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Guide For starting a thread
Hi, just a quick summary on how to start a thread & good practices

Common questions
How do i attach photos?
When you start a thread, under the attachment, you may attach the photo at 5MB max size. After attaching, it will appear under as files attachment.

How do i link the photo so it will appear instead of a link?
First, you need to upload the photo, or grab a link of that photo. (IF it's a photo from website, you can right click, select copy image location or copy the URL)
Then, when you're at the editing thread, click on the icon (Insert Image) Paste the link .
It will appear as an image where-ever you link them

How do i link youtube videos?

Similar as attaching photo, you click on the last icon under editing, there is a down arrow, click on it, select youtube.. then copy and paste the link of the video~

What about hyper link to other page?

You may type the words first, Select the contents and then click on "insert hyperlink" and paste the url. For example, you want to the word Click me as the link, you "highlight the word Click me" then you select insert hyperlink. This way, it will let you keep the words and link them

*That's it for now, will update when user post more questions

Good practices includes editing the thread title as (Solved or Closed) so that other players can search that for answers~


I read that you cannot start a new thread if you're new to the forum, do you have to post something in order to start a new thread or will you be approved with time? Thanks

How do i actually ‘start’ the thread? I can’t find the button for it.


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