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[Guide] Tips as a F2P summoner
I want to create this guide for players that is F2P or near F2P and be successful and most importantly enjoy the game. As much as possible without the need to become full P2P. This guide is on my own personal experience and my own game play. I hope it will help you.

F2P - Free to Play
Near F2P - Only topup during events for that extra reward(s)
P2P - Paying players, using monthly or a large amount from time to time.

A little about me
I started around February 2013 and I was F2P for almost a year. Around end of 2013 I became near F2P due to extra reward like topup for free memory traveler, free horner, free harpy etc etc. I decided to support the game with some $ anyway since I like the game so much.
I'm currently at a point where I've clear all the SM battles, collected them all (mostly for collection and boosting). I've all color teams going even light lol even thou i am a loyal servent of dark arts. I'm able to obtain 12 stars on all the stages weekly without spending any diamonds and manage 2 main accounts and 3 sub accounts Angel

Team Currently using
[Image: 60px-510i.png][Image: 60px-287i.png][Image: 60px-287i.png][Image: 60px-605i.png][Image: 60px-655i.png][Image: 60px-595i.png]

[Image: 60px-200i.png][Image: 60px-579i.png][Image: 60px-580i.png][Image: 60px-580i.png][Image: 60px-589i.png][Image: 60px-200i.png]

[Image: 60px-293i.png][Image: 60px-368i.png][Image: 60px-543i.png][Image: 60px-563i.png][Image: 60px-473i.png][Image: 60px-509i.png]

[Image: 60px-192i.png][Image: 60px-579i.png][Image: 60px-345i.png][Image: 60px-591i.png][Image: 60px-378i.png][Image: 60px-192i.png]

[Image: 60px-479i.png][Image: 60px-592i.png][Image: 60px-347i.png][Image: 60px-409i.png][Image: 60px-409i.png][Image: 60px-479i.png]

[Image: 60px-508i.png][Image: 60px-287i.png][Image: 60px-349i.png][Image: 60px-374i.png][Image: 60px-593i.png][Image: 60px-508i.png]

[Image: 60px-285i.png][Image: 60px-308i.png][Image: 60px-302i.png][Image: 60px-305i.png][Image: 60px-431i.png][Image: 60px-674i.png]

Total spending in the game = $35USD since Feb 2013 - Dec 2014

Q: How? How did you get all those cards? You sure you're not P2P? You lucky basterd.

A: Yes I consider myself F2P, a topup for 5 diamonds here and there don't really make a different, I've topup for so little diamonds so far and you really think a few extra diamonds draws will make so much a different compare to full F2P? You want to know how? Read on since I will unselfishly share my knowledge with you

1st, Welcome to TOS and remember always, enjoy the game else don't play it Smile
2nd Don't compare… if you compare yourself to P2P you going to be miserable

ralfhero Wrote:Tip 1:
Choose a team you want to play and concentrate on it, jack of all trades know nothing.

-The game get easier when you have a max team under your belt. I started with verdandi 1st diamond draw, collected my 1st sister team and with PKOE leader I max the team eventually. With this max team I am able to continue to max my next team which is beast team with 625% attack.
-Don't go running around like a headless chicken. You maybe playing muti color team or mono color. Max the team before going into another team,

ralfhero Wrote:Tip 2:
Always max the ally card ASAP

I'm pretty sure you want to have a max level ally and people with max ally will expect a max ally so of all the team members you should max your ally card ASAP and most ally card I see is a good leader so you won't go wrong to max your leader card 1st.

ralfhero Wrote:Tip 3:
Choose a color.

-As much people say, mono color is the trend now, it is easier to play and much stronger compare to muti color. Many challenge can only be cleared by mono color so choose the color you want to play and stick with it.
-When you start the game you won't have the chance to get a mono color going. If you already got a good leader card like Norse gods or Greeks god you can always create a mono team with slimes, gnomes and beast.

ralfhero Wrote:Tip 4:
Save your diamonds, they are precious

-MH give diamonds for free. At the peak I've collected 110+ diamonds for free.
-Wait for the event week, if you plan to play dark then wait for dark week to draw. Fortune goes to those that are willing to wait.

ralfhero Wrote:Tip 5:
Don't waste anything, you cannot afford it

-I've never sold any diamond draw away at least not until I know the game well. Being new and F2P you never know which diamond draw cards are good and can be used later, for example dark golem people damn it useless until MH decide to pump up dragons making dark golem so vital.
-A rule of thumb, keep at least 2 or 3 dupes of any diamond draw cards.
-NEVER revive in battles, you're better to refill your stamina then revive in battle. (*Exclude SM Battles)

ralfhero Wrote:Tip 6:
He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious - Sun Tzu

-SM Battles are meant for elite players and will most likely make you spend diamonds to win, unless you have a max team going you should not try it. They will eventually come back and by then you will be more prepared and ready to win with minimum sacrifice.
-The 1st SM battle I went was Sirius and I spend 7 diamonds for it. Next was Odin which I spend 5 diamonds. If you think you need to spend more then 10 you should really wait for the next time it appear.

ralfhero Wrote:Tip 7:
Tower of savior Forum =)

-If you're reading this then you should already know about this forum, get yourself more knowledge reading the forum
-read and If you're in doubt ask, many senior summoners in this forum is friendly and will gladly help you anyway possible Smile

ralfhero Wrote:Tip 8:
Keep yourself up to date with current updates and information

-MH is coming up patches faster then I can create guides, know which cards are getting their new upgrades, weak cards may get boost with amoli and become stronger and better and so much more useful.

