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[Guide] F2P's saviour! Paladins Assemble!
(12-23-2013, 01:19 AM)catcatcat Wrote: Anybody can share the drop rate of pallies in 2-1 quests? one in 500?

No one actually knows,
Dropped in 50 runs for me, 400 runs for others
I'm afraid only MH can answer this question.

[Image: e9fb2371.jpg]
[Image: 8b15b740.jpg]
Ok I keep trying.. 200+ now. Still trying but Tired.

For me my paladins drop in less than 60 rounds on 2-1. Fastest was less than 10 rounds. Got one of my paladins from friend draw though so I has 1 less to farm.

(08-03-2013, 08:14 PM)dadarocks Wrote: Can't afford to purchase diamonds? Always getting crappy cards from diamond seals? Perhaps you have many strong cards but they are too scattered for you to form into a team? Do not fret, my friend

(cue Power Rangers theme)

Who are the paladins?
They are,
[Image: 100px-133i.png][Image: 100px-136i.png][Image: 100px-139i.png][Image: 100px-142i.png][Image: 100px-145i.png]

Five badasses here to kick some ass and save your day. Cool fact of the day: They are based off animals so try and see if you can guess what animal each paladin is based off on.

Their abilities are as follow (active listed before leader):

[Image: 100px-133i.png]
Ocean shield: For 5 turns, 50% damage received.
Leader: Tumbler effect: When your HP is 50% or more, the next attack will not kill you.
Very useful for survival, especially on stages with bosses that hit hard.

[Image: 100px-136i.png]
Total Destruction: 500% Fire attack on all enemies irregardless of level of defense.
Vixen lash: Team attack and RCR 150%. Safe and good for beginners.
Good for bosses that hit hard and fast. However, Paladins have pretty high RCR to start with, so the RCR boost is not really needed.

[Image: 100px-139i.png]
Bull's Eye - Earth: 1500% Earth attack on single enemy irregardless of level of defense.
Archer attack: When attacking single enemies, Team Attack 250%
Most popular leader and the reason is obvious. Simple yet effective attack boost. Nothing much to say here.

[Image: 100px-142i.png]
Full Heart: Fully Recover HP
Human Vitality: Humans' HP 250%
All the HP you will ever need! Good for survival just like Tumbler effect. Very useful for survival

[Image: 100px-145i.png]
Lethal Strike: When enemy's HP is below 20%, kill it in one attack.
Trojan's Horse: When HP is below 20%, Team attack 300%
Deception at its very best. Just when you are getting weak, BAM!, you unleash the power of the Trojan for one of the strongest attack boost in game! Not beginner-friendly but definitely the highest damage potential among the paladins.

In addition, if you have 3 or more different paladins in your team (including your ally), you have a X% critical chance which gives you 2x Attack and RCR.

3 different paladins: 15%
4 different paladins: 20%
5 different paladins: 25%

So how do I get these paladins?
No worries, you don't have to rely on diamonds to get these (well, you can't anyway). Paladins can be farmed in side island quests where they are the picture of that stage. These stages are, namely, 2-1, 4-1, 5-1 of their respective side island quests.

The drop rates are low, but still pretty farm-able.

It's not official (too tedious to prove with statistics too), but it's rumoured (and agreed among some communities) that the higher the stage you are farming on, the higher the drop rate. General rule of thumb, is to farm at the highest stage where you can do so without dying. And remember, it will not be done in a short while, fortune favours the patient.

You can get them from Friend Point Seals, but since they are kinda reliable, I won't really recommend just focusing on getting it this way.

Now we are done with that, let's move on to team building.

what is stage 2-1,4-1 and 5-1 actually?I'm kinda new to this game..
(12-26-2013, 10:05 PM)mynnling Wrote: what is stage 2-1,4-1 and 5-1 actually?I'm kinda new to this game..

The first stage of the respective levels of each island (excluding the main tower).

E.g. 2-1 refers to the first stage of the second level of each island.

Each island's 2-1, 4-1 and 5-1 will have a chance to drop the paladin of the respective attribute.

The preview picture at the left of the stage also gives you a indication of the paladin possible to drop.

Hope this helps Big Grin
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Would the new Santa be a complete game changer for paladins?
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(01-03-2014, 05:20 AM)Kaisheng1991 Wrote: Would the new Santa be a complete game changer for paladins?

not really for me. It's just an alternative to PKOE whose active is not always useful. It can be inserted for the lack of PR starters and enchantress but it's not an optimal team
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There is no good way to use 3 paladins with Santa as opposed to PR starters and Enchantresses. '

If you really want to use Santa, the Santa teams thread offers much better team builds than what Paladins can offer.
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Ic, i thought paladins can get some buff with the introduction of santa Sad Thanks anyways!
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To avid paladin users, how can the paladin deck be modified to be able to take on enchanted shield better?

PKOE based teams usually struggle against those enemies, I wonder if there are any rainbow team leaders or 5th team member that can win them more easily

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