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[Guide] Earth Mono (v.10.00)
Table of content:

1 Introduction

2 All useful earth cards
2.1 Leader cards
2.2 Converter cards
2.3 Booster+ Utility cards

3 Teams
3.1 Offensive teams
3.2 Devensive teams
3.3 special earth teams
3.4 Race teams

4 Famous last words

1 Introduction

Well, hello and welcome to the most updated Earth Guide at the moment, and my first attempt at doing useful stuff on that forum. Before reading further, I advice you to check out the first earthguides, made by Metacreeper and Ashirogi Muto. However both dont find the time to update there respective threads anymore, so now I take over.

Why would you (want to) play earth? a) the diamond seal blesses you with all the earth cards b) you want to clear achievments in all those battles c) you need some beefy high HP teams, but dont have the resources to build a nidhogg/ dual Odin team or d) youre just to hipster for Mono dark or light, and want to enjoy the least loved, yet still strong color - earth cards. 
No matter why, I hope you get the knowledge you want to in that guide.

Note that I divided the introduction of the cards into leader - converter - booster/utility cards. Some cards can obviously a good leader and booster/converter, I slot them in the category, where they are mostly used. I dont mention all earth cards, because some are so bad, they get literally never used. If you miss a card thats good, but I maybe forgot, leave a reply below, and I will add it asap.

PS: The f*ed up spaces between text and pictures in 3rd spoiler, no idea who makes them everytime, but it surely is not me. I dont like them either, though.  Angry

2 The Earth cards

2.1 Leader

Freyja the Lamentation Whisperer

[Image: 640?cb=20140220015418]

Leader for Norseteams. Overall high stats, becomes really powerful paired with Odin. When used with another Freyja as Ally, enchanted runestones damage is increased to 150% and runestone drop chance for earth is increased, too. (25% with 2 VR Freyja and a PR Odin in the team) When paired with Odin, he will convert to earth and both gain a partnerskill. (Turn heart, earth and water runestones into enchanted earth. However, when paired with a PR Odin, fire runestones get converted to heart, too.) When using Freyja as ally and leader, with PR Odin in the team, the 250% leaderbonus increases to 300%. UNLESS you VR your Freyja. In that case the standard multiplier gets boosted to 300%, while the teamskill with Odin boosts it further to 350%. And if you use a Geironul, Odins, Freyjas and Geironuls CD get a -1. Nice addition, nothing gamebreaking.

Only downside? 5 gaelles needed for full potential. (Unless you feed the PR Freyja a dupe, in that case you save 3 gaelles)

Athena Goddess of Warfare

[Image: 700?cb=20150824105300&format=webp]

Your loved (finallyPR)greek leader. Always used with another Athena as ally. When paired you get 2 enchanted earth runes for every 3 earth runes you dissolve. (PR version also drops 2 earth runes for every 5 combos made. Which leads to the greeks famous skydrop. Also 2 Athenas get a hidden passive, which is a 70% chance of each combo counting twice, increasing the damage further. Slot in Zeus to get a new skill, that chains all dropped earth runes together to kill literally everything without special shields.

Belle the Amorous Soulmate

[Image: 640?cb=20141219213509]

Belle, high risk insane damage. Earth damage increases every round you dissolve earthrunesones, to the max of 350%. However, if you dont dissolve earth runes, the multiplier goes down, again. Paired with another belle, they get a double edged hidden passive: if you reached the maximum multiplier, and you dissolve earth, water and heart runestones (in the first batch) you gain another 300% bonus on top for that round. However, the bonus resets after that turn, so you start at 100% again.  If you spin excellent, the 300% can shredd whatever boss you want to kill. But reset makes it very unatractive, as one accident screws your whole bonus. 
The active is a 150% bonus, that keeps up for as much rounds as you killed enemies in the first turn.

