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Guide to Michael Lunafer (Updated with Yan and Xi Permutations)
Table of Contents

Part 1.  Introduction

Part 2.  Mono Light
  • Norse
  • Greek
  • Defensive
  • Minamoto

Part 3.  Fusion/Rainbow
  • a) ML + Daji
    • Cat Duke's
    • Yan and Xi
    b) Others
    • Astaroth
    • Jiang Ziya
    • Queen of Hearts
    • Thomas
Part 4.  FAQs
Part 5.  Videos
Part 6.  Summary

[Image: mikelunafer_zpscad755da.jpg]

Michael Lucifer -  A card worthy of his title as the Archangel, the most expensive, and one of the most powerful cards in TOS
Max Stats:  hp 3974 / atk 1901 / rec 401
Active: Bidding for Sorcery (min cd 10)
- Fiend Attack becomes 0, Light attack becomes 50%. 100% of Fiend Attack and 50% of Light Attack will be added to self Attack. Attack would only be launched when Light Runestones are dissolved. This skill applies until reactivation or GAME OVER. (The description in game is still not updated)
Leader: Inherence - Light and Dark runes will have both Light and Dark effect

Court of Libra - Luna - By herself she is nothing special, but as the Archangel's girlfriend/sidekick she is indispensable
Max Stats: hp 2781 / atk 1264 / rec 394
Active: God's and Fiend's Aid (min cd 8)
- For 2 turns, turn the greatest level of damage from the God and Fiend species to become all God and Fiend members' damage inflicted
Leader: nobody cares Tongue

Together, these two characters form the powerful force which shall henceforth be known as Michael Lunafer Big Grin  Too cheesy?  Or am I a genius? lol

Why are these two such a great duo?  The main reason lies in their active skills.  They interact similarily to Ursula and Novalis in a dragon team, but with some extra bonuses.

Michael will drain the attack of all fiends in the team, and half the attack of all light cards, and add it to his own.  By itself this skill is unremarkable, because the overall team attack remains the same.  When paired with Luna's active, this provides a massive burst, just like Novalis and Ursula.  However, the similarity ends there.

What sets Michael Lunafer God-Fiend combo apart from the Novalis/Ursula Dragon combo?  They have a hidden passive when used together.  If Luna is 6* and Michael is at least lv 50. then Luna's attack will increase to match that of Michael.  So when Michael is activated, Luna will be attacking alongside him with the same leeched attack.  The effect of this is much like having a Light Enchantress, with the boost ranging from 1.5x to nearly 2x, depending on how many fiends/light cards are in the team.

So a light 'enchantress' pair with a massive burst ability sounds pretty good right? But wait, there's more!  Michael also has a hidden skill with the Immortal Fiends.  These are:  Minamoto, Lubu, Beowulf, Diarmuid, and Achilles
[Image: immortals_zpsd1c74093.png]
When both Michael and the Immortal are ready to activate, you will be given an option to use Light Charge Ex.  This will change enemies' attribute to Dark and increase Light attack on Dark enemies to 240%.  Nice!  When is this useful?  Whenever you don't need it for the first 20 turns of a stage lol.  Assuming you plan to activate Bidding for Socery first, you have to wait for its CD again before using Light Charge.  In a team made for long battles, its worth adding an Immortal Fiend for this skill

The Michael Lunafer pair is useful in almost any team when you want to add a boost.  However, ML active is not without weakness.  The main one is high defense, low hp enemies which require to be hit 6 times every turn (only a problem if your team contains one or more fiends).  Although in most cases its not hard to break their defense, you need to be aware of this weakness.  Also, large group of enemies that kill you if you can't do full attack to kill them first (in this case Jack and other similar skills can come in very handy).  Other than that, there is no downside to using ML if your team can accommodate them.

So now that I have explained how Michael Lunafer works, allow me to list the most relevant applications.  I have tried to make this list as complete as possible, but if I have missed anything, feel free to post something and I can add it to the list.

Mono Light
ML can be added to almost any light team, for a permanent passive boost 'enchnantress' effect.  

The light fiends are: Minamoto, Faust, Jack, and Nero
[Image: lightfiend_zps5a7c549e.png]
This doesn't seem like much, I know.  Lucky for us any color fiend will do, because once we activate Michael it will essentially become light.  Any light Gods also work well with ML mono light.  The difference between a Light God and a Fiend is only 8.5% for ML passive.  Light cards that are not God or Fiend can also be used, but sparingly if you want to maximize the boost of Luna's active.

