Heart to Dark
(If the runes is enchanted, it will turn and remain enchanted after convert)

[Image: 60px-499i.png][Image: 60px-500i.png][Image: 60px-369i.png][Image: 60px-370i.png]

Convert Light to Dark

[Image: 60px-158i.png][Image: 60px-159i.png][Image: 60px-160i.png]

Convert 3 runes to heart

[Image: 60px-442i.png]

Convert 3 runes to dark

[Image: 60px-615i.png][Image: 60px-684i.png][Image: 60px-685i.png]

Convert all runes to dark

[Image: 60px-580i.png]

Convert 1 or 2 column to dark runes

[Image: 60px-720i.png]

ralfhero Wrote:An army need a strong leader
Below are the leaders for dark mono, in no particular order

Known as: Daji, Fox, Vixen,
... I am forever trolled by not getting this card....
[Image: 60px-229i.png][Image: 60px-230i.png][Image: 60px-595i.png]

Know as: Artemis, Dark Greek Leader,
To create the super high damage greek team.
[Image: 60px-199i.png][Image: 60px-200i.png]

Know as: Loki, Facepalm, Dark Norse Leader,
The Norse team set the standard for all other team.
[Image: 60px-209i.png][Image: 60px-210i.png][Image: 60px-510i.png]

Know as: Astaroth, Astaro, AstroBoy, EvilQueen, Queen, Dark Queen,
(They are the same card except one is Disney version)
Limited edition disney event draw, if you never get it... too bad....
[Image: 60px-V13i.png][Image: 60px-V14i.png][Image: 60px-M13i.png][Image: 60px-M14i.png]

Know as: Odin
The only tumber leader card for dark mono
[Image: 60px-287i.png]

Know as: Saruman, Gnome King/Lord,
Elf dark mono with him as leader is suprisingly good.
[Image: 60px-286i.png][Image: 60px-674i.png]

Know as: G-Dragon,Big Bang G,Pretty boy...
A good replacement for leader if you don't have Loki
[Image: 60px-684i.png][Image: 60px-685i.png]

Know as: Osiris,Egyptian God,
If you like to snipe, this is the leader for it.
[Image: 60px-219i.png][Image: 60px-220i.png][Image: 60px-645i.png]

Know as: Tuchi
Best dark mono fiend leader
[Image: 60px-734i.png][Image: 60px-735i.png]

Know as: Basti
A good leader for mono beast
[Image: 60px-633i.png][Image: 60px-634i.png][Image: 60px-635i.png]

Know as: GSD, AOD, Dark Scheme,
A good leader for mono beast
[Image: 60px-037i.png][Image: 60px-038i.png][Image: 60px-039i.png][Image: 60px-040i.png][Image: 60px-515i.png]

ralfhero Wrote:Below are good dark cards that worth a mention, important substitute cards for the success of dark mono

[Image: 60px-306i.png][Image: 60px-307i.png][Image: 60px-308i.png]

[Image: 60px-396i.png][Image: 60px-397i.png]

[Image: 60px-361i.png][Image: 60px-362i.png]

[Image: 60px-402i.png][Image: 60px-589i.png]

[Image: 60px-495i.png]

[Image: 60px-561i.png]

[Image: CUae2E7.png][Image: 8KeGRRM.png]

[Image: YKmlJbt.png]

***GREEKS (Detail information, VERY detail)
Greeks can be the highest damage team available to summoners but they are very luck dependence. Artemis leader skill allow 1 enchanted dark runes to drop for every 3 dark runes dissolved and having dual Artemis will allow 2 enchanted dark runes to drop instead so if you combo a large amount of dark runes, you can expect a lot of enchanted dark runes dropping instead of random runes thus creating lots of combo, more enchanted dark runes being dissolved the stronger your attack gets.
Recent nerf of Greeks and many new enemy skills like combo shield has made Greeks quite useless and much less powerful. Without any base increase of dark attack like Endor + 200% or PR Loki + 250% to dark attack, Greeks team rely on the drop of enchanted dark runes to increase their attack, the more sky drop the better the damage. Since combo count is what make Greeks powerful, healing is not an issue when you have sky drop, 3 heart runes will easily gets you to recover fully when you get sky drop. On the other hand if you fail to achieve sky drop, your damage is so low you won't even be able to kill a simple enemy like elf.
Many summoners fail to pass even stage 1 of any battles due to insufficient dark runes on a new board. Greeks are hard to master but as expected from the highest bursting team available to summoners.  

