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[Guide] Tips as a F2P summoner
I think frugality is key to be the best, regardless of F2P or P2P.

Typically SM clears should be calculated at 2 diamonds in worst case scenario, and diamond seals only in desperate need.
But lately MH has been VERY generous with all the diamonds and events, so relax the constraints a bit and spam a little more.

Looking for Defensive ldrs.

Fun combo practicing team.
[Image: 65363ba4.jpg]

My fav oddball team for MP:
[Image: 36becb88.jpg]
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I personally find good SM spending around 5 diamonds is acceptable, most of the time you won't get a good card in diamond draw anyway lol cards like Odin are well worth that 5 diamonds. Saruman if you have enough elfs etc etc.

[Image: h6JG8v3.gif]
[Image: yH7e6Pb.png]
I thank the dark lord for all the dark cards, i just hate him for trolling me with daji -_-

Dark mono guideCLICK HERE
Success as F2P CLICK HERE
As an F2P with a complete dark norse, beasts and dark greek with a 90% completed rainbow hades/mk2 team(missing medea). My only advice for other F2p players is to just take it slow and don't expect cards. Just take what you get and with time you will complete your deck. SM and event cards help a lot as filler slots. I was using Loki with slimes and gnomes until i got my baph and schema of dark. And now I'm clearing SM without much problems.

[Image: 6eb3424c.jpg]

This thread truly encouraged me as ftp player, i just started this game in nov duncan+pkoe bonus..
in the first month i drew nothing special in my deck except fryr and lubu...most of my draw gold and silver..this is truly make me down..
but soon i realize even with the standart team i able get odin with 0 dime by defended farmable setup deck govind-govind..then soon lady luck bless me with my draw..where i can get almost norse gods except freja...and 2 greek god...futhermore i able to get ml one of the hardest sm with reasonable dime..around if you guys happend to have bad draw in beginning..just dont give up...cause even with farmable still can beat sm..if you have patience...furthermore..before you know it..lady luck will bless anyone with iron will.....cheers.
Yeah I am a f2p player and pretty much did the same things as you wrote.

Started maxing a beast deck and now have a max beast deck(Well not completely max skills but all converters/arch of light) then moved onto a dark greek. Slowly collecting cards and raging and getting duplicates in diamond seals XD.
please suggest teams that are mostly made up from newbie seal cards/free drop cards like
fate sisters, paladins, sniper team, GSoD beast team,
douman+red unicorn+ed,
IMHO, these are very essentials cards to progress further
Free Team Guide
[Image: 14cgkg.jpg]
Here are a few examples :

PR Baph + PR GSOD, PR Lunar, 2x whatever dark + PR Baph. PR Lunar is tricky to obtain for a F2P, you can replace him with whatever dark.
Santa + any set of PR starters and paladins + Daji. Medea and Cass are a good additions if you have any.
Santa + any set of RGB PR starters and paladins + XY sword humans
Hades + HK, Douman, Ed, Verth + Daji/Wukong
Douman + PR GSOA, PR Cthulu, MR Molly, Abe + whatever
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Invite me, I will switch on request !
Becoming F2P is not need to wait for free diamond week in order to get the diamond..fuhhhhh
@destinylyz super old thread lol, but one of the keys for f2p is knowing what to sacrifice
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