Remember this is a long term game, not a game you can reach the peak within weeks even if you're P2P
I've been playing for more then a year and am not reach the peak but I am still enjoying the game so hopefully you will learn from my experience and enjoy the game as much if not more.
Will add more if I think


[Image: h6JG8v3.gif]
[Image: yH7e6Pb.png]
I thank the dark lord for all the dark cards, i just hate him for trolling me with daji -_-

Dark mono guideCLICK HERE
Success as F2P CLICK HERE
aww this is such an encouraging post ^_^


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We are always on the lookout for active and committed members Smile
I literally LOLed at the thread title.
Good stuff as usual Ralf!

How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
thanks guys, hope my title suits the guide lol
[Image: h6JG8v3.gif]
[Image: yH7e6Pb.png]
I thank the dark lord for all the dark cards, i just hate him for trolling me with daji -_-

Dark mono guideCLICK HERE
Success as F2P CLICK HERE
omg..this thread opened my eyes about drawing the cards....

may i ask? since ur team is dark team,, and i'm building dark team as well..... how much diamond u saved for the dark week? or u just draw at the very special event ( those 1 day 5 special card event )?

did u spent every diamonds in 1 shot on the dark week,, or u divide it by a couple of days??

* i wish i get either loki or artemis..... Sad
this needs to be sticky-ed! but lets have some more views 1stSmile

Edit: Do what Ralf does but do note that as much as he saves his diamonds and the like, he is also considered very very lucky. I have drawn 90 (free saved) diamonds on a minamoto week and received 17 dupes (no I have HUGE holes in my gallery so don't tell me its to be expected). I have drawn 8 cards this week (I dont have a single greek card) and I have not gotten a single SGB/Artemis. On the contrary, I now have 4 Leos, 4 Dark Ds, 5 Earth Ds, 6 Skulds and enough Fire Ds and Ed to form a full mono red dragon team.

There is the savings part and there is the luck element too. May the odds be ever in your favor.
This is my inspiration for playing with f2p.

So far I've played for 31 days, this is my progress.

Trying to jot down what happened to my deck during my play time. I'm planning to stick to f2p and see where mh takes me and see what kind of deck mh wants me to play.

For now I have 2 possible teams out of my 22 draws(all from free diamond).
1. hep + sean/chutgha/gnome/skuld
2. artemis + endor/gsod/bapho/isabell

I tried saving up diamonds and tried to draw a fire ds during the last fire week but there's barely any fire cards out of my 5 draws during that week.
Since then, I just draw whenever I want to. Got gsod and bapho last week during light week. The only light card I got was idun.

Although I feel like playing f2p style, I'm actually tempted to spend 1usd to buy 1 diamond to get 5 free diamond. Tongue

So, should I stick to f2p or spend 1 usd for 6 diamond?
Good stuff indeed. I vote for sticky it.

I start around the same time as Ralf, get a Light Sirius (My PRECIOUSSSSS).
Have save free diamond up to 190 diamonds. I agree with everything he mentioned here.

Add, Madhead is quite generous for F2P. We F2P can be successful easily.
F2P here, I only but diamonds when there are some good offers around like 1 diamond = 5 diamonds extra.
I got all bad cards, but in the last 2 week I got Artemis (dark week) and Freyja (light week).
I always save diamond and draw cards when I need.
It's true that sometimes you draw in a specific week and you get cards of other elements, but you there are the possibility of try your luck and draw when the cards have the bonus why not wait for it?
While you are waiting you have always something to do like livelling cards, drop down the CD ecc ecc
Looking for friends, I got 50 free space! So add me please  Angel
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I got almost any cards in the game if you need an ally just ask!
While picking a colour and sticking to it is important, f2p cannot be too picky about their draws and the deck they play.

For all that you save up for a certain week, you are reasonably likely to end up with decks of other colours or builds than the one you went out to draw for.

Players shouldn't get frustrated with the diamond seal or try too hard for any particular card. It only leads to misery. Play what you have rather than what you want; if you can form a workable team (even if you didn't plan for it) you should max it so you can farm for event cards on the lost relic rather than wasting more diamonds in the diamond seal but have no maxed deck.

Another thing to note is this: be prepared to farm. The free, farmable cards can plug holes in the deck when the diamond seal refuses to cooperate. The palas, fates, schemas and um, perhaps dds are good utility cards and converters that have places in many decks. Worst case scenario, form pkoe - sisters, or full pala decks.
[Image: 30a89a58.jpg]

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