***GREEKS (Point Form Version)
[Pros:]Highest combo team
[Pros:]Highest burst damage team
[Pros:]When sky combo is going, 3 heart runes is sufficient to heal all your health
[Pros:]Farming is very fast and easy
[Pros:]Artemis is just as sexy as it gets Big Grin

[Cons:]Low recovery (recovery is good when sky combo is achieved)
[Cons:]Difficult to master and need lots of practice
[Cons:]Recently nerf by MH on runes drop, no longer as powerful
[Cons:]Can only ally another Artemis
[Cons:]High luck base, depend on good sky drop to get powerful burst
[Cons:]Very weak against combo shield enemies

ralfhero Wrote:I've leveled my Artemis to skill level 10 without using any harpy so I can share from my experience that Greeks are very very hard to learn and use.
Especially after the recent nerf by MH. I will recommend summoners to play Norse team instead since there is PR Loki.
I love the constant runes drop that Artemis give but as more and more enemies are created to counter Greeks, I been setting my Artemis aside and playing my Norse team more.
Zeus and Hades is important for Artemis


[Image: RdCgkSz.png]
3.1 Greeks Burst

Greeks depend on sky drop to boost their damage, so the more dark runes you dissolved the more chance a good sky drop will happen. This is why runes convertor cards are important for Greek team. I will list below some example of Greek team for you to consider making.

[Image: VARvnd][Image: qqpNYE][Image: 60px-402i.png][Image: GUhCzP][Image: 60px-540i.png][Image: VARvnd] - Team Cost 83, Lv 146
Allow at least 2 rounds of full burst
Good for stages that got mini boss before the main boss
[Usage]Activate Xi then either use Gemini + SGB burst or Sirius burst

[Image: VARvnd][Image: 60px-510i.png][Image: HOYT4e][Image: DWX50j][Image: DWX50j][Image: VARvnd] - Team Cost 95, Lv 170
Allow at least 2 rounds of full burst / 1 very powerful burst
You can always switch to Norse team
Switch Scorpio for Gemini or Shen
[Usage]1 powerful burst: At low HP, convert runes to dark, use Odin, use Loki
[Usage]2 full burst: (1)Use Scorpio, use Scorpio burst (2)Use PR Loki + Odin team skill and burst

[Image: 60px-200i.png][Image: 60px-579i.png][Image: 60px-580i.png][Image: 60px-589i.png][Image: 60px-412i.png][Image: 60px-200i.png]
So you want to get the biggest boom?
Active them all, PR Endor last, Hades will give all Amoli4 active for higher burst.

[Image: 60px-200i.png][Image: 60px-580i.png][Image: 60px-580i.png][Image: 60px-589i.png][Image: 60px-579i.png][Image: 60px-200i.png]
This is my team and your argument is invalid

ralfhero Wrote:Notice!!
Only use PR Endor if you plan to burst once.
She will create 3 top rows and when 3 top rows are gone, you will have no more dark runes.
She goes well with Artemis + Zeus combo for higher burst.


[Image: NKccWwh.png]
3.2 Greeks Variation

It is not a must to use Mono dark for Greeks team, I started off my Greek team with the team below, allowing me to clear 6th seal.

[Image: jspj.png] - Team cost 46, Lv 72

In my journey of learning Greek I learn the different ways people play with other Greeks team yielding some amazing result.

[Image: nafq.png]

ralfhero Wrote:Greek dark mono is very versatile, with just Artemis from diamond seal card you can get a Greek team running, this is the main reason why I love using them. The rest of the cards can be obtain from friend seal or farm at island but the best Greeks team will only come from diamond seals and GM/SM battles.

[Image: epTpgLq.png][Image: CZa8AZe.png]

[Image: 700px-Pet510.png]

***NORSE (Detail information, VERY detail)

I cannot think of a more versitile team combo then Norse, if you have many backup cards to switch according to the stages requirement, this team can clear 95% of the battles MH dish out, i've tested it personally and cleared almost all of the battles. There is just so many ways to use this team, more and more new cards are coming out and they will compliment Norse team even further. If anything, this team at least set the benchmark of any team you want to compare to, other teams may burst stronger but they will not be as versitile as this team.