King of Sheperd - Dumuzi 

[Image: 640?cb=20150330091234]

9.0s new addition, Babylon series. 250% bonus, or 300% when paired with each other as leader+ ally. With a nice addition. When dissolving 4 runes vertical, 1 earth rune will drop in that column. 3 columns a 4 runes equals one guaranteed earth skydrop. with 2 babylons its even 6 runes for 3 rows. A leader that rewards godlike runespinning with consistent, very high damage. 
Active are 3 seconds more runsepinning time, and a 150% bonus when dissolving 6 earth runestones.

Goddess of Order - Giemsa

[Image: 640?cb=20131225095706]

Water element on herself, she becomes a superb earth leader, when allied with a Duo of Forest Yan & Xi. Boosts God attack by 300% and Demon attack by 250%, if your team only consist of these. Also, ALL water, fire and earth runes deal 100% earth damage (when allied with said Yan Xi). No converters needed, as you always have plenty of runes to attack.
Active skill makes light and dark deal earth damage for one round, CD8.

Shu the Dragon of Tempest

[Image: 640?cb=20141209035717]

Increases the damage to water and light enemies to 350%, and to the other elements to 150%. That applies to actives, too, which sets him apart from the other leaders. His active clears the board from all runes but earth, dealing some nice damage. While not a allaround useful leader, Shu reks stages with water/light enemies only. Especially when you got some snipers in your team.

Mark- II

[Image: 640?cb=20141209035111]

Leader for mixed teams consisting only Humans and 2 or more Beast/ Elves, boosting Human damage to 350% and Beast/Elve to 250%. 
Active Ignores enemies defense when doing less then 5 combos, or boosts attack by 200% when doing above 5 combos. A nice leader, but the active is the interesting part for mono earth teams.
He can be fused with the Warliker Soldier Stinger to Mark II the Blitz of Bumblebee. (That doubles the damage per accumulated round for the sniper active, cap still at 100k. Also you got some increased stats after the fusion, and a full heal, only in the fusion turn)

Inheritance - Paladin King of Earth

[Image: 640?cb=20141209040447]

Another good leader, that is mainly used for multicolor teams. Single attack gets a 250% boost, or 300% when dissolving 3 or more attributes. However, doing 5 chains and you will not get the bonus, except you only face one enemy. 
Active deals 1500% PkoE attack, ignoring enemies defense.

Saggitarius of Frankness - Red Boy

[Image: 640?cb=20150330091434]

Same leaderskill as PkoE, but deals 400% instead of 300% when dissolving Fire earth and Dark runestones. 
Active launches a additional fire attack for 1 round after single attacks. Good for fire enemies or as a booster, bad if you cant decluster your runes.

Ootengu the Stiff Monk

[Image: 640?cb=20141218225950]

Active skill delais the CD of the enemy for 1 round.
Works as a decent leader: 250% earthattack + 200% demon recovery. Especially as a ally when running a Big Bad Pete/ King Solomon team. (Credits to Vorseti for pointing it out)

Big Bad Pete

[Image: 640?cb=20150418080351]

If you use a team consiting only of earth beast, elves and fiends, this huge cat gives you a 300% boost. (Needs to have all 3 races, for the leaderskill to work) His active give light and dark runestones the effect of earth for one round.
What sets him apart is a build in 70% tumbler, if you use Rapa Nui the Puppet on Vigil as a follower. Currently the only Team with a 900% boost AND a tumbler. Due to the restrictions not that flexible, though.

Wisdom of the World - King Solomon

[Image: 640?cb=20150418081520]

exact same card as Big Bad Pete. 

Empyrean Tower - Lu Cheng- Syuan

[Image: 640?cb=20150119110518]

He is not a traditional leader, but has a unique and very useful leaderskill. When using him as a leader, there is a 30% chance for a Arcane Lustre to appear in the "Day of Souls" battle. (Stackable) When allying a Bell of Order - Jia Rou the team gets a 600% bonus, and your leader and ally 200% on top of that. Awesome, superawesome for soulfarming)
With his Amel he truely gets a good card to farm souls. Ameliorate him to IV, ally a Jia Rou and get a guaranteed Arcane Lustre on the advanced stage of souls day. (On average its 75 souls per run/45 stamina)

The sword Saint - Li Hsiao Yao

[Image: latest?cb=20150721034448]

Now this guy is a really versatile and awesome leader. (however, currently UNAVAILABLE, get some allies. Tongue) Team Attack x1,8 and the more runes you dissolve the higher the damage. (Capped at around x4, because the increase per runes gets superlow then)
Not good enough? Then only run Earth, Fire and Water members, and you get a 50% chance for 1,5x additional attack when you dissolve heartrunestones. Pair that with Lin yue Ru or Zhao Ling Er and you get a guaranteed x1,5 when dissolving hearts.

