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[Guide] F2P's saviour! Paladins Assemble!
Can't afford to purchase diamonds? Always getting crappy cards from diamond seals? Perhaps you have many strong cards but they are too scattered for you to form into a team? Do not fret, my friend

(cue Power Rangers theme)

Who are the paladins?
They are,
[Image: 100px-133i.png][Image: 100px-136i.png][Image: 100px-139i.png][Image: 100px-142i.png][Image: 100px-145i.png]

Five badasses here to kick some ass and save your day. Cool fact of the day: They are based off animals so try and see if you can guess what animal each paladin is based off on.

Their abilities are as follow (active listed before leader):

[Image: 100px-133i.png]
Ocean shield: For 5 turns, 50% damage received.
Leader: Tumbler effect: When your HP is 50% or more, the next attack will not kill you.
Very useful for survival, especially on stages with bosses that hit hard.

[Image: 100px-136i.png]
Total Destruction: 500% Fire attack on all enemies irregardless of level of defense.
Vixen lash: Team attack and RCR 150%. Safe and good for beginners.
Good for bosses that hit hard and fast. However, Paladins have pretty high RCR to start with, so the RCR boost is not really needed.

[Image: 100px-139i.png]
Bull's Eye - Earth: 1500% Earth attack on single enemy irregardless of level of defense.
Archer attack: When attacking single enemies, Team Attack 250%
Most popular leader and the reason is obvious. Simple yet effective attack boost. Nothing much to say here.

[Image: 100px-142i.png]
Full Heart: Fully Recover HP
Human Vitality: Humans' HP 250%
All the HP you will ever need! Good for survival just like Tumbler effect. Very useful for survival

[Image: 100px-145i.png]
Lethal Strike: When enemy's HP is below 20%, kill it in one attack.
Trojan's Horse: When HP is below 20%, Team attack 300%
Deception at its very best. Just when you are getting weak, BAM!, you unleash the power of the Trojan for one of the strongest attack boost in game! Not beginner-friendly but definitely the highest damage potential among the paladins.

In addition, if you have 3 or more different paladins in your team (including your ally), you have a X% critical chance which gives you 2x Attack and RCR.

3 different paladins: 15%
4 different paladins: 20%
5 different paladins: 25%

So how do I get these paladins?
No worries, you don't have to rely on diamonds to get these (well, you can't anyway). Paladins can be farmed in side island quests where they are the picture of that stage. These stages are, namely, 2-1, 4-1, 5-1 of their respective side island quests.

The drop rates are low, but still pretty farm-able.

It's not official (too tedious to prove with statistics too), but it's rumoured (and agreed among some communities) that the higher the stage you are farming on, the higher the drop rate. General rule of thumb, is to farm at the highest stage where you can do so without dying. And remember, it will not be done in a short while, fortune favours the patient.

You can get them from Friend Point Seals, but since they are kinda reliable, I won't really recommend just focusing on getting it this way.

Now we are done with that, let's move on to team building.

The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.

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[Image: 0cc7145c.jpg]
We will be using the popular PKoE leader for discussion purposes, which will give 625% attack. Other combination of leaders will be mentioned later.

Firstly, the basic rainbow build
[Image: 08ad4d8d.jpg]
Rainbow team that covers all colours. Highest critical chance at 25% (that's 1 out of every 4 turns). Good for farming.

[Image: 0e11af14.jpg]
A lower critical chance at 15%. But gives you a perma-shield (50% damage reduction) after the initial 15 turns (if and only if your PQoW's skill level is maxed, otherwise it's semi-permanent). Plus a full heal in emergency situations, this is the team you will want to use on tough stages. However, PKoD's lethal strike will be missed here. Alternatively, you can take out 1 PQoW and switch in PKoD if you don't think you will be needing that many shields.

Special mention:

[Image: 100px-118i.png]
Urd, the staple of many teams. Her control ability (freezes the enemy for 3 turns) is indispensable so I highly recommending putting one in your team. Good thing she's farm-able too.