***NORSE (Point Form Version)
[Pros:]Most stable & consistence damage team
[Pros:]Able to handle almost all of the GM/SM battles.
[Pros:]Able to clear transmigration
[Pros:]Able to use Daji the sexy fox Big Grin

[Cons:]May end up without dark runes if not careful
[Cons:]Too many dark runes after convert will also cause an issue unless you learn the Pyramid way of stacking runes. (Refer Section 6)

ralfhero Wrote:My PR Loki is skill 11 without using Harpy, I used it a lot Smile
Since Loki got the PR, there is really no other card that can replace Loki as leader for dark norse unless of cause you got the foxy daji. PR G dragon may subsitute PR Loki but you won't have PR Loki + Odin team skill which made the team less versitile.
Generally Dual PR Loki is better for farming and PR Loki + Daji is better when you can constantly make 5+ combos.


[Image: xagnv4i.png]
4.1 Norse Burst

This 2 is the soul of Norse team. When they are fully evolved and above level 50, they have a hidden team skill that will turn all light and heart runes to enchanted dark runes. All Norse dark mono should compromise of them.
PR Loki do not need to be leader for the hidden skill to be in effect, even as ally the hidden skill will activate.

[Image: 60px-510i.png][Image: 60px-287i.png]

Any 2 below together will give you solid bursting ability

[Image: 60px-360i.png][Image: 60px-540i.png][Image: 60px-370i.png]

Felix and Daji are perfect together, able to burst without any dark runes in sight

[Image: 60px-354i.png][Image: 60px-230i.png]

This is how I came up with the standard standard Norse team

[Image: 60px-510i.png][Image: 60px-287i.png][Image: 60px-354i.png][Image: 60px-360i.png][Image: 60px-540i.png][Image: 60px-230i.png] - Require team cost 99, Lv178

[1]Give max burst by getting HP to 20% or near, use Gemini+SGB+ PR Loki+Odin+Felix+Daji
[2]2 times worth of burst by Gemini+SGB+PR Loki, let enemy hit once then Odin+Felix+Daji or
[3]3 times worth of good burst Gemini+SGB, Felix+Daji, PR Loki+Odin(team skill)

Refer to[Image: At5DvJr.png] for replacements if you don't have the cards or Team Cost to use the team.


Some of the major cards that is suitable to be in Norse team, obviously not everybody like the standard team and some won't have certain cards in their inventory.
PR Loki + Odin is the soul of the Norse team
2 Convertor is preferred (Gemini,SGB,Scorpio)
That leave you a slot, it will be perfect to have a 2nd Odin inside but you need to be over level 230 to do that so below are the cards I recommend as the 5th member of the team.

[Image: 60px-220i.png][Image: 60px-289i.png][Image: 60px-362i.png][Image: 60px-397i.png][Image: 60px-475i.png][Image: 60px-560i.png]


Some Pro Team recommendation
[Image: ee19ddfc.jpg]
One of the famous dark mono, able to provide the biggest single burst for Norse, need to learn scramble and unscramble to do it (Refer to Section 7)
[Image: 77be9c0c.jpg]
You won't have any issue with healing and RCR with this team
[Image: c793b6c7.jpg]
So I heard you like to burst?
[Image: 4c968116.jpg]
Like it balance? Safe game play with good burst when required

ralfhero Wrote:Norse is able to adapt accordingly to different battles, it is the perfect team to “storm the front”
I hope this will give a brief understanding of Norse team.


4.1 Norse Defensive

[Image: 60px-287i.png]
Using him as leader and ally Daji is not bad as a defense team, this is actually one of the top defensive team, some stages recommend this to win.

[Image: 60px-308i.png][Image: 60px-286i.png]
Easy huh this 2 card being the only defense card

[Image: 60px-287i.png][Image: 60px-286i.png][Image: 60px-308i.png][Image: 60px-360i.png][Image: 60px-370i.png][Image: 60px-230i.png] - Require team cost 87, Lv146
Actually one of the top 3 defensive team there is Smile - (Nightcat's suggestion)

ralfhero Wrote:FAQ---
PR Loki + PR Loki or PR Loki + Daji?
If you’re doing 3-5 combo, I will suggest you taking PR Loki + PR Loki
PR Loki + Daji is better when you can constantly make above 5combo.
If you know the boss will have combo shield, use Loki + Loki.