Active is a 15 second timetunnel with x2,4 teamattack when you dissolve the whole board, x1,5 otherwise.

Jian Tian the General Reincarnated

[Image: latest?cb=20150721034503]

The soulstone puppy equivalent for light&dark day. Ally one get a prime soulsstone on the last wave. Good for only xp farming (go figure Tongue )
Active is human attack x1,5 for one round.


[Image: latest?cb=20130220081107]

with the introduction of Amel II Wukong rendered totally useless. Reduces Earth damage by 50% and Fire and Dark by 30%.

NOTE: You also want to take a look at Domon and SEUNGRI. Both can be decent leaders, too. First one being a mix between offensive and defensive, and 2nd one giving heart runestones 50% earth damage)

2.2 Converter

Diarmuid the Dual Lancer

[Image: 640?cb=20130715103011]

Fight mode converter. Converts a whole column + heart runes with Amel IV. Your bread and butter converter. Gets even better as a fusion with Rosa Sisters. Also, since hes a fiend, the damage is quite nice, but HP are low. 

Potentate Demon Bull

[Image: 640?cb=20141209035008]

Now if you manage to draw him, and you got the resources to allmax him, he is the hands down best converter you can wish. CD 6 at Amel IV (only 1250 souls needed ^^), he converts water and heart into earth, and fire into heart. The stats, recovery aside, are also awesome. 4200 hp and 1460 attack. 
Leaderskill is good if you want to go some weird beastteam and Daji as ally.

Capricorn of Meticulosity - Domon

[Image: 640?cb=20150330092250]

Domon converts runes according to the number of turns you save him up +1 with a cap at 8 runes. That alone isnt that impressive, however he has a minimum CD of 2. Giving you 3 runes every 2 turns. Which is the fastest conversion, and vital for Belle teams. Got nice stats, too. 
His leaderskill entitle him as a mix between defensive and offensive leader. Given his 200% teamattack, 50% earth and water damagereduction and 30% firereduction. (That makes the poor govindasaur even less then obsolete) 

Taishang Laojun, Celestial Supremacy

[Image: 640?cb=20141209034930]

Converts the whole board to earth. Perfect in Athena teams. Great if youre to lazy to spin and run Babylon.

Conjurer if Triumph- SEUNGRI

[Image: 640?cb=20141209040158]

well. CD 3 max, turns 3 runes into enchanted earth. MAY reactivate immediately. the low CD make him attractive, the reactivation is rather unstable. Can save your ass, or can let you down when you need it most. Good for Belle teams, or if you lack converters.


Paladin Shooter

[Image: 640?cb=20131231050042]

That cute little rubberduck sucks. But converts 3 runestones into heart, with a min CD of 3 and the chance for reactivation. If you really got no heart converters, or you want to form a earth beast team, he is your go to duckie. Beside that, he barely finds a use.


Jade Hunter - Tribal Chief

[Image: 640?cb=20131231050952]

the poor mans Demon Bull. He converts heart to earth, and water to heart. (can be used with another converter for double the heart or earth runes). Without harpies difficult to max the CD.
However, with Amel IV its your number one source of Soulstones, as he gives a 25% chance for a prime soulstone on the 1hour soulstone battles. 50% if you got one as ally, too. Which makes him superb for leveling your earth cards, if you happen to have the souls laying around to ameliorate him.


The Komainu if Nurture 

[Image: 700?cb=20151005114510&format=webp]

the replacement for the jade hunter. Exact same card. Different artwork.