[Image: 100px-121i.png] (OMG MY TOS BIAS)
Go hard or go home. That is what Skuld epitomises. If you are the impatient (dare I say reckless) type of player, Skuld is for you. At her evolved form, she grants you unlimited movement of runestones for 10sec, nuking at its very best (well, not really, but still). She's farm-able as well.

[Image: 100px-184i.png]
Largely same as Urd. Generally speaking Urd > Medusa. She's rumoured to be obtain-able from friend point seals. But then again, friend point seals are pretty un-dependable so...

[Image: 100px-308i.png]
Spider woman! Not quite how you expect her to turn out huh? Largely same as Urd, better in terms of ability but loses out on stats. Only available via diamond seals.

With these considered, we have
[Image: 1b110829.jpg]
Highest critical chance with Urd included. PKoF's ability is the least useful so he is sacrificed. Better than the basic rainbow build IMO.

[Image: a674bcc5.jpg]
Same as above, except Skuld is brought in.

[Image: 8592574b.jpg]
Again, same as above, but PKoD is sacrificed to accommodate both Urd and Skuld. PQoW can be sacrificed in favour of PKoD too. Best paladin team in terms of utility IMO

Fate sisters team is not included as it does not have 3 different paladins when using dual PKoE.

The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Luxury builds (only the very best will be mentioned):

[Image: 6d9ea300.jpg]
Enchantresses, 'nuff said. Basic 15% critical chance. Cassandra zeroes your RCR but puts that into attack, which is a significant boost considering Paladins' decent RCR. Circe increase combo effect, but only when your combo is 4 or more, or else you will do nothing on that turn.
PQoW's shield is useless when Circe's skill is activated so PQoW is left out.

Then again, if you want to use Enchantresses', you should probably just gun for 3 Enchantresses in your team for maximum effect. But that wouldn't be a paladin team so I won't go too in-depth on that.

[Image: 2dff10bb.jpg]
This build requires extreme amount of skill to do well, or luck, if you have it. This build has extremely high attack, 937.5% attack but only a rune moving time of 1.25s. Only recommended for very skilled players.

More luxury builds found 2 posts below.

Other leader combinations:

[Image: 100px-136i.png] + [Image: 100px-136i.png]
225% Attack & RCR, otherwise same as above builds. Helpful against the tough seal bosses.

[Image: 100px-142i.png] + [Image: 100px-142i.png]
625% HP, otherwise same as above builds. Best used with the perma-shield build while replacing the 3rd PKoL with PKoD.

[Image: 100px-133i.png] + ???
PQoW's leader skill is self-explanatory. Goes with almost any ally. Goes with any team members as well (high RCR recommended).

[Image: 100px-145i.png] + [Image: 100px-145i.png]
Trojan build. Attack goes up to 900% at 20% or lower HP. Recommend the use of Cassandra to null your RCR so that you don't get out of the HP threshold unwantedly. Recommended for very skilled players only.

And of course, no build in the game will go bad with Ms. Long Legs.
[Image: 100px-230i.png]
Massively increase your combo effect, 'nuff said. Very powerful active too, an upgraded version of Skuld's at 20s. Goes well with any of the PKoE builds with Fox Queen as one of your leader/ally.

That's all for paladins! Do share your paladin build too if you have one that is not listed, but try to adhere to a minimum of 3 different paladins and minimise the use of diamond-only cards. Hope you find this useful (and even if you don't, I hope you had a good read). As always, suggestions are welcome. Accepting write-ups requests too! Thanks to those who helped me to separate my posts as well, you can delete your posts if you want! On another note, is there a way to separate my posts? The system automatically joins my posts together, limiting the amount of images I can post.

Remember to vote on your favourite paladin too!

Lastly, here is a link if you are trying to find paladin allies.


Other write-ups:
FAQ for beginners
Gemini Guide
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Wow it's very nice dadarocks.

I've seen a post somewhere on the forum where the team is 6 PKoL, which will never die unless the damage above the maximum hp lol. If you want 3 different paladin in a team, imo just change 2 of the PKoL with PQoW and PKoD.

