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[Guide] Skill Leveling (Updated to V13.1)


In TOS, every single cards have 2 skills - leader skill and active. Leader skill works like permanent passive skill in other game as long as you fulfill the condition. Leader skill of a card cannot be improved by other means besides evolution, power release and team passive. So, there is not much you can do about it.

On the other hand, active works like a rechargeable cannon and have a cool down (CD) after every single use. In many difficult stages, you need to get your active ready as soon as possible for early enemy and recharge as fast as you can for next usage. Therefore, it is necessary to lower down an active's CD. CD of an active decreases linearly with skill level (commonly known as slvl) while effect of active remains the same throughout all slvl. For every slvl up, CD decreases by 1.

For every active, there are 2 independent factors that determine its cool down:
(i) initial CD which is cool down at slvl1
(ii) skill level which determine how low is your current cool down compared to initial CD

In order to calculate cool down at particular skill level, we can use the following formula:

Current Cool Down = Initial Cool Down - Skill Level + 1

Furthermore, there is a limit to how much you can lower your CD. At maximum slvl (max slvl), your CD will be minimum and cannot be lowered anymore. In general, players tend to max out slvl of all cards in a team for difficult stages.


After knowing important of slvl, now I am going to tell you how to increase it so that you can lower your CD.

First of all, skill level is determined by a variable called accumulated battle round. This variable works exactly like accumulated EXP, when you reach a certain value, your skill level increases by 1.

Following is the table showing amount of battle round required for each skill level:

Skill LevelMinimum Accumulated Battle RoundBattle Round to Next SLVL

With this information, now we can talk about how to train skill level. In general, there are 3 methods to increase skill level.

1) Battle
This is the most basic methods to train skill level. Whenever you bring your card into a battle that consumes stamina, the card gains accumulated battle round. For a stage that has N rounds, after clearing it, all the cards in the team (except ally) will get N rounds added to themselves respectively. Take note that only number of rounds of the stage is taken into account and spending more turns on the stage does not help to increase battle round. So, if you want to increase battle round through battling, it is recommended to do it as fast as possible so it is more efficient in term of time. 

However, referring to table above, we can see that battle rounds needed at high slvl is insanely high and grinding battle round through battle can get really tedious and tiring. Therefore, we have 2 other methods to aid slvling.

2) Feeding Card with Same Skills
We can also increases battle round of a card by feeding it with other card that have same skill (By same skill, it means the skill must have same name. There are actives with same effect but different name, so that won't works). However, there is an exception to this "same skill", which is caused by amelioration. There are quite a number of cards which have active change after amelioration, in this case, feeding cards with active pre-amelioration will still be considered as same skill.

When a card is feed with another card that have same skill, accumulated battle round of the consumed card will be added to the main card. If the consumed card has less than 10 battle round (slvl1), 10 rounds will be added instead. 

On top of this, whenever a card is feed with another card with same skill, there is a chance for slvl to increase by 1 directly. When N such cards are used, the main card will have 0-N skill level up randomly. If you are lucky, when you feed 3 cards to the main card, the main card can have 3 skill level up directly which is really good at high slvl. However, the probability is not that good. In extreme case, you can feed more than 20 cards to the main card and not getting a single slvl. After receiving so many complaints, MH have implement a new scheme in 1 of its patch: minimum 1 slvl up when 5 cards of same active are used to feed a card with same active. 

This scheme works as follow:
When 5 cards with same actives as host are used as feeder, instead of having 0-5 slvl up by chance, you get 1-5 slvl up by chance instead. So, you get 1 slvl up at least for every 5 cards used.
According to statistical study by Chinese player who use this method for every single farmable cards, the probability to get 1 slvl up with this scheme is about the same as sum of probability of getting 0 and 1 slvl up before the scheme is introduced. So, we can take it as whenever you get 0 skill lvl up when 5 cards are used, system change it to 1 instead while the rest remains the same.

The downside of this method is that you need to have a lot of cards with same skill for it to works. This is doable for farmable cards like weekly series and soulmaster series. For diamond seal, it is not recommended to do so by feeding with same cards. Knowing this problem, MH have introduced quite a number of farmable mobs that have same skills as these diamond seal cards. The list of such cards will be included at the end of the guide. However, there are still many cards that are not covered by these mobs. Therefore, we have the last method. 

One important note: For cards that change active through amelioration, you can use card with same skill as pre-amel for skill feeding. This only applies to active change due to amelioration and not through evolution or power release.

3) Harpy/Baby Harpy
[Image: 60?cb=20140618185910&path-prefix=zh][Image: 60?cb=20140717094037&path-prefix=zh]
The left card is called Harpy while the right card is called Baby Harpy. These two cards exist for sole reason to aid skill leveling. 

When a card is feed with harpy, its accumulated battle round is increases to minimum accumulated battle round of next skill level. Basically, it increases slvl of any card it feeds to unless the card is already at its max slvl. Since it increases battle round to its next minimum, try not to use Harpy when the card is already close to next slvl.