Byakhee the Cosmic Berserker

[Image: 640?cb=20140525123547]

Your heart converter. Huge HP, awfully low recovery. With Amel IV 25% heart rune dropchance below his column. If possible, I would upgrade to Stolas or Maleficent the Evil Mistress. Mainly used in Faugn teams, if Dagon or Ctugha are lacking.

Maleficent the Evil Mistress

[Image: 640?cb=20140525124631]

The enchanted heart converter. What can I say, a great card and flexible leader. Now even with column conversion. High attack, very high hp for fiends, and a 300% leaderskill if you only run earth fire and dark cards, and dissolve 3 attributes each round. even has a chance to give additional 150% bonus when dissolving heart, too. (stackable)
Just a great card. Difficult to get though, since Disney seal isnt always available...
(forever?) UNAVAILABLE

Stolas the Prince of Knowledge

[Image: 640?cb=20140525131521]

Exact same as Maleficent, just for players outside Didneyworld.

Shan Yu the Hun Chieftain

[Image: 640?cb=20140525125441]

Another disney special card, sadly without a Solomon pendant. He converts light into earth runestones, making him useful for battles without earth runes (If you really want to bring an earth team there. ._.) or if you want to heal and burst at the same time, but have no Earth duck or Bullking. Stats are mediocre at best. 
(forever?) UNAVAILABLE

Sih Kong Yu the Emperors Scion

[Image: 640?cb=20150119110549]

That human card with a horrendous long name has a useful active. It converts Water and Fire into enchanted hearts, CD8.  With Amel IV its CD6. Thats decent.
Leaderskill is Human attack 200%, nothing special.

Emerald Monk

[Image: latest?cb=20130220082055]

Horrible stats. Nice conversion from Water directly to earth. The horible stats make that card barely ever used. Meh.

Withered Melog

[Image: 640?cb=20141209040001]

even worse then the emerald monk. Converts up to 3 water runestones into earth. at CD3. Horrible stats. Useless.

Emerald Combatant

[Image: 640?cb=20141209040006]

Now what happens, if we fuse the useless and the even more useless cards from above together? The result is a decent mob with 2 skills. One converts water into heart, the other water to earth and earth into enchanted earth. Both at CD 5, if you manage to max melog + monk. Not the worst card to have in a team, after you fuse the little useless ones together. 

Cowherd of Undying Love - Altair

[Image: latest?cb=20150626210130]

hm. Converts half your board to fire, earth, and heart at fixed position. Nothing useable for most earth teams. (Except Giemsa, who on her own doesnt needs converters (but as a humand hes useless for that deck, too Tongue))
However, he is needed to enter the Vega-Soulmaster, either as ally or leader. Both will have some combine skill, that currently is underwhelming, but may get buffed or changed in the future.

Jian Yun Fan, Prince of Devils

[Image: latest?cb=20150721034507]

less then 3 earthrunes on the board, he converts 2 columns. More then 2, only one column. CD6. Not my first choice, but good for earth human teams, with a up to x3,5 earth human leaderskill.
If you got him from the CP seal, gratz. If not, youre not missing out on a very special card.

Wings of Cherishment- Sariel

[Image: 700?cb=20150824105306]

Only one effect can be selected:

[*]For 1 Round, Earth Attack 1.5; clear all additional effect(s) in play.
[*]Turn Heart Runestones into Earth Runestones; Water Runestones into Heart Enchanted Runestones.

Is it a booster? Is it a converter? No! its both. Just not at the same time. A nice idea by madhead to give us a versatile card. Each skill alone isnt that impressive, on a CD7, but you can choose depending on the situation. So its a nice card.

Fallen Feather- Indulgent

[Image: 700?cb=20150904102746]

convert one row (not column) to earth. CD5. Mediocre alone, okay when combined with metratron.