[Image: rzlYb6y.png][Image: Xjhds81.png]

[Image: 700?cb=20141222133106&path-prefix=zh]

PR Egyptian!!! This god created a whole new team to play with and very popular in the mutiplayer
I introduce you, the sniper team

Sniper team has been thought of for some time now before PR Egyptian came out, it is the new cards that came out that really made this team the hype.
PR Egyptian is best used aganist wood and light enemies, they increase 3x damage to wood and light but only 1.5x to the rest. This also affect active skill that deal dark damage.

[Image: 60px-650i.png]
Steam Infantry
[Image: 60px-655i.png]
Martial Wizard Geppetto

This 2 unit store 10k damage every turn runes are dissolved to max 100k damage, when used with leader & ally PR Egyptian it will x9 the active damage... hence the sniper team is formed. What make it better is the 2 unit max CD is only 1... having 4 of them in your team all max CD you can snipe every 2 turn of more then 400k damage to wood and light... scary....

Units that also deal dark damage and can be used as member for this team but the best will still be the 2 units above.

Cancer deal non element damage... too bad

[Image: yWO6tFF.png][Image: XU8WQZf.png]

I'll be going into runes stacking method which is very useful for Dark Mono especially when you're using Daji as ally.

Do note that I am not the inventor of Pyramid stacking and I just name it that since it look that way. I want to thank my beloved qtphi21 for showing me the link so I can learn this method of runes movement.

This method is explained in Chinese forum and I just merely translate it over and adding many of my own words so if you're interested in looking up yourself please head over to and mainly search under user WatPoint as I learn most of the skills from his thread.

Q..What is pyramid runes stacking?!

If you're not using Greeks, after doing runes convert you may end up with too many runes of the same color, having a whole block of same color runes will lessen the combo count and cause your burst damage to drop. Especially when you using Daji you will want as many combo count as you can make.

[Image: a5zc.png]

From the pic you can see there is a lot of dark color runes and usually players will arrange the runes in this way which will allow 6 combos (not counting extra runes drop) With daji as ally this will give a +500% to your attack

[Image: id9x.png]

From the pic you can see I've used the same amount of runes and use the pyramid style to get a higher combo count. This way of stacking will allow a 8 combo (not counting extra runes drop) and with daji this will give a +700% to your attack, 200% more compare to the normal way of stacking runes.

[Image: otrw.png]

After the initial dissolve of 4 combo runes, the pic above show what runes are left before another 4 combo are dissolve.

Another advantage of pyramid style runes stacking is after the initial runes dissolved, the next 4 combo are dissolved 1 by 1 allowing more movement in the runes box, more movement will give you higher chance of combo appearing from the dropped runes. This is how I plan for 8 combo but come out over 10 combo without the use of dual Greeks.

I'll put the link below of youtube video if you want to learn more of this method of stacking

[Image: H85HNVa.png][Image: X417Ind.png]

If you plan to use PR Endor with Daji any where inside the team, you must really learn this scramble and unscramble method of moving runes, this will increase your burst heavenly but at the expense of a turn.

For the ease of understanding we will take the perfect scenario.

[Image: LWkcQ9a.jpg]

Anyone who used Daji skill will know this is the best arrangement you can ever make, giving a perfect 10 combo.
After you arrange the runes perfectly, you need to scramble it

[Image: Fhske7b.png]

By holding the 2nd rune in the picture above and moving it according to the arrows, you will end up with this

[Image: rjeJu6B.jpg]

Now all you need to do after you activate PR Endor skill is to reverse the arrows movement to unscramble the runes and continue to arrange the top 3 rows that appear after using PR Endor skill and you will have at least over 10 combo and the more combos that come out, the louder Daji will laugh at the enemies Smile
If possible, remember to end your movement at the spot where you started else you will have 1 combo less.

