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[Guide] Light Mono Deck Guide Ver 6.0 (OUTDATED)!
(01-02-2016, 05:06 AM)DazBe Wrote: I think I made horrible Light Mono :/ can anyone help me improve for it? (im beginner)

1. Earl Nathaniel (Leader)
2. Twilight Paladin
3. Ivory Werewolf
4. Golden Lizard Warrior
5. Antonia the Missionary
6. >Random Light?<

What other light cards do you have? Right now you don't seem to have the right cards for a light team. Maybe we can see what other cards you have to make other better teams?

ID: 60302480

Allies available: Inanna (All Max), Dumuzi (All Max) PR Apollo (All Max), PR Virgo (All max), VR Freyja (All Max), Stolas (Ame II), Huang Fu Duo (Max lvl, Ame IV), PR Yang Jian (Max lvl, Max CD), PR Athena (All Max), Beelzebub (All Max), Samael (All Max) Jia Rou (Ame IV, set on weekends), Satan, Guan Yu, Lu bu. 

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