Obesessed Love - Freyja

[Image: 700?cb=20151005115055]

Look at the artwork. LUUK AT IT. Madheads newest creation in keeping us farming for gaelles. VR. Virtual Rebirth. If you VR your PR Freyja, you can alternate between 2 forms. A boosted PR one, and this one. The boosted PR version is a awesome leader, while thisn one works as a nice follower. More precise a converter thats closest to DBK in terms of conversion. And it got monsterstats. But costs you quite a lot get... 3 Gaelles from PR to VR, unless you have a dupe laying around.
However, the VR active converts Earth into enchanted Earth, and water and heart into Earth. On CD8. I think thats pretty decent. especially because you can always alternate to the other form and use VR-PR-Freyja as Norseleader.

2.3 Booster + Utility cards


long, long spoiler. I warned you.

Verthandi, Valkyrie of Destiny

[Image: 640?cb=20140115153047]

THE allaround utility card for any defensive team. Her active leechs 200% her recovery from the enemy, regarding all skills, shields, defenses. Stackable up to 3 times, resulting in 3k damage + hp for you after 18 rounds. Just great to have.

Nidhogg, Undying Dragon of Poison

[Image: latest?cb=20131004092434]

This cute little pet is mostly famous for his leader role in the nearly indestructible Nidhogg-team. However, you can use him as a follower to boost your HP by 6800. An attack of 1700 isnt bad, either. Only the active is... semi useful outside a dragon only team. But behold. If the fluffly dragon evolves into:

Nidhogg the corpse of Ragnarök

[Image: latest?cb=20150622093642]


he becomes an absoultetly superb booster for your earth team. 250% Attackboost for 75% of your current HP. Ontop of the old skill, that recovers 1,5x your dragons HP. (And with him having 7503 on maxlevel, thats enough to simply heal back after you did the boost. 
A superstrong booster, with insane HP and nearly 1,9k attack. 
Only downside: 0 recovery from him, and a whopping 9 mio xp to max. still a great follower and leader, if you max his CD.

Xuanwu the Divine Lord (Archimandrite of Earth)

[Image: 640?cb=20140520005315]

-60% damage for 3 turns. Great as a follower when you need to take a massive hit once.

Boosts beast HP by 300% as leader. (That twice and you have nearly 200k hp, but close to 0 recovery. Tongue)

Blair the Witch of Rotten Woods

[Image: 640?cb=20130527032645]

for one round all runestones posses 50% earth damage. Good if you totally lack converters, or have a awful pentashield. 

Land Overlord Duncan

[Image: latest?cb=20140520004705]

Its a PR starter. Allround everything card. Need more runes? Duncan. Need more earth runes? Duncan. Need a high amount of combos? Duncan. Need some emergency healing? Duncan. he adds 3 rows of runestones, and increases the moving time to 10 seconds, while also slighty boosting earth damage. On a CD of 8, 6 for the first time. 

Yang Jian the Deity of Fidelity

[Image: latest?cb=20140611203211]

He changes the enemies attribute into water and increases your earthdamage on water for 2 rounds. So no more problem with Fire bosses in a stage. (If its only one. ^^)

The leaderskill is quite interesting and fun to use rather then actually competitive. It allows you to align 2 earth or heartrunsetones together to dissolve. That leads to massive skydrops. 

Medusa the Shattering Eyes

[Image: 640?cb=20150428130810]

now after her PR she finally looks like a proper Medusa, not a child in a snake costume. The lady freezes all enemies for 3 rounds, and changes there attribute to earth. For those 3 rounds your earthdamage is boosted to 150%, too. Which is quite nice. Her skilllevel also can be increased with baby harpies, as both share the same skill. 

I would like to mention the leaderskill, too. 350% earth beast attack is quite fun. Just that there arent that many awesome earth beasts out there...

Circe, Witch of Dark Magic

[Image: 640?cb=20130527032642]

Circe, the earth enchantress. After her activation, you only deal damage and recovery after 4 or more combos. However, each combo increases by additional 25%. Oh, and all damagereducing skills get disabled. If you dont use any of these, and you can spin constantly above 4 combos she has no drawback. Very powerful in some decks, useless in others. (useless in greek, and doesnt works well with Daji is ally)

Caterpillar the remonstrator

[Image: 640?cb=20140119011246]

Elf. Gives immunity to poison for 3 rounds. 

