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[Guide] Fire Mono Guide (updated to 7.0)
[Image: CaVAeO1.gif]
Updated to version 6.0


1. Foreword
2. Cards Introduction
3. Deck Setup
3.5. And PAUSE!
4. Card Substitution
5. Bloopers!
6. Conclusion and Special Thanks


4th July 2014. Guide established
23rd August 2014. Guide updated to version 7.0

[Image: 7yobF53.png]

Hi people. Welcome to the new Fire Mono guide.
I'm sure many of you are familiar with the previous fire mono guide written by mini_cow, but unfortunately he cant update the guide any more due to personal reasons and needed someone else to continue the guide, and so I decided to take over the guide upon his request. Also, this is a way for me to give back to the forum after it helped me so much throughout my time playing the game.

Fire mono may be one of the most popular choices for players due to its flexibility and strength. I will try to put all my knowledge and understanding into words here for you, and hopefully the contents will be easy to absorb and useful to you at the same time.

[Image: Avv1aA7.png]

First, lets look at all the cards we have, and it'll help to familiarize yourself with all the cards.
I realized it is unnecessary to go through every single Fire element cards we have as some are not practical in a fire mono, so I wont go over every single card and will focus more on those that would make a bigger impact in your Fire Mono.

Leader Cards


[Image: Pet194.png]

Card Rating: 8/10

The famous Greek team leader. Greeks have always been mentioned, for both the right and wrong reasons. First they were introduced as potentially one of the strongest decks in the game, then comes the update that drastically nerfed greeks, rendering them unreliable in major battles. But with the recent introduction of Zeus, and the greek combo bonus feature, greeks are now once again a playable team.
Fire greek may be the strongest greek among all element, due to the access to Medea. With Medea's active skill, the increase of fire rune drop allow more combo to continue and thus explosive damage.
This is no user friendly card, but it's capable to beating most stages that required big truck load of burst, and most importantly it's fun to play.


[Image: 700px-Pet507.png]

Card Rating: 9.5/10

The most popular Fire team used, Norse. Tyr give you access arguably one of the most stable deck out there, its very user friendly, Have high HP, attack and decent recovery, and can handle almost every conventional stages. There isnt any obvious weakness in a Fire Norse deck, and basically being noob-proof, its a highly recommended card.


[Image: Pet214.png]

Card Rating: 9/10 against Earth enemies
Card Rating: 0/10 against non Earth enemies

Seth is only useful when you're facing a stage that consist entirely of Earth enemies, The multiplier of dual Seth against an Earth mob is x900% with elements advantage, which is actually lower than Norse (625% x 150% = x937.5%) However, the damage boost from Seth affects Active skills as well, which will be extremely useful when you need to deal damage with active skill.


[Image: 700px-Pet356.png]

Card Rating: 8/10

One of our pretty lady around, Poppy gives a big difference to your teams recovery, so much so you can even handle Nidhogg SM with a dual poppy. When you're looking at a grinding stage that needs alot of recovery, this is the card for you.


[Image: 700px-Pet358.png]

Card Rating: 9/10 against Earth and Fire enemies
Card Rating: 2/10 against other element enemies

This cards give you 50% reduction against Fire and Earth mobs, and when you're running a dual Taurus, the defense goes up to 75% Reduction. There was a time when defensive teams have no place in the game, but nowadays defensive team is given a large emphasis. There are tons of stages that you can clear with this card when the conventional teams dont work.


[Image: 700px-Pet479.png]

Card Rating: 9/10

Santa! Arguably one of the people favourite card. Its more used for a rainbow team but it can also be used as a Fire Human Mono Leader. The biggest attraction of Santa is that Pr Starter becomes a Super Pr Starter!


[Image: 700px-Pet469.png]

Card Rating: 8/10

The highest damage dealing Fire leader card. A jackie team is mostly considered a glass cannon, as the low hp really means it cant take much hit, but its still an extremely popular card because everyone loves to hit like a truck.


[Image: 700px-Pet534.png]

Card Rating: 7/10

Our new chinese god card introduced an entirely new play style into the game, you get to dissolve fire and heart rune even when only 2 are aligned, how cool is that! The damage output may be disappointing but the high combo count and recovery makes up for that.