ralfhero Wrote:[Image: 60px-510i.png][Image: HOYT4e][Image: 60px-190i.png][Image: 60px-412i.png][Image: 60px-354i.png][Image: 60px-595i.png]

This is my team and my burst cycle
[1]Activate your runes convertor, make sure not to have too many dark runes else this combo won't work
[2]Activate daji skill and arrange the runes and scramble it (1 turn wasted)
[3]If you can survive 1 hit from enemy even better, activate Odin after getting hit
[4]Activate PR Loki then activate PR Endor
[5]Unscramble and try to do as many combos from the 3 new rows that appeared
[6]GG …. Else come back to this guide and start asking questions on what you did wrong lol

I am not the inventor of this runes movement. I merely invented the name for it (scramble and unscramble) and I do hope you can understand my explanation. If you have any links of it in action, feel free to let me know so I can add Smile

[Image: Pu2KyG6.png][Image: OxK7VNh.png]

Pending update to 8.0

[Image: 700px-Pet515.png]

[Image: 60px-515i.png]

Since the PR of beast, GSD is making beast team a power pack and can be consider a final team if you got the right cards. Mono dark beast team been around for some time but PR GSD really set it apart with 300% beast attack as leader skill and letting the team rise to be suitable as end game team.

[Image: c9fd0fb3.jpg]

Simple yet effective, very low team cost
Max at 5 CD which is easily obtained and allow you to burst 3/5 turns.
Dual PR GSD give 900% to attack


[Image: 6d56adbc.jpg]

Replace Puppy for cards according to boss stages or your personal liking

[Image: 60px-495i.png][Image: 60px-465i.png][Image: 60px-442i.png]


[Image: abb65438.jpg]

Green king will double the beast attack so it is worthy to put him there.

[Image: f8jDGA9.png][Image: UpdtPaR.png]

[*]Pending update to 8.0
[Image: 949df4ac.jpg]

Say, may I interest you in a team that can kill all boss immediately? Without moving a single runes? Smile
100%HP after 5 Lu Bu active 70% - 49% - 34.3% - 24.01% - 16.807%
So your dark paladin will finish off the boss.


[Image: 1cbc4529.jpg]

Dual Astaro, any cards that give you more dark runes will be ok as member, you'll be needing a lot of dark runes to sustain the short time high amount of dark runes dissolved.


[Image: 48d8329b.jpg]

I've just started my research on this Fiend team and on paper it looks promising Smile If you have any experience with it do share and let me know. So for now this will just be an ideal, promising and looks deadly.

[Image: YP328Wn.gif]
*Image found on imgur, my favourite image uploading website
*All image are taken from TOS Wikia gallery & TOS hehagame
*Runes image were taken from ToSGod app go visit this thread for more info HERE (CLICK ME)
*Took me long long time to make and update this guide draining most of my brain, so if i miss anything or there is anything anybody wanna share please let me know
*Ask any questions you may have, I'll be happy to answer and I'm sure TOS Forum user will be happy to answer too.

ralfhero Wrote:I am lazy >_< really….
If there is any mistake or you have better suggestion, please let me know so I can change it.
Thank you for reading and joining the dark side Smile I cannot do this alone lol
14/12/13 - Dark mono guide started (HeHeHe)
26/12/13 - I've added more info on Pyramid Style of Runes Stacking.
04/04/14 - Version 5.0 major update to my guide (Constructing)
08/04/14 - Scramble & Unscramble (finally done it)
09/05/14 - I've added Dark Mono beast, Dark Mono Fiend
22/05/14 - Version 6.0 Here we go again (Constructing)
30/06/14 - Changed image host and confirm working now
18/07/14 - Start on project 7.0
18/10/14 - Start on Project 7.2
30/12/14 - Start on project 7.5
01/03/15 - Start on project 8.1
25/04/15 - Throw project aside for my brain to recover

Great guide! Just in time for me to build my next team, Dark Mono FTW!

Totally awesome

Madhead needs to nerf Nighteleven urgently
Awesome, this will welcome future members to the dark side and answer all their questions.
[Image: e9fb2371.jpg]
[Image: 8b15b740.jpg]
Thank you for the great guide. Pity I don't have Felix, missed him in the recent event. Is there any cards that can be used as replacement?