Tribal Leader Mufasa

[Image: 640?cb=20141209035445]

Mufasas attack x 10 for one round. Nice and solid boost. in combination with a nice board enough for most mobs. No Ed, but hey. Close enough... Gets a amelioration that makes you heal for 10x his recovery if you dissolve a 4 column below him. 

Leaderskill is decent, too. 250% Beast attack+ Earth equals all elements up to 50% wit 5 beasts. (Stackable)

Warlike Soldier Stinger

[Image: 640?cb=20141209035823]

Fusionpartner for Mark II, and your keycard for Shu teams. Useless outside of that. Doe 10k damage per accumulated round, up to 100k. With Dual Shu its 100k per round. CD1 max. 

Rosa Sisters- Armor & Celos

[Image: 640?cb=20141219211718]

Now thats one interesting card. Alone it is quite meh. for 3 rounds 2 attacks only with that card. But if you put it next to a Diarmuid, wait 8 rounds and fuse them, you get one awesome fusion out of that. Diarmuids skill is the same, but Rosa´s changes to unflagging effort - earth. Which means each earth monster attacks twice for one round. With a max CD of 8. And additional 150% boost in the round you fuse the 2 cards. 

Awesome card with Diarmuid, sucks without.

Chen Jing-Ciou, Young Last Prince

[Image: 640?cb=20150119110514]

The leaderskill is nearly like the one from Stolas/Maleficent. You just have to have earth fire and Water cards, instead of E, F, and dark. 

Active gives heart runestones water, fire and earth damage for one round. Usefull in RGB teams, not interesting for earth decks, unless you really, really, lack converters.

Overall like a nerfed Stolas.

Primeval Divination - Automata

[Image: 640?cb=20150119110553]

The more earth runes you dissolve, the higher the earth attack, to the max of 200% at 12 runes. (Only first batch counts) Underwhelming booster, but farmable. You need to dissolve half your board for maximum effect. 

Duo of Forest - Yan & Xi

[Image: 640?cb=20150227032624]

For 3 turns increased dropchance of earthrunes, and all dropped earthrunes will become enchanted. No gamebreaking active, but there true power comes as ally for Giemsa decks. When using Giemsa as leader, and that card as ally, Giemsa will convert to earth, and Water+ Fire runes deal 100% Earth damage. 

There own leaderskill with Earth attack 250% and -20% waterdamage is quite decent, too.


Resuscitated Artifact - Pilatus

[Image: 640?cb=20150223143445]

For one round, earth attack 200%. Next round recovery becomes 0. Plain simple booster, the 0 recovery next round shouldnt be a problem, unless you activate the card with low HP, end up without hearts and face a CD1 mob next round. But you should be able to plan that accordingly.
Leaderskill boosts attack by 250% when the team only contains dragons and gods. + a 40% chance of additional 200% when dissolving earth and heart runes. (Stackable) Not bad in theory, however the synergy between dragons and gods is...  mediocre. And since Faugn-Daji shredds anything anyways, you rarely see that card used.

Goddess of Crops & Letters - Nisaba

[Image: 640?cb=20150330091431]

Earth attack & recovery 150%. 200% with 3 or more gods on the team. CD8, farmable. Basically made for Greeks, Norse or Babylon decks. Sucks without 3 gods.

Rapa Nui the Puppet on Vigil

[Image: 640?cb=20150325175654]

Reward from a Guildevent, that card alone isnt that impressive. The higher your recovery, the higher the earthattack for one Round, to the max 250% with 2,2k recovery. (820 are by her alone) Attack is horrible.
However, when paired with Big Bad Pete or King Solomon you get a build in Tumbler. (70%) That makes her interesting, and useful in said team. Or fun to combine with Cassandra. Tongue

Sacrificial Princess Kushinada

[Image: 640?cb=20150428130809]

Monsters attack 150% for 3 rounds. Can be shared with neighbours, if they are earth, too. Max CD at 12. Good if you need some increased consecutive bursts, but part of a allround team? I dont know...

