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Poll: Which is your favourite paladin?
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[Guide] F2P's saviour! Paladins Assemble!
Ah, I should have included the PKoD + Enchantress team for its unique-ness, thanks for the tip! Big Grin

I didn't include the fate sisters team because that would just be fates + PKoE and not really a paladin team, while not strong enough to go into the Luxury section imo Confused

The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
Pretty nice guide. but I have no idea why you favour Skuld, with her skill, you'll typically get 2-3 more combos than usual, and considering that it doesn't have a short cd, that's probably only 1 (slightly) more powerful shot. I feel that palas are more for stability rather than burst damage, so PKoD's skill is more useful, since the 20% will probably be higher than skuld's single turn burst.

Also, the Sirius and enchantress team aren't really pala builds.. and the purpose of this is for f2p players?

I find that PKoE, with Urd, PQoW, PKoD and PKoL is the most stable build for f2p, although PKoD is significantly less useful early game.

PKoE, with Urd, PQoW, PKoD and GS dark is more useful for long battles, since the 5cd for GS dark is more reliable than PKoL's full heal.

Dual Fire pala lead is useful for enchanted shield bosses, while dual light is an almost guaranteed clear (other than damage % monsters) if you'll willing to invest the time, since it starts off with about 50k odd at lower levels, and up to 80k+ near max.

ps, I'll go with PKoF as my fave, since I started off the game with it. Tongue But i think PQoW has saved my ass the most out of the palas, esp at 6th seal.

Thanks for the feedback!

Uhh, Skuld usually brings about ~10 combos if used right (from experience), and is essential for situations that requires you to 1 shot the enemy. Also useful for refreshing the board for heart runes, although PKoL/GSoD (like you mentioned) more or less takes care of that. But yeah, I agree with your point, but there really isn't much of a choice there considering the other three fate sisters are pretty shabby in terms of their actives. I'd say it's pretty much mix-and-match for a paladin team, as the combinations are pretty endless :p

The Sirius and enchantresses build are luxury builds, I'm just putting it there for consideration purposes Big Grin

And ditto the PQoW part, it saved my ass against beast-racism bosses back then Big Grin

The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
I avg out 8-10 combos with Skuld, without her, probably 5-6 combos. Not very significant for dual earth palas (a little more noticeable if you're allying with Daji though). If you're swapping out 2 palas for bosses that requires burst damage like Felix, I'll actually swap out PQoW/PKoL instead of PKoD. Assuming Daji as ally, that'll be a 2-turn burst, and just a little more leeway before Urd's freeze runs out, after all, if you need the kill, full heal isn't going to save you at the boss stage.

I've stuck with palas for over a 100 levels now, since diamond seals haven't given me anything that can replace them, ~.~ and I think I've seen less than 5 times a single card being able to deal over 200k damage.

PQoW is best used with Daji IMO, since singly, Daji's combo boost gives a much higher multiplier more easily compared to the rest. The only time I used this was during the Felix event though, other combinations of palas appeal to me more. :p

Oh yes, I don't think Daji's leader ability applies to healing. Even at higher combos, the healing is only slightly more than with another PKoE, and that's probably cause of her base recovery.
(08-07-2013, 05:23 PM)Metacreeper Wrote: Umm... why does PKOF and PKOE active say "irregardless of defense"? Doesn't that mean they don't ignore defense (which they do)?

Regardless=ignoring (using it in context, which is about ignoring defense now)
Irregardless=not ignoring

Heehee, irregardless is non-standard English. People use it to mean the same thing as regardless.
shoudl be stickied!
Great guide. I'm stuck with a dragon team in my 2nd account that's having a real hard time in seal 5 so this is quite enlightening. Gonna stop drawing for now, evolve blue black and green, then farm for the red and white pallys.

BTW, my guess:
PQOW = fish
PKOE = eagle
PKOF = 9 tailed fox
PKOL = peacock
PKOD = goat

Finally.. Could someone sticky this? Will save a lot of frustrated players suffering from dismal draws out there.
[Image: eeccfbea.jpg]

[Image: 49e40a19.jpg]
hi, would like to know is it still farmable now?in 3.15 version?i got PKoE PKoF PKoL PQoW via diamond draw, and now TOS remove paladins from diamond draw, i need another PKoD to form the fill paladin set. already tried to farm 4-1 ( Darkness -> The Nightmare -> Dark Assassin) for 3 days, but fail to get a single PKoD =.=
They should still be farm-able while they have been removed from diamond draws. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I've heard of people taking over a week to get 1 drop, so keep at it, your patience will be rewarded Big Grin
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
2 weeks for pkoe for me :/
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