In a mono light team we usually need converters, so Minamoto is important.  If you don't have Minamoto, another light converter will do, but since none of the other standard converters are god/fiend, you will lose part of the burst from Luna.   With Michael, Luna, and Minamoto being the team core, that leaves only one follower and the leader/ally left for us to choose.  

None of the Light Fiends other than Minamoto are worth mentioning as leaders for ML team, so here is what it looks like when we take the popular Light God leaders and put ML with them:
  • Norse
Thor + ML/Luna/Yoshi/Odin
Team Cost is only 126 Tongue  While this team is the prime example since it makes use of all the hidden skills, the usefulness of Minamoto is questionable.  Try using Nero instead.  Other than that this team does not leave much room for substitution. 

  • Greek
Apollo + ML/Luna/Yoshi/Zeus(Yan)
The version with Zeus costs 8 less than the Norse counterpart.  This team is ideal for Transmigration.  In weekly battles and SMs, Zeus is unecessary overkill, not to mention most people cant afford the team cost for both Michael and Zeus.  If you can afford it though, this is a fun team that can reach almost 100million damage.
Yan is not as much a hazard as you would think; this team is actually quite safe.  Yoshi allows you to produce heart runes every six turns, and you can store them at the bottom of the board for when needed.  With the Greek combo bonus, you only need 3 hearts to fully heal most of the time.  This team is my personal favourite, I use it to clear almost everything! (and it excels at multiplayer too!)
  • Defensive (See post 236 of the original Dicussion thread for screenshots of more variations)
Idun + ML/Luna/Nero/Verdandi+ WukongML 
works surprisingly well in a defensive team.  Allows you to safely grind through a stage and still unload a massive burst on the boss. This doesn't need to be mono, can add Fates/Lubu/Cancer as needed.
  • Minamoto as Leader
Minamoto + Daji is not as good as Michael + Daji, and Minamoto + Michael is not recommended because the damage will be too low.  Could also try with Virgo ally when you need extra bounciness.  The Light Shikikami fits here as well.

*Non-God Light leaders such as Valac are also possible with ML but not recommended if you have one of the above mentioned leaders.

Moving on to the other colors...


ML + Daji:
Michael is a surprisingly good leader.  Removes the need for converters, and is roughly equivalent to a 2x multiplier.  Here are some examples for this type of team
  • Cat Duke's
ML + Luna/Nero/JJTZ/Yoshi + Daji
This team will deal an average 10-20k per card regular damage, but the total burst is more like 10-20 mil with all skills activated.- Note that Felix is not very useful here.  ML leader skill does not apply to the Cat Duke's active.- SGB can be replaced with pretty much anything that is either Light, Dark, God or Fiend, including one of the Light Humans (see FAQ)
  • PR Twin Divas and Hymners
ML + Luna/PR Xi/Horned King/Luna + Daji
ML + Luna/PR Yan/Jiang Ziya/PR Jack + Daji
Xi is better than Yan with ML mainly because she (lol pun) is a Fiend.  Plus, 2 passive boosts and 8 consecutive massive bursts is just insane.  You may also opt to use Yan along with Minamoto or Jian Ziya if you need an emergency heal.

  • Astaroth + ML/Luna/Mina/Mina + Astaroth
Everyone knows how powerful Astaroth is.  This team takes full advantage of ML passive boost, getting 184% attack when he is active.  One Minamoto can be substituted for another fiend of any color, or a second Luna for more frequent bursting.
  • Jiang Ziya + Michael/Luna/Beowulf/Minamoto + Jiang Ziya
Not a lot of room for substitutions here.  Elizabeth or Sloth (yuck) can replace Beowulf.  Sloth is not recommended as a leader.
  • QoH + Michael/Luna/Mina/Elf Queen + QoH (Heart Greek)
You need to see it to believe it lol. This permutation makes me speechless...
  • Thomas + ML (bad idea)
This is like my team building challenge lol.  The best idea I can come up with so far is Thomas + Zeus/Marbas/Yan/Libra + ML

As we can see from these examples, Michael Lunafer team is fairly flexible.  For practical use in SM/GM stages, so many boosters are not usually needed.  There is room to use one or more of Verdandi, Cancer, or whatever is needed to clear the stage.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions, and answers.