Nesting Doll - Matryoshka

[Image: 640?cb=20150428130814]

Recovery 200% untill no heart runes are dissolved. Your very own Elf queen. Nice for overhealshields. Just not best in slot. (Only for earth)

Yvette the Butterfly

[Image: 640?cb=20140905213122]

for 3 Rounds, convert 20% of your damage into HP recovery. (50% with Amel IV) Like most elves very situational card, and mostly used in a Diablo team. 

Spirits Guide - The Greenery King

[Image: 640?cb=20131225075713]

The king of ducks... Actually, he is not a bad card, though not many people (close to no one) use him. Beast attack 250% and 150% recovery, which they need a lot...
Active boosts beast attack for 200% in 1 round, if you dissolve 3 or more attributes. (Works perfect with Demon Bullking in a earth beast team)


Proud Wolf Chieftain

[Image: 640?cb=20140520005623]

At first glance a very mediocre card, with the same leaderskill as the greenery King and a active that heals 50% of your HP. However, when used in very high HP teams (dual Archimandrite of Earth) he is quite useful, healing over 80k HP every 7 turns on max CD.

Ali Baba the Leader of Thieves

[Image: latest?cb=20150622093643]

unstable leaderskill. But has a nice active for Norse, Babylon and Greek - teamattack 150% for one round, or 250% if leader and ally are the same. (I dont have one, but I believe the 250% are only for leader+ ally, not the whole team. Sad ) However, its a fiend and thus has a high attack. 

Scarecrow the Fool

[Image: latest?cb=20150603145910]

Uhm. Well. Yeah. A "situational card" that invalidates all earth damage for one round. And a elf. Good thing? Its free... 

Devilish Coquette in Mountains - Yaoji

[Image: latest?cb=20150703190442]

2196 attack. Earth attack 150% for one round. +7 seconds timetunnel, if you have additional effects on the screen. On CD8 maxed. So all you ever wanted in one card. Aweomse follower, with a pretty decent leaderskill, too. (Earth attack 250% + Recovery 150%) 

A-Nu the Witch of white Miao

[Image: latest?cb=20150721034508]

Explode all light and dark runes to increase earth attack up to x2 with 8 runes. CD10.
A decent raid card. Must have? No. Nice to have? yeah. But to use her regular she must be maxed CD. 

Hsiahou Jin-Hsuan the Calligrapher

[Image: 700?cb=20150721034508]

Fire equals heart and water equals earth. CD8. Hey, its a free card. Nothing I see myself ever using though.

Wings of Cherishment- Sariel

[Image: 700?cb=20150824105306]

Only one effect can be selected:

  1. For 1 Round, Earth Attack 1.5; clear all additional effect(s) in play.

  2. Turn Heart Runestones into Earth Runestones; Water Runestones into Heart Enchanted Runestones.


Is it a booster? Is it a converter? No! its both. Just not at the same time. A nice idea by madhead to give us a versatile card. Each skill alone isnt that impressive, on a CD7, but you can choose depending on the situation. So its a nice card.

Enthrallment with War - Geironul

[Image: 700?cb=20151005114512]

looks spooky. But is a pretty decent card for Norse-decks. earth attack x1,5 and convert the column below leader or ally to earth. CD5. That means if you play norse, and you ameliorated your beautiful Freyja, both her columnboosts get triggered. So its more of a booster with guaranteed full attack. Outside of Norse not so awesome, but still okay.

[Image: 6nabheze.png]
 69531602                                      Saviors League (Lv17) looking for members
3. Teams

3.1 Offensive Teams

I dont know why, but I tend to not include starters in my decks. Dont get a wrong feeling, they are very, very useful allroundcards. They just never appear in my decks... (unless I face comboshields. .__. ) Also, there are a million more combinations, the examples are just teams myself, or other, better, players use. You have to try for yourself what you like, and take your own cardpool into consideration.


+ very flexible
+ very stable
+ can use Odin Big Grin
+ offensive, or somewhat defensive (flexible I guess. Wink )
+ easy to use

- decently high TC with Odin.

