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[Guide] The Sleipnir
Finally got my first odin,yay! i don't  have any norse gods though damn RNG.

Anyways i cleared it with the following team: *hint* *hint* dragons, I would have gone dual Faugn but I'm Faugn is 4star =.=

pr Dagon(lv 78) cd6 + ursula (lv 63) cd13 + Green ED non pr(lv max) cd8 + novalis(lv 99) cd max Non Ame`d + Dark golem(lv 59) cd 8 + Ally nidhogg lv max    HP was 42K ,Every one except for Dagon were non AME`D

R1: i grind and grind, i did use Dagon and green ed to heal, because my spinning skill sucks. 

R2: i used novalis and dark golem burst, i left 6 dark runes for bursting the two wolves on the next round

R3: since i used novalis, i had to burst through the 2 wolves, 100k def is not too hard for a maxed novalis. As for the leopard its all bout ur skills and MH being a good guy with the sky drops, shouldn't be too hard to survive the 12k hit i recommend when healing at least dissolve 5 or more heart runes less then that won't heal u much so its better to save heart runes and heal in bulks, unless ur bout to die that is. 

In R3, TRY UR BEST to deactivate Novalis within this round.but get his CD back up before R5. This is because in R4, the PR mat will 1 hit KO you, and dealing 1 dmg per round is not gonna help, so unless u are confident that ur Novalis can burst through the PR mat`s def without using dark golem (dark golem will be needed in R5 to either kill 1 or 2 and grind cd on the third one or burst them all down),deactivate him and sorta grind on the leopard to get his cd back up.

R4: just try to down him using basic attack. 3 rounds should be plenty for getting 3 sets of runes, don't use full team attack for obvious reasons. Dying on pr mat because ur novalis couldn't burst down him is very humiliating......

R5: Activate Novalis + Ursula + Dark golem and burst them all down, u might fail due to them having quite a lot of HP (800k hp and 12 k dmg -.- ) but its possible to grind here if u can burst down 1 or two before they all hit you.

R6: If u made it this far then congrats, odin is one of the easier bosses to deal with if u have Nidhogg team with Novalis. cd1 but 9k dmg is not too nasty. And because of Novalis, all we need are enchanted dark runes to deal ok dmg to odin. i will heal every 2 rounds and collect dark runes for Novalis.

NOTE: When dissolving enchanted dark runes with Ursula + Novalis, the enchantment will only effect the dmg of Novalis, not the whole team. *Example*:You will still need to dissolve enchanted water runes in order for the water dragons in ur team to deal dmg to odin when using the combo mentioned, other wise everyone except novalis will deal 1 dmg.

Edit: For R4 ,the PR mat I'm not sure if its a Must appear, i have not yet checked, if its chance based then u might be able to leave Novalis activated all they way from R3 to the boss.

It was 0 diamond clear for me but i was EXTREMELY, i repeat EXTREMELY lucky with the sky drops, so ur experience may vary, i reckon i would have used 2 diamonds with the luck mentioined above.

I would like to thank the user "100 plus" for his exquisite Nidhogg ,i play on the chinese version of TOS and he was the only Nidhogg in my friends list. If he/she is reading this by any chance, THANK YOU!


Soulmaster 1 diamond clear with

Pyrokinesis duck - Baphomet all max - Pluma - Basti - PR Verd ame 3 - AoD all max

Diamond spent on stage 1, poor recovery and no luck with hearts.
After that burst with aod-bapho-pluma - kill skill lock wolf, with basti if needed, stall with verthandi - burst guardians with aod-bapho-pluma (I used Pyrokinesis here, it was overkill for me, but maybe needed) and use basti on Odin right now if you can, or survive for 5 turns for bapho active up.

Acquiring Odin:

1st Team (58 min, 0 diamond clear)
Govindasaur / PR Verdandi / PR Valkyrie / Dark Paladin / Loki / Govindasaur

2nd Team (10 min, 0 diamond clear)
PR Loki / Gemini / Baphomet / PR Endor / Isabelle / PR Daji

Govindasaur team is used to test the waters, it's a defensive deck, 100% safe (as long as PR Verdandi is under 7 cd) but a total snoozefest.