[Image: O15TYyo.png]

Card Rating: 8/10

Our new Fire card of the new series, Agnesi gives us a all new leader skill. It can be powerful, but its also very rigid, thus without the right cards, its hard to form a team around her. I would say she's actually more suitable as a utility card.


Once again I may skip a card or 2 if I deem it not important enough to be introduced.


[Image: Pet181.png]

Card Rating: 8.5/10

The most common Fire offense converter, the stats are not much but its the active thats important, unless you have Nezha or Fire DS you'll most probably need this dog.

Edit: With the new amel, at amel IV cerberus is now an absolute outstanding converter. Stats wise are still a little weak, but spend your souls on this dog cause its worth it.


[Image: 700px-Pet512.png]

Card Rating: 9/10 with IV amelioration
Card Rating: 7/10 without IV amelioration

The most common Fire Defense converter, and it comes with a power release! Power release your KFC into an extra large serving of Spicy KFC. I dont have to emphasize on how useful a heart converter is, and with the newly introduced card amelioration, GSOF is a superb converter, converting every rune in the row below the card into heart along with all the Earth runes.

Salamander Golem

[Image: Pet151.png]

Card Rating: 4/10

This card suck, avoid if possible. The stats are terrible and the cd's are hard to level.

PR Nezha

[Image: HOdRrpy.png]
Card Rating: 10/10

Tada, the highlight of update 7.0! Our beloved Nezha get his PR. The already amazing command converter gets a power up, addition to converting heart and earth to fire, water will also convert to heart! CD 8 as well, so prepare your harpies, this is now, the best fire mono converter.

Fire SS Duck

[Image: 700px-Pet435.png]

Card Rating: 8.5/10

I dont understand why everyone loves Alma and Minamoto but not the 3 SS ducks, their stats are awesome, and at max skill they are extremely useful.

Fire DS

[Image: 700px-Pet416.png]

Card Rating: 8.5/10

Pretty much the improved version of Cerberus, with better overall stats. Very popular converter.


[Image: 700px-Pet534.png]

Card Rating: 9.5/10

Whats better than heart runes? Enchanted heart runes!! Its a pain to skill level him, but its worth it as Defense Mode EX will guarantee a big heal everytime.

Queen of Hearts

[Image: 700px-Pet496.png]

Card Rating: 8/10

If at max skill, this card may be the best heart converter there is in the entire game, but thats if you have her at max skill. At max skill her cd is a ridiculous 1 cd, thats a convert every single turn.

Fire ED

[Image: 700px-Pet572.png]

Card Rating: 7/10

Fire ED isnt commonly used in Fire Mono, as there isnt any player out there without GSOF, but it still can be used regardless.


[Image: 700px-Pet8017.png]

Card Rating: 9/10

This is one of the super awesome converter out there if you manage to max skill it when the battle was around. at CD 5 you convert DARK into FIRE, unlike the conventional converter, you'll still be left with heart runes, which can be vital in certain situation.

Tong Tian Jiao Zhu

[Image: 700px-Pet543.png]

Card Rating: 9/10 with Hong Yue
Card Rating: 6/10 without Hong Yue

Basically all Light and Dark runes will be the same as fire rune, and you wont have to trouble yourself on figuring out how to separate the runes. TTZJ works best if there's Hong Yue in your team, basically with them you wouldn't need another converter or damage booster.


[Image: Pet287.png]

Card Rating: 9/10

Odin is only a converter in Norse team, when used with Tyr it converts all Earth and Heart to Enchanted Fire. Only downside is it's only useful if the cd is short enough, but even with high cd no one would hesitate to put this card in, big load of stats makes it extremely attractive.

Damage Boosters & Utility Cards

Many cards are skipped in the section if, once again, I deem it unnecessary in Fire Mono.


[Image: 700px-Pet347.jpg]

Card Rating: 10/10

The reason Fire mono is out there as one of the best teams to play. Medea is vital in almost every Fire setup, she is the MUST HAVE card if you want to play fire mono as a end game team. Of course there's a downside to her awesome damage boost, and that is the enemy will have a damage boost against you as well, but thats not enough to make us not use her, and she dramatically increase your fire rune drop so you'll almost always have enough runes every turn.