And what do you think about PKoF + PQoW + PKoD + PKoL/PKoF/PKoE + Medea + PKoL(Ally).
When Medea skill activated this team will gives 225% atk (cmiiw), 150% rcr, 250% hp.
Damage received will be 150%, but there is 150% rcr and i think it's even.
But this team sacrifice the atk boost for the 250% hp.
I found it interesting, but maybe not very good.
(08-03-2013, 09:43 PM)DinneBolt Wrote: Wow it's very nice dadarocks.

I've seen a post somewhere on the forum where the team is 6 PKoL, which will never die unless the damage above the maximum hp lol. If you want 3 different paladin in a team, imo just change 2 of the PKoL with PQoW and PKoD.

And what do you think about PKoF + PQoW + PKoD + PKoL/PKoF/PKoE + Medea + PKoL(Ally).
When Medea skill activated this team will gives 225% atk (cmiiw), 150% rcr, 250% hp.
Damage received will be 150%, but there is 150% rcr and i think it's even.
But this team sacrifice the atk boost for the 250% hp.
I found it interesting, but maybe not very good.

Yeah the first team is really good for difficult battles with multiple attacks. In fact it was the team that cleared Saruman's first coming with 0 diamonds (although it took ~2hours). But the team gets destroyed by bosses that hit by %, like in The Astro Maiden and Saruman's second coming. Sad

The second team is interesting, probably very good for tough bosses. Big Grin The team has HP to tank almost any hits and RCR to back it up. However, Medea's effectiveness is significantly lowered due to the low attack multiplier. IMO, the team will do better with PKoE ally instead of PKoL, but that is if ,and only if, the enemy hits for less than 9K, or else it's a OHKO Sad

Exceeded the annoying image limit so I'll have to post this here. Another somewhat luxury-build.

[Image: 85bc2f54.jpg]
One of my favourite paladin builds. This build gives you an additional 2x attack for 8 turns, increasing your overall attack boost to 1250%. Don't forget the 20% critical chance (1 in 5), which on activation gives 2500% attack (in total). Downside is, it resets at least 5 of your skills' CD. Set up your Ocean Shield then activate Armstrong/Leo and you should be able to take down the enemy rather quickly without the need for your skills. Armstrong can be replaced with Leo, while only the 2 PKoE and PQoW (PQoW is replace-able with Urd/Medusa/Isabel/Skuld too, but this slot stays) are necessary. Mix-and-match to increase your critical chance, disregarding importance of actives since you won't be using them.

[Image: bcc54253.jpg]
Another one of my favourite paladin builds, particularly useful against bosses that have very high amount of HP (like Felix, which has 2M HP). Lu Bu and PKoD's skill settles a combined 50% of the enemies HP (that's 1M for Felix). The rest is the same as for any other paladin builds. Another cool fact: Lu Bu has the highest in-game attack as of now.

[Image: d231b291.jpg]
Trojan on steroids, 'nuff said. Risky, to say the least, but fortune favours the bold. A really luxurious build and it doesn't even have the paladin set effect. BUT, this is one team that can really afford to give up that 15% critical chance (you don't really have much of a choice anyway). How this team works is, you use Cassandra (or any other way possible) to keep your HP below 20% for the 900% attack boost. The three enchantresses elevates that 900% even more. Lastly, Urd freezes the boss, giving you 3+ turns to kill the boss when you're up against him/her/it/?.
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
im guessing pqow-koi
pkol- bird
pkof -phoenix
[Image: f6777928.jpg]
Man .... this is beautiful guide. I vote to stick it at top.
I'm pretty sure the drop rate is no different between 2-1, 4-1, and 5-1. That's my own experience in six months of playing this game, and I've never seen anything official to support the claim that higher seal levels have higher drop rates.

Other than that, very nice work!
ID: 1,380,845
Is one of the highest damage farmable deck.
The PKoD+enchantresses+Urd deck should get a special mention too.

Nice work.

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