The general playstyle is quite forward. You dissolve runes, enemies die.
Dual Freyja + PR Odin increases the leaderskill to earth attack 300%, increased chance for Earth runes to drop, and increases the damage of enchanted runes.

Bread and Butter setup with all dem Norse-cards:
[Image: d9ff1231.jpg]

Activate Odin-Freyja partnerskill for a huge conversion, circe for a general boost, diarmuid as a quick converter, fusion for a big bang (+ rosas skill after fusion)
When you need to change a enemies element, just slot in Yang Jian, I would get rid of either circe if a big burst is needed, or rosa if Odin+Freyja is enough. 

[Image: 2a4c04a0.jpg]

when you need lots of converters, and a oneturn big boost:

[Image: 6a8c93dc.jpg]

my personal favorite allround team:
high hp, can burst nice, has circe.

[Image: 9fbb8fcd.jpg]

For those with to much TC: (couldnt test it yet, but seems very fun)

[Image: 26f2ed75.jpg]


+different playstyle
+moderate/low TC if you play without Zeus
+can burst ridiculous high with Zeus

- luck factor is over the top
- not a real negative point, but babylon play somewhat "similar," yet are way more stable in terms of damageoutput
- when they skydrops fail you, recovery is bad, if skydrops dont fail, 3 heartrunes heal you completely up

In order to maximize skydrops, you should try to alway dissolve below your Athenas. Converters are key. Zeus for those ultra high damage numbers. Earth Yan& Xi can be used here, too. I just try to include the "easier" to get cards. (easy in the way of always available via dia seal)
2 evolved greek gods have a hidden passive, that enables a 70% chance for each combo to count twice, increasing your damage by a fair amount.

A nice allrounder, just one quick converter, but nice burst. Can use Mufasa instead of rosa sisters, and Byakhee instead of Stolas (I would reccomend to try to get a stolas/maleficent whenever possible, they are so much better compared to byakhee):

[Image: 15c79325.jpg]

all the converter... (and Zeus)

[Image: b9c5fcee.jpg]

when you really want to overkill: 
recovery can be tricky with that one... Could even slot in Duncan instead of Domon for even more damage no one needs (so far)
[Image: 506c2749.jpg]

And if you have to much Athenas and souls, just go quintuple Athena Amel IV. (srsly, dont try this at home, unless you got massive souls...)


+ very high damage. Like... insanely high.
+ fun to use, if you like glasscannon.
+ given the low hp, recovery is no issue

- low hp
- needs a few rounds of "warming up" before the multiplier gets high

+- the hidden passive with dual belle is a double edged sword. If you manage to only spin earth fire and heart at the boss stage, you do some insane damage, but the multiplier resets afterwards.

for the sake of high numbers (we all love them) I will use dual belle in the suggestions. However, I prefer Bloodfiend - stable leader. (Belle - Freyja or Ootengu) Tbh, I dont run fiends often, so maybe we get a pro to show some of his teams. Wink Again, I can only show a blink of all options to keep the guide somewhat organized, but circe is a nice addition here, too.

This would be my go to setup. 2 domons, but always guaranteed earth runes. Fusion for the boss.

[Image: 2c63df80.jpg]

a bit more "stable" version with a heart converter. 

[Image: ff01d992.jpg]


+medium teamcost
+very high damage output overall
+makes full use of those 10% column boost amels

- needs some spinningskills to be effective. Tongue

Most babylon credits to Ixidor. Wink

Earth´s advantage over the other elements is circe. However with the playstyle of babylons you have to be a really good spinner. (3 columns a 4 runes minimum each and every round) Converters are excellent if you run out of attacking runes, while boosters might be the better choice if you already got enough earth runes on the board.

Also, when using same leader and ally, the 250% leaderskill gets increased to 300%. The total damage can be increased by up to 150% when dissolving 4 runes in 2 or more columns. (Should be 10% per column)

in that setup you got mediocre hp, but a nice array of boosters and converter.

[Image: 139dca