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[Guide] F2P's saviour! Paladins Assemble!
Great work! This is a great guide for pally teams and should be stickied. I have a constant team of PKoE, PQoW, PKoL, and PKoD. I usually run Sean for the constant enchanted runes, but I've been leveling Urd and Unjust Warrior for my final spot. I wish i had an Armstrong now Smile. This has got me to the fifth seal. I love my pallys!!

Nice guide! But just one question! How do you know if the Critical boost works or not? Currently using 5 baby paladins and doesnt seem to see it at work.

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(10-26-2013, 11:20 AM)Kaisheng1991 Wrote: Nice guide! But just one question! How do you know if the Critical boost works or not? Currently using 5 baby paladins and doesnt seem to see it at work.

If I'm not wrong, the paladins will 'jump' when the critical activate. Big Grin

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very nice guide strongly agrees ... just that in terms of "ass saving" or "save my ass XX no of times", I got to said at early stages where your cards are crap PKOL takes the cake with its full heal Big Grin
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You can get paladin from friend seal too, just got mine yesterday
Need a max level Light Paladin king~ my ally is PKoE or PKoL
I voted for PKoD because his active saves up a lot of time and sometimes my life, in boss fights. Though actually PKoE is more important for me. On the other hand I can't deny how important PKoL (esp in early game) and PQoW are.
I don't really care about PKoF, sorry.
And I got my 3 paladins from diamond seal, back in the day. Sigh. Farming forever for PQoW because who doesn't like a woman who can swing a sword eh?

And I've never seen my team being mentioned/suggested anywhere, PKoE+PKoL,PKoD,Urd,Skuld+Daji. Things have progressed this way so I'm sticking with this team. I'm content with it, I'm not too ambitious anyway.

Skuld's active cannot be underestimated! Especially with Daji. Every single increase in combo can change many things. Like when you make 2 combos to 15% reflect boss and you end up with 5 combos (+3 "lucky") and die. -_-
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Gonna update my whole ally&wanted list soon. But I'm lazy. For now:
Allies: PKoE, Virgo, Freyr, Apollo
Looking for: Minamoto, PR Molly, Cassandra
i'd like to add something: how to detect paladin crits. there are 3 ways to detect it.

1. probably the most common is to feel it. you deal way more damage than you should, but with no actual proof whatsoever.

2. (only PKoE leader) whether you accidentally or purposely pop 5 runes, the paladin still jumps in damage.

3. comparing damage with similar cards of same element. if you have a rainbow deck+daji, your dark pala does 50k and daji does 25k, it would probably mean pala crit since they have similar damage.
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Is there some sort of special animation when crit occurs?
Just curious about peoples thoughts on the power regaled Sean in a pally team, basically just replacing PKoF. Would Skuld or Sean be better?

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