Can I Use Mike as ally?
Yes, you will still get the hidden skill with Luna.  What about Light Charge?  Pending testing

Can I use Mike without Luna?
Of course you can, but there is no real benefit to doing so.  Yes, he has extremely high stats, but his skill will not increase team attack without Luna, it will only be a weakness.  The exception would be if you are facing many many high defense enemies, because Mike concentrates the team into one attack it can break them easily.  I don't know of any stage yet where this is really necessary though.  You may think that Mike is worth using without Luna if you have an immortal fiend.  However, its not really worth using two cards just for Light Charge.  Odin and Zeus have similar stats, better solo active and less team cost.

Does every card in the team need to be Light/Fiend or God
Not really.  Having one card in the team that is neither Light nor Fiend will not hurt the passive boost from ML too much  SGB is a good example.  Likewise, Luna's active is usually overkill, so having only 4-5 Fiend/God cards is acceptable.  Of course, this depends on the stage you are facing.  With a proper configuration you can still burst in the millions, and will have at least 1.5x passive boost.  The top five non god/fiends worth using with ML (aside from Daji) are all human:  Nathaniel, Marbas, Valac, Lisa and Troy.  One of them can be very effective in the right setup, but I would never use more than one (or two including Daji) with ML.
- Nathaniel is good with Thor or Daji.
- Marbas works well with Apollo and/or Yan/Xi.
- Troy is good with Xi since you aren't healing anyway
- Lisa is a utility card or a decent one turn boost to replace Horned King if you don't have it
- Valac leader is okay if you don't have Thor or Apollo

What if I don't have Minamoto?
Unless you are playing Mono-Light (Thor/Apollo leader), any other fiend will work just as well.  If you are playing mono, you may use a different converter.  You will lose a small amount of the passive boost and a portion of Luna's active burst, but the team will still be strong enough.

How do I calculate the boost from ML 'Enchantress' effect?
The formula is actually quite simple.  Not including Michael, and counting Luna as a fiend, add 1/6 (~17%) to the multiplier for each fiend in the team and 1/12 (~8.5%) for each light card in the team.  Light fiends will contribute 17%.  For example a team of 6 non-Fiend Light cards will be boosted by ~1.5x when ML is active.   I leave the mathematical proof as an exercise for the reader Tongue


Dual Thor

Dual Maleficent

Apollo and PR Yan

Dual Minamoto

Heart Greek vs TOP:

Michael Lunafer is extremely flexible, this is being proven more and more each day.

Simple Template for Michael Lunafer Team:
Michael + Luna/Mina/xxxx/xxxx + Daji
Light God + Michael/Luna/Mina/xxxx + Light God
The xxxx spots will depend on the situation.

Well I hope this is helpful to some.  Feel free to leave a comment if anything needs to be added.  This thread is still a work in progress; people are coming up with crazy new ways to use Michael Lunafer everyday.  I will update the guide frequently to include new discoveries.

Click Here to read more discussion about ML permutations.  Most of the info in this guide came from the discussion thread.  It was getting way too long so I decided to consolidate it.  Please ignore all the stupid questions I asked in that thread Tongue I have learned a lot since then lol.  Special thanks to minicow who initiated the first consolidation effort and has been a major help brainstorming permutatiions.

Narfmaster 15481009 ENFU Div4
Level 295, 825 days and counting

Favourite Teams:
[Image: Cyborg%20Duo_zpszg4jfws6.jpg]
 [Image: Allies_zpsrm8xpezw.png]
Thank you very much for this guide.

I am loving light teams now after ML Big Grin

Just a quick info I might add here. When the enemy is dark (eg. Stage 49 transmigration Artemis is dark) if you activate Light charge Ex the damage will still multiply 240% so it works on dark enemies too if your in a pinch and all converters are down. Damage is just as insane!

Astaroth + ML + Luna + Mina + Mina + Astaroth

Super insane damage with rather little hp.

Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Astro hasn't been mentioned much since he is not mainstream. But I reckon the team is unique enough to belong here. it's super-super-fiends. Astro-ML team has a few benefits over the more common mono dark astro machine gun.

