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[Guide] Skill Leveling (Updated to V13.1)
(05-30-2016, 03:47 PM)althras Wrote: The new series of cards with their feeders. I made some updated pics with the same format in case anyone wants to refer. Though if buried in later pages, not sure if people will see it. I'll PM the thread OP.

Origins of Demons
[Image: XkmV7dj.jpg]

Primal Greek Gods
[Image: voW7qXV.jpg]

thanks, have been busy with many stuffs lately and kinda too forget to update this...

Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Just for my own reference so I know what to save up
[Image: 40?cb=20140622091233&format=webp]->[Image: 40?cb=20150824104500][Image: 40?cb=20150824104500]->[Image: 40?cb=20140830044152][Image: 40?cb=20140905202246]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085904]->[Image: 40?cb=20151221093216][Image: 40?cb=20160314095038][Image: 40?cb=20160505101926]->[Image: 40?cb=20151221093217&format=webp][Image: 40?cb=20160314094723&format=webp][Image: 40?cb=20160505101922&format=webp]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085856]->[Image: 40?cb=20160314094725][Image: 40?cb=20160505101924]->[Image: 40?cb=20160314094722][Image: 40?cb=20160505101921&format=webp]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085847]->[Image: 40?cb=20150824104443][Image: 40?cb=20160314094725][Image: 40?cb=20160505101924]->[Image: 40?cb=20150824104450&format=webp][Image: 40?cb=20160314094722&format=webp][Image: 40?cb=20160505101920&format=webp]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085829]->[Image: 40?cb=20160314094723][Image: 40?cb=20160505101922]->[Image: 40?cb=20160314094721&format=webp][Image: 40?cb=20160505101917&format=webp]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085839]->[Image: 40?cb=20151221093215][Image: 40?cb=20160314094724][Image: 40?cb=20160505101923]->[Image: 40?cb=20151221093215&format=webp][Image: 40?cb=20160314094721&format=webp][Image: 40?cb=20160505101918&format=webp]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085934]->[Image: 40?cb=20151117182004][Image: 40?cb=20160919072205][Image: 40?cb=20160919072206][Image: 40?cb=20160919072207][Image: 40?cb=20160919072208]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085721]->[Image: 40?cb=20140622093033]->[Image: 40?cb=20151221093217]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085729]->[Image: 40?cb=20140622091716][Image: 40?cb=20140622093037]->[Image: 40?cb=20140622092301][Image: 40?cb=20140622092029]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085739]->[Image: 40?cb=20140622091726]->[Image: 40?cb=20150705131638]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085704]->[Image: 40?cb=20140622093023]->[Image: 40?cb=20140622093422]
[Image: 40?cb=20140622085713]->[Image: 40?cb=20140622093027]->[Image: 40?cb=20140622115709]

Common Acronyms
Looking for Chalice of Eternity Aria allies!
ID: 29,490,729
Very nice guide! Please keep up the update Smile.

[Image: e8852693.jpg]

My Regular Allies: Wukong, PR Thor, PR Tyr, PR Faugn and Apollo.

Game ID: 33,393,653
Could use an update for Beast Companions (Werewolves), Fallen Haloes (Salamanders), 3K (Mercenaries), Norse (4* Imbeciles) and Yamato (Jinx). Don't have the resources currently to make the picture form of it, hopefully someone else can manage.
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Alt: 84,088,062

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Very helpful guide, especially for inexperienced players! The Demon Inbecile series recently got another evolve form, you should include it as well. They are the new Norse feeders. Also the Hyakki Yagyō - Jinx series now feeds the new Yamato seal cards, about time they finally get a real purpose with the Melogs so outdated Big Grin
ID: 77918870
Allies: Haza, VR Hephaestus, VR Apollo, TSZ, PR YJ, Margarite, Lü Bu, Cao Cao, PR Nidhogg, ZLE, Izanagi, Tsukuyomi, Merlin, Atlantis, Maya, any KOF, PR Atrahasis, Yi Yeh Shu, Khaos, Aether, Copper Bullet, Ophiuchus, Mo Wang Zi, PR Dodo, Chessia, Nobunaga

Mufasa is love, Mufasa is life  Heart
Finally get myself to do the editing... Should have not missing anything major by now.
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Hello all,
Been trying to compile my own skill family map, for easy reference...
It's still a work in progress, done some water and dark cards...
If anyone is interested to help, I can share with edit permissions,
and when finished we can have it pinned here or in a new thread...
Added fire and light... Still missing earth completely. I think I can have it ready in a couple more days...

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