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[Guide] Earth Mono (v.10.00)
^thx for the feedback.
I left out most of the named names intentionally, though there are some additions, will add them.

Good point Aszurance, have to add that, too.

EDIT: Added some more useful cards. Next up are the teams themselves.
EDIT2: First bunch of teams added, please constructive feedback. Positive, negative, just tell me something. ^^

[Image: 6nabheze.png]
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U might want to add Gemsia to the list of leaders.

ID 27 321 367

Regular Ally: Max CD PR Daji

Finally completed my diamond seal collection once again so I've got all cards in the game at lvl 99 available for ally upon request.

Not sure if you already planned to implement this, but I would think that for each team you may want to talk about team skills and whatnot for the benefit of new players reading this guide (Norse's enchanted runes boost, Greek bonus combo, Babylon's and Norse's change in leader skill when paired with the same ally)

Also, for the second Norse team stated, wouldn't using rosa sisters be a better boost than Mufasa? The only useful application I can see for Mufasa is if you need that little bit of HP or a semi decent defense break, but I wouldn't want to use him over the rosa sisters + Darmuid fusion.

ID: 60302480

Allies available: Inanna (All Max), Dumuzi (All Max) PR Apollo (All Max), PR Virgo (All max), VR Freyja (All Max), Stolas (Ame II), Huang Fu Duo (Max lvl, Ame IV), PR Yang Jian (Max lvl, Max CD), PR Athena (All Max), Beelzebub (All Max), Samael (All Max) Jia Rou (Ame IV, set on weekends), Satan, Guan Yu, Lu bu. 
Added Giemsa and defensive teams.

Will add special teams and mono earth race teams later.

@death I mentioned the skills when I introduced the leadercards, but I wrote it in the team section, too. Might be better there.

EDIT 15.05.14: Added Mark 2 + Egyptians. Next up are Solomon + race teams, then final words and its finally a (hopefully?) complete guide
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  • For some Solomon Deck ideas perhaps you can check this thread : Link
  • Was wondering if there can be some viable decks green mono best decks with Pr Medusa as leader .
Perhaps something like this : 
PR Medusa , DBK/Tribal Chief , Mufasa , Greenery King , DBK /Tribal chief / GSOE /proud wolf chieftan  , PR Medusa 
  • What is left now ? Egyptian deck , Human mono ( don't think it is that viable ) , Green dragon deck ( not sure if viable either )
  • For humans what are the viable leaders ? Seungri, Circe , PR PKOE . PKOE does have the biggest multiplier but you have to be carefull not launch full attacks .
What are th human followers :  Fused Mark II is considered human . PR duncan is a nice human , Green golem and fusion partners are human . Yang Jian . Lu cheng Syuan . Disney Shan Yu

Perhaps for a human team : 
PKOE , PR seungri , PR Duncan , Green golem , Golem's fusion partner , PKOE
PKOE , PR seungri ,, PR Duncan , Sih Kong Yu , Yang Jian/  Lu cheng Syuan /circe , PKOE
PR seungri ,Circe ,  PR Duncan , Sih Kong Yu , Yang Jian/  Lu cheng Syuan , PKOE/PR seungri
...... etc etc 
[Image: ALICE%20SIGGY%20b_zpshtp8fqry.jpg]
Just a question for an extreme build, if you are blessed with multiple DBK (2-4), would it be worthwhile to max the 2nd, 3rd, and/or even 4th one? Or how about a green Babylon with DBK+DBK+Circe+Rapa Nui? What do you think?
(05-14-2015, 03:58 PM)Morgoth Wrote: Just a question for an extreme build, if you are blessed with multiple DBK (2-4), would it be worthwhile to max the 2nd, 3rd, and/or even 4th one?  Or how about a green Babylon with DBK+DBK+Circe+Rapa Nui?  What do you think?

I think it would be worthwhile to max the 2nd one but not the 3rd or 4th one unless you really have too much resources. 
I have an all maxed Ao Guang now and am planning to max a 2nd one soon for something crazy like 

Douman(L) - Beowulf - Ao Guang - Ao Guang - TBD - Daji(A) 

Not really crazy.. but I'm pretty sure 2 Ao Guang will come useful at some point but for now I'll be slotting 2 Ao Guang in such a manner.

Not much comments on your build, a Babylon setup is so flexible that sometimes it's based on ones preference but I'll most likely just go with 1 DBK. However, the consensus is that you should not slot in too many converters in a Babylon team and priorities on more boosters instead. Also, does that setup exceed 2.2k rec? Otherwise, the efficiency of Rapa Nui will be reduced,too.
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Thank you for your response, Crux. I totally agree that the 2nd one could be useful, but the 3rd is probably not worth the resource. And yes, 2 DBK+Circe+Rapa Nui in the Babylon team would have enouch Recovery for the max bonus of Rapa Nui.
Hey, I am currently training this team
KOS + Princess Kush (earth Monster Strike) + DBK + Mathrosyka + Rapa Nui

Kush for damage booster (or is Earth Shikigami better?)
DBK for conversion
Matrhosyka for recovery boost (after using her, dissolving a set of heart heals back HP to full, when allying Ootengu)
Rapa Nui for hidden skill, damage boost and recovery stats
Ally can be Ootengu (massive rec), KOS (consistent damage), Belle

DBK is always good, and in my eyes the best beast for that team. Rapa Nui and Kos are obviously fixed, leaving you with 2 slots free. Between shikigami and Princess Kush I would take the princess. Given the fact that you have a tumbler, the damage reduction will not be very useful, except in some weird special scenarios.
With rapa nuis recovery, and matryoshkas active, your recovery is indeed quite nice. However, when using ootengu as ally, you should have enough recovery without her, too. I mean, you get a decent basic multiplier, its not that you have to grind each enemy. Wink
I would prefer a stolas over matryoshka, except you want to go overheal with earth team. Tongue But then I would go stolas + matryoshka instead of princess.

Now in my setup, I would go Kos + DBK + Rapa Nui + and then either diarmuid fusion for a nice burst, or stolas + x. x depending on the stage. Princess is a good booster for several rounds, matryoshka for much healing, diarmuid as 2nd attack converter...

So overall, go for it. Not a gamebreaking superawesome babylon team, but its unique. #hipster
[Image: 6nabheze.png]
 69531602                                      Saviors League (Lv17) looking for members

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