[Image: Pet136.png]

Card Rating: 7.5/10

Nowadays, MH loves to have high defense mobs in stages just to annoy you, and thats when PKOF comes in handy, his active not only break defense, and its over every mob, not just one, an extremely useful utility card.

PR Sean

[Image: Pet409.png]

Card Rating: 9/10

This is my favourite card. A PR starter is a utility card at its very best. Need burst? PR Starter, need heal? Pr Starter, need certain colour runes? Pr Starter. The extra 3 row is a game changer, and its only at CD 8.


[Image: 700px-Pet391.png]

Card Rating: 10/10

One of the all time fire favourite card among players. For 2 turn your fire damage will be multiplied by 1.5 and the enemy will change to Earth Element. Thats x150% against earth enemy and x225% against any other element mob. When you're going to a stage you'll be facing Water Mobs, this is a must have card.

Pr Skuld

[Image: 700px-Pet482.png]

Card Rating: 8.5/10

Another amazing damage booster, you get time tunnel, and your damage doubles if you manage to get 8 combo or more. Skuld is often neglected as people prefer Pr Sean or Achilles, but to me she is on par with the other 2 as one of the top drawer damage booster cards Fire mono have access of.


[Image: 700px-Pet554.png]

Card Rating: 6/10

x150% Fire damage for 2 turns, nothing special especially if you have Achilles, the only advantage Donald have is that the CD is shorter and the effect carries over stages.

Hong Yue

[Image: 700px-Pet351.jpg]

Card Rating: 9/10 with TTZJ
Card Rating: 6/10 without TTZJ

Strictly speaking Hong Yue is a form of converter as well, as every other rune will have 50% Fire effect. With the large pool of damage booster cards we have, Hong Yue is neglected most of the time. The only time you'll really need him is when you're running TTZJ in your team.

[Image: cwmdkFr.gif]

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the cards, lets move on to the setup you can make with your fire cards.

Do note that certain cards can be replaced with others and you do not have to follow the team exactly as its stated.

And I will try not to use duplicate cards in a deck setup.


[Image: V8rszCg.jpg]

Pr Tyr / Odin, PR Nezha, Medea, Pr Sean / Pr Tyr

This is the team that I personally run, its easy to use and its strong. I'm able to clear Transmigration with this team on a regular basis.
Whats new with the most recent update? Amelioration! That means this team gets more firepower. With Pr Tyr fully ameliorated, You can maximize your damage output by dissolving runes directly below Pr Tyr, and the second and 4th Amel stacks with each other. Meaning if you dissolve 5 in the far right and left row, it'll give you a 10%+10%+12%+12% damage increase, which is very very significant.

The obvious problem with the team will be its hard to get each cards skill level down. Many are not comfortable without having a CD5 converter, but with medea active, you will almost never run out of runes, you can even call it a mini Greek.

Edit: With the new PR Nezha, this team just got strengthen more. Highly recommended to have PR Nezha.

Notable Passive:
1. Double Norse God of same type will increase 17% - 19% chance to drop same attributed rune stones
2. Effect of Enchanted Runestone x110%
3. Odin will change attribute to Fire (from Dark)
4. Above level 50, Odin will have a converter active

Stable attack, Hp and Recovery.
User friendly
Abundance of Fire runes with Medea active

Primary cards for a high caliber Norse are not easy to obtain
High Team Cost


[Image: pVcHfYY.jpg]

Hephaetus / PR Nezha, Fire DS, Medea, Zeus / Hephaetus

With the introduction of Zeus, this may be the highest bursting Fire mono there is.
Medea is a must in this team, with her extra rune drop it will be less likely for your combo to break. And with the new combo boost for Greek, having more combo is vital.

Notable passive:
1. Zeus will change attribute to match the Greek Leader
2. After Lvl 50 Zeus will have partner active with Hep (Rune drop will stick together and not be seperated)

High bursting damage
Fun to play
Combo boost

Highly luck oriented
Below par recovery
Hard to deal high damage without if combo breaks
Struggle against exact combo shield

Blood Fiend

[Image: p8PGKz2.jpg]

Jackie / Taorus, QoH, Fire DS, Medea / Jackie

This, is not your standard blood fiend team, but both Mini_cow and I have come to agree that this may be the strongest Blood fiend combination.