Also, if you don't mind me asking for clarification, for Norse deck, you mention using Gemini+Scorp+Loki. I don't have Scorpio, using Baphomet replacement. Gemini changes light runes to enhanced heart runes. Baphomet changes heart to dark. The dark runes are already enhanced. Loki's active is change all dark to enhanced dark. How does it work?
ID: 24372347
You can add the Dark mono god team nitecat has made :o
Tired mess


Ally : Chessia
Available : Abadon ,  Samuel , Uncle Tuu , Azazel , Pr Artemis , Pr Loki , Pr Hades , Beelzebulb , Cao^2 , Abraham , Satan , Guan Yu , Izangi , Sun Quan , DQXQ , Lubu , Tsukiyomi , Amaterasu , Bael , Wukong , Daji , erebus , pr loki 

(12-14-2013, 05:33 PM)damien87 Wrote: Thank you for the great guide. Pity I don't have Felix, missed him in the recent event. Is there any cards that can be used as replacement?

Also, if you don't mind me asking for clarification, for Norse deck, you mention using Gemini+Scorp+Loki. I don't have Scorpio, using Baphomet replacement. Gemini changes light runes to enhanced heart runes. Baphomet changes heart to dark. The dark runes are already enhanced. Loki's active is change all dark to enhanced dark. How does it work?

sadly no, felix is unique and without him you just lost a good card for burst without dark runes in sight.

Since bursting 2 times is the motive here, might as well use Loki's skill to max the 1st burst. Gemini only change all light to enchanted heart runes, the current heart and dark runes are not enchanted. After you burst with all the dark runes using pyramid style there should be little dark runes left that is why it's either use Loki there or Loki skill will be wasted.

I'll go into pyramid style and scramble & unscramble next time after some rest Angel

(12-14-2013, 05:41 PM)Sona Wrote: You can add the Dark mono god team nitecat has made :o

Sure, i'll take a look and add his dark mono god team along with the Norse team Smile
[Image: h6JG8v3.gif]
[Image: yH7e6Pb.png]
I thank the dark lord for all the dark cards, i just hate him for trolling me with daji -_-

Dark mono guideCLICK HERE
Success as F2P CLICK HERE
Haha. I am unfortunately missing the following cards:


and I have

Endor (PR)
Dark Pala
Lu Bu

In your personal opinion is the following team:

Endor (PR)

better than the red deck below for GM/SM battles:

(12-14-2013, 06:29 PM)mini_cow Wrote: Haha. I am unfortunately missing the following cards:

If you want 1 turn burst, Mono dark will win your Mono red plus there is no color that mono dark fear, using your mono red aganist water will be terrible. If you learn the scramble and unscramble of Endor and Daji the damage will fly.
If recovery wise then poppy will win.

Odin when active at 10% will increase attack by 250% Endor (PR) active will also increase attack (don't remember how much) so medea's 150% cannot be compared.

In the future when you get higher level you can even equip sirius + Odin together lol so there is still improvement of getting stronger Smile so ya dark mono is stronger and can be much stronger
[Image: h6JG8v3.gif]
[Image: yH7e6Pb.png]
I thank the dark lord for all the dark cards, i just hate him for trolling me with daji -_-

Dark mono guideCLICK HERE
Success as F2P CLICK HERE
(12-14-2013, 06:55 PM)ralfhero Wrote:
(12-14-2013, 06:29 PM)mini_cow Wrote: Haha. I am unfortunately missing the following cards:

If you want 1 turn burst, Mono dark will win your Mono red plus there is no color that mono dark fear, using your mono red aganist water will be terrible. If you learn the scramble and unscramble of Endor and Daji the damage will fly.
If recovery wise then poppy will win.

Odin when active at 10% will increase attack by 250% Endor (PR) active will also increase attack (don't remember how much) so medea's 150% cannot be compared.

In the future when you get higher level you can even equip sirius + Odin together lol so there is still improvement of getting stronger Smile so ya dark mono is stronger and can be much stronger

This is good dark guide really, thank for ur time and effort to make this. Want to add one thing, i think people always look down at power release starter cards, in this case i mean endor. Now she become one of my favorite card, i would use her instead of felix. With u mentioned about scramble and unscramble of endor and daji, she even give more damage, lower cd and also hot girl Big Grin

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