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[Guide] Earth Mono (v.10.00)
(09-08-2015, 07:03 PM)Genesis Genius - Faith Wrote: Hahas u want more burst? Hahaha use Sagittarius lor Hahaha

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naah i prefer more busty team.

ID: 54962818

Izanagi ally plz add

This is the best guide I ever saw lol ! Thanks guys

My actual earth team is Athena PR, Duncan PR, Diarmuid, Bull PR & Rapa Nui (for the x2.5 skill)

I can also use Verthandi PR, Medusa, Domon, Freyja, Circe, Blair, Hertz, Jade hunter, GSOE PR, Yangjian, MK2, Seungri (can PR) and Pilatus ...

But i don't really know if this is a convenient Greek team or if an another team would be better ! Can you guys give me some tips ? I guess the best option was to use Zeus but I don't have him lol

I feel PR Medusa still have the best team atk buff.

ID: 54962818

Izanagi ally plz add


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