Dark Norse team is much riskier, but way better and more exciting. 

This is where it gets frustrating:

I didn't know the PR mat would drop in SM stage, I tested NM and got my butt handed to me in a silver platter. So I used 10 diamonds to refill stamina, did a total of 20+ SM rounds with Dark Norse team, and the PR dropped... ONCE. 

I forgot I stored up two stamina refills, so I used that too. I'm not sure what came over me, possibly I was sick or something, but I died FOUR TIMES from that point on. My last round, I switched to Govindasaur team, and it... Didn't drop.

Imagine my crushing disappointment.  Sad When's the next SM?

(01-10-2015, 02:13 PM)SehTC Wrote: Haha, on top of Hauhart suggestion
If u willing to grind, and require much lesser time (~30min)
u can use below setup (SM).

[Image: 41958.jpg]

i wish i have Lü Bu ;-)
Hauhart - ID: 27476745 - Lvl: 300+ /addme if u need Daji/HFD/Lucy
      [Germany] - [Kogarasumaru]

[Image: 68664e-1461751252.jpg]
...come to the dark side ;-)
Cleared with 1 Diamond using Greek:

Team I used for my defensive is Pr Daji + Zeus + Amel 3 Halloween Verthandi + Brynhildr + Lisa + Pr Wukong
Brynhildr is there just for emergency for the combo wolves and Lisa and Zeus to burst. 

Round 1: Try to kill one and grind the other. 
Round 2: Activate Wukong + Zeus + Lisa skill and use Daji Active.
Round 3: If you still have wukong skill then just kill the wolves. If not then use brynhildr and then Verthandi. Stall here after killing the wolves.
Round 4: Use pr wukong and kill the pr mat.
Round 5: Same as round 2
Final Round: Grind here until all the actives are ready. Prepare some enchanted rune too. Remember to use Verthandi. After all active and enchanted rune ready, just burst and you will probably ohko him. 

Very safe as I never died and finished between 5 to 10 minutes for all my runs of this stage. And if no pr wukong then can be substituted with Pr Idun. Both are tested by me and very safe.
[Image: oKkA5rM.jpg]
All Max Beelzebub and VR Daji ally
Need some Beelzebub ally and maybe some niche ally.


Yes it took all day (hard to grind & take care of kids!) But your team FINALLY got me my 1st Odin:
gov-saur + PR verd+PR idun+max Urd+ max Loki and ally PR Wk.

15,000 hp, slowest grind of my career in this game & 0 diamonds.
Totally worth it!


Anyone know the drop rate of the PR mat on the regular SM stage?
Regular Ally: PR Loki(IV) / PR Daji(max skill) / Water DS(IV)
Wanted Ally: The Good Cards xD
My ID: 43,310,107
Usual Deck: Dragon Decks/Dark Mono Deck/Water Mono Deck
Farmed SM 10 times without any PR drops =(

Exact shield 4 was quite annoying too, darn sky drops!
Ally: Double Max Li Hsiao-Yao

Available Maxed Allies: PR Thor, Zeus, Hades, Minamoto, Valac, Dagon, Cthugha, Novalis, Ursula, Faugn, Namtar

Feel free to add me!
ID: 61,851,803
(01-11-2015, 02:43 PM)Junmun Wrote: Anyone know the drop rate of the PR mat on the regular SM stage?

I am so very lucky, play just 60 day odin is my first sm...try for defensive setup govind-medusa-verd-idun-lubu-govind
try 4 time without diamond the result
1. Fail just test situation and rather nervous..
2. Succes, first odin and pr mat as bonus..
3. Succes, get odin only..
4. Succes, get 3rd odin and........Pr stop even have stamina to go...
and lastly....after saving diamond for sm and use 0..then i draw..platinum seal and get..........LOKI..what a luck..thanks MH

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