When a card is feed with baby harpy, its accumulated battle round increases by 200. Baby harpy is very efficient in slvl up cards with low slvl but get less useful as slvl increases. Following is the table showing how many baby harpy is required for a card to reach corresponding slvl.

SLVLNo of Baby Harpy Needed

After slvl9, you need 15 baby harpies to up 1 slvl. For general practice, we spend 5 baby harpies for a card to reach slvl7 before we use harpy or other method to train its slvl.

Harpy is limited resources. So, it is necessary to ration it well. What card needs Harpy more?
1) Cards that have unique active and not farmable, thus cannot be trained by feeding cards with same skill.
2) Cards that have very low CD at high skill level, like Pisces, Domon, etc
3) Cards that you use a lot. Who bothers to spend harpy on cards that you rarely use?
4) Cards with skill that need to get ready early, like enchantress, Novalis and Michael Lucifer
5) Cards with skill that are going to be reused many times in a stage. The lower its CD, the faster you can reuse the skill. Example: Ursula, Luna, RGB JTTW, Pisces, Domon
6) When you lose your patience. Go ahead, nowadays, while being limited, we get 1 harpy from SM battle almost every week.


Same card will always have same skill and that's why people farm weekly series and soul master series. I will not include them.

Image Source: TOS Wikia Gallery

Green Arrow: Feed To
Blue Arrow: Evolve To
For cards within the same block connected by green arrow, they all have same skill so you mix them in any combination you like.
For cards with dual skills, you can use any card with at least 1 same skill for feeding. However, use 5 cards from 2 separated block will not guarantee 1 skill up. (For Saruman and Zeus)

[Image: 2iWA2dy.png]
[Image: rl3pzGY.png]
[Image: OKnzXFM.png]
[Image: HkShwQ0.png]
[Image: mJ9ol99.png]
[Image: h9VX8BX.png]
[Image: 96LUabw.png]
[Image: 2m5106q.png]
[Image: J0Bs9Lp.png]
[Image: E32uDT1.png]
[Image: et3xDza.png]
[Image: E7ftkUF.png]
[Image: KG8huIA.png]
[Image: MrzGwQw.png]
[Image: 8uwlcG8.png]
[Image: 6ScbJgf.png]

Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
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Nice guide
Keep it up Smile

DarthVader Wrote:Support  Big Grin 
[Image: n32bdh.png]
There is one exception to the "same active skill" feeding rule: Skill changes due to amelioration are considered the same skill as the "pre-ameliorated" skill.

For example, Taurus IV and normal Taurus have active different skills. However, you can feed normal Taurus to Taurus IV and you still get a chance to skill lvl up. I've done this plenty of times but I first learned this through a forum user last year who had the balls to try this (he fed 1 dupe Hertz to Hertz IV and succeeded by luck).

*The last time I did this and it worked was during the 200% toy elf draw event by feeding dupe Leo/Taurus that I drew to Leo IV. So this method still works as of the current patch.

*** ***

As for baby harpies, I occasionally use 15 baby harpies as a big harpy. I do this if there is a card I'm desperate to skill max. However I will always make sure I keep 5 baby harpies available at any time just in case there is a card I want to quickly spam to slvl 7 (i.e. for a new SM card that I want to farm).

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Great guide. You might want to put Astaroth and Valac's skill feeders in there too, even though they're not available at the moment. There are a lot of us out there who are eagerly waiting to farm our feeders for those two.
(06-14-2015, 12:21 AM)Mango Tango Wrote: Great guide. You might want to put Astaroth and Valac's skill feeders in there too, even though they're not available at the moment. There are a lot of us out there who are eagerly waiting to farm our feeders for those two.

The collab with Disney is over, and I don't think MH is going to release Solomon versions of the trash mobs. Those cards may no longer be farmable.
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(06-14-2015, 12:21 AM)Mango Tango Wrote: Great guide.  You might want to put Astaroth and Valac's skill feeders in there too, even though they're not available at the moment.  There are a lot of us out there who are eagerly waiting to farm our feeders for those two.

Erm, as KaerfNomekop said, i left them out because Disney is gone from TOS. Unless MH add in Solomon version of Disney mob, I think I won't add them.
Available Cards:
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ID: 43061313
updated to V9.2, with addition of zodiac statue and b-duck mob
Available Cards:
[Image: ho8FMRF.png]
ID: 43061313
Wow nice additions to the farmable monsters. Ducks finally get their love ~~
Midgley and mark II users be like ><
DarthVader Wrote:Support  Big Grin 
[Image: n32bdh.png]
Just noticed that the card info now tells you which cards the feeder can be used on, as well as whether the skill changes after evolving the card e.g.
[Image: 335fb3cfd8326c182507b6df102e0b4d.jpg]
[Image: 22ae692d6a7f8dea41b02a87e339ed7f.jpg]

Don't think it used to do this before.
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This post is awsome. Should be fixed on the important threads.
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