Astro + ML, Luna, Minamoto, stolas + Astro

you get constant bursts, constant defence breaking, enchanted shield safe, 15k+ health, great recovery and CD saving.

When Luna us activated you break green, dark and light shields/defence.

for SM/GM stalling 10 rounds to activate ML is doable. However team is still viable without ML active, due to astro.

Sent from my GT-I9500 using Tapatalk

(08-12-2014, 04:56 PM)Arigato Wrote: Astaroth + ML + Luna + Mina + Mina + Astaroth

Super insane damage with rather little hp.

in this situation I prefer to replace the second Minamoto with Honor. I don't like dupe members in teams. Honor CD is easy to Max, the team gets a much needed HP boost and the extra damage from Minamoto2 won't be missed.

Sent from my GT-I9500 using Tapatalk
Good work!

As every team is using Luna you probably can say something about tis team, perhaps in comparison to other teams like Norse, Greek, dragons..., if one lacks Luna. Still a good option?!
It is a little like in a dragon team. Luna and Minamoto --> Ursula and Novalis.

What about The Nocturne Whisperer - Xi (fiend)? She looks like a good card for a light/dark fusion team as she gives additional dark runes and has a high attack.

A name for the light/dark fusion team? Hm, perhaps "An archangel's rise and fall" or "Lucifers rise and fall"?

Video of a Michael Lucifer team clearing the transmigration [45-50]
Ally: Artemis
~ Every ally is a welcome friend! ~

[Image: vy39wth9.png]

Guild 2378: 'Nightingale' ~ 'We are waiting to hear your voice in our halls'
(08-12-2014, 05:37 PM)narfmaster Wrote:
(08-12-2014, 05:30 PM)Galdain Wrote: Good work!

As every team is using Luna you probably can say something about tis team, perhaps in comparison to other teams like Norse, Greek, dragons..., if one lacks Luna. Still a good option?!
It is a little like in a dragon team. Luna and Minamoto --> Ursula and Novalis.

What about The Nocturne Whisperer - Xi (fiend)? She looks like a good card for a light/dark fusion team as she gives additional dark runes and has a high attack.

A name for the light/dark fusion team? Hm, perhaps "An archangel's rise and fall" or "Lucifers rise and fall"?

Video of a Michael Lucifer team clearing the transmigration [45-50]

Lucifer is more useful without Luna then Novalis without Ursula because of the hidden skill with immortals. I just watched Fire/Light Heart Greek beating TOP (never thought I would see something like this lol). QoH + ML/Luna/Mina/DEQ + QOH. The player did not use Luna once, so its safe to say she could have been substituted for something else. He did use the Light Charge quite a few times.

Edited the main post to include suggestions so far.

Could you post a link to the video please? Smile
Ally: Artemis
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[Image: vy39wth9.png]

Guild 2378: 'Nightingale' ~ 'We are waiting to hear your voice in our halls'
As mentioned, dont forget the astaroth ML team! This video here really shows off its power.
ID: 9,526,067
Leader: LVL99 CD12 Evil Queen
LF: Astaroth/Evil Queen
Da heck, heart greek? Lol. Love that idea.
ID 27 321 367

Regular Ally: Max CD PR Daji

Finally completed my diamond seal collection once again so I've got all cards in the game at lvl 99 available for ally upon request.

(08-12-2014, 05:52 PM)narfmaster Wrote: I found this in the DSI. 'Fire/Light Heart Greek' beats TOP
work with just about any team lol

As mentioned, this guide is a work in progress. I plan to collect links for some vids demonstrating various ML teams

It looks like the team is permanently regenerating much more hp than it has. So why is he using the Desirous Elf Queen? As the biggest weakness of this team seem to be the little amount of health points I would either add another damage booster here in order to finish the enemy before he kills the team or otherwise a defensive card like Marguerite.
Ally: Artemis
~ Every ally is a welcome friend! ~

[Image: vy39wth9.png]

Guild 2378: 'Nightingale' ~ 'We are waiting to hear your voice in our halls'
Oh wow my heart Greek got mentioned. Haha thanks Narf!
As both qoh doesn't give any multiplier, I figured I needed some heavy hitters in the lineup and ML came to mind.
Gladain : Yup I agree. My earlier team consisted of circe to make use of the extra combo bonus. It works well too.
I decided on elf queen solely cos she's light and fits the overheal theme. Her slot can be easily replaced.

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