Jackie dont need a big converter like Nezha, instead it need one with low cd that will keep the board with runes on short interval. And without a converter like Domon or Pisces available (yet) we will have to settle for a CD 5 converter.

You dont always need Jackie's active, and QoH at max is only CD1, and after activating Medea you dont need to use her active again as well, this is perfect for Taorus. With both Taorus and Medea active, the multiplier of the team is 900%x150%x200% = 2700% That's some incredible damage, meaning you don't need any booster card like Achilles or Sean at all.

Another thing, you need to constantly dissolve runes to maintain Jackie's multiplier, meaning it can be hard to stall for CD.

Jackie team multiplier:
T1: 100% (no runes dissolved yet)
T2: 150%
T3: 200%
T4: 250%
T5: 300%

If you only miss 1 or 2 turns without runes, the next turn will bring you back to maximum multiplier

Insane damage
Low CD

Glass cannon
Low hp with Medea means you cant take much hit

Randeng Team

[Image: Lpl3AsR.jpg]

Randeng / Fire DS, Medea, Achilles, Pr Sean / Pr Tyr

One of the most recent teams, an entirely new playstyle where you can dissolve heart and fire even when only 2 are joined.

One thing to note is that Fire rune drop will not be increased with Medea's active due to Randeng's leader skill.

As I am not very familiar with playing with this team, I would leave the explanations to someone more qualified, namely Fate.Night , he's written a descriptive guide on Randeng, without plagiarising, please read his


over here.

Special thanks to Fate.Night

Poppy team

[Image: FJswWiB.jpg]

Poppy / Randeng, Pr Sean, Jafar, Fire SS Duck / Poppy

Firstly, this may be the only team without Medea. The idea about using a Poppy team is for the incredible recovery, it's most probably a grinding game, and you dont want to receive extra damage with Medea active.

I included 2 converters that generate hearts because it's mainly a grinding team, and the offense converter is Jafar instead of Cerberus or Fire DS, because you'll still have heart runes, instead of converting them away in exchange for Fire runes.

High recovery
Unlikely to die unless OHKO

Lower damage


Before you're too into reading this, let me remind you once again every setup is not fixed, you can make any adjustment as you see fit, like a different converter, or different damage booster. There will be a section on card swapping, but if possible, try to think for yourself, and make any changes you see fit. A guide is only a guide, its not here to tell you what to do, its here to give you a direction.

With that out of the way, lets resume our deck setup's.

Taurus x900% Deck

[Image: lJPPrke.jpg]

Taurus / Medea, PR Nezha, Pr GSOF, Fire DS / Poppy

Firstly, this is not something I came up with myself, it is an original idea by Nitecat. Its a special playstyle that will maintain x900% damage multiplier for almost throughout the game

Without plagiarising, please read this


by Nitecat

Special thanks to Nitecat

Egyption Deck

[Image: bdMWtPy.jpg]

Seth / Medea, Pr Sean, Fire DS, Pr GSOF / Seth

This team is only useful against Earth enemies. The multiplier is exactly x900% against earth mob, which is actually less than Norse against Earth (625%x150% = 937.5%)
However, Seth does increase active skill damage against enemy, making it very useful.

Strong and stable damage against Earth Element
High active damage

Completely screwed against other elements
Low recovery
Achilles not useful due to only facing Earth Element

Santa Fire Mono

[Image: CzFZNj3.jpg]

Santa / Medea, PR Nezha, Pr Sean, Jafar / Santa

Extremely useful, especially with Sean, you get time tunnel. Its got stable damage and recovery.

Notable Passive:
Pr Starters active becomes Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel
Stable Damage and Recovery
User Friendly

Low HP
Hard to lower converters CD

Fire Dragon

[Image: hQQHfOm.jpg]

Fire DS / PR Fire ED, Medea, Fire Golem, Fire ED / Fire DS

This is quite the hipster team, its a very offensive team without much recovery.
Reason I put 2 Fire ED is because there isnt other notable fire dragons, and Medea cause the increase Fire drop is vital to continue joining 6 a kind.

High damage

Hard to join 6 a kind
Extremely low recovery

Agnesi Team

[Image: hKndww6.jpg]

Agnesi / PR Nezha, Medea, Fire DS, PR Fire ED / Agnesi

You need 2 dragons to activate Agnesi's leader skill, hence Fire DS and Fire ED, Nezha gives you another converter to have multiple burst, and it gets even better cause both Agnesi gives a damage multiplier.

High Damage
Good overall stat

Not flexible, team doesn't work with other cards, hence adjustments are hard to make.

[Image: aqhBiqK.png]

Lets look at certain cards that can be changed in the setup's

There's no fixed points on what should be used, a fire converter can be swapped with any other fire converter, heart converter can be swapped with any other heart converter

Converters swap:
Fire DS, Nezha, Cerberus, Jafar, Odin(if Norse) = Choose any

GSOF, Randeng, Fire ED = Choose any

If no other choice, then consider SS Duck, and if worse come to worse, Fire golem.

You'll realize I used Pr Sean more than Achilles in the team setup, but thats only because of my own preference, Achilles is the more popular choice out there and I rate it extremely highly too, it gives an incredible damage boost that would down any boss in a hit. Unless you like Pr Sean's flexibility like me, Achilles is almost a must have, do not hesitate to use him if you have him.

Damage Boosters:
Achilles, Pr Sean, Pr Skuld, Hong Yue = Choose any

[Image: 8wzqcjK.png]

The Vasquez Hipster Team!

[Image: JG4HxmP.jpg]

Dont try this at home.

This section is dedicated to Vasquez. The above team is his favourite team. Vas dont use a proper leader, cause vas is hipster, and hipsters don't do mainstream. I shown the team with the cards non-power released form because he's been using this team before any of them had their PR.

And as ridiculous as it sounds, Vas cleared a handful of GM and zodiac extra with this team while we struggle like crap even with proper stuffs. Its as if he clear stages with the hipster team just to troll every one of us.

There's alot of variations to it, as long as its not mainstream then its fine, here's a sneak preview:
[Image: envqtYb.jpg]

This section is dedicated to Vasquez

Conclusion and Special Thanks

I would like to thank everyone who read this guide. Hopefully I can convey all my understanding towards Fire mono to you out there.
If there is anything that must be changed, please do not hesitate to PM me or reply below and I will consider the changes, I would gladly accept any constructive criticism or suggestions in order to improve this guide.

I realised this may turn out to be over descriptive, but I have hoped to explain everything in detail hence the long long post.

I would like to conclude this Fire Mono Guide. Thank you.

Special thanks to:

Further reading:
Previous Fire mono guide by mini_cow (Updated to Ver. 4.7)
Randeng guide for dummies by Fate.Night
Guide to deciding Fire Converters by mini_cow
Taurus x900% playstyle by Nitecat(SG)
Odin vs Achilles for Fire mono by JENICHO

How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
Just want to correct upon Taurus's leader skill. He protects against Fire and Earth, not Water and Earth.

[Image: KrgV7X.gif]

(07-04-2014, 11:19 PM)[SG] Neried Wrote: Just want to correct upon Taurus's leader skill. He protects against Fire and Earth, not Water and Earth.

Ah thanks neried, didnt saw the mistake. Edited.
How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
Will leave this for a while for general awareness here before moving it to the best guides section

Come to fire fellow summoners, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

good job...
Hell no!! Dark still rules!! Ralfhero help!! XP
 U see me rollin'
if don have the 2 god leader will sean does the job as leader?
(07-05-2014, 02:51 AM)SlaJaZz Wrote: if don have the 2 god leader will sean does the job as leader?

Of course it can work, but dont expect to clear GM and SM on a regular basis without excellent rune technique.

Back then before the PR of norse and introduction of blood fiend, x200% leader skill was the norm and cerberus and sean was used as a leader constantly, but with the overall strength increase nowadays, x200% will not be able to take you very far.

Hope you draw the leader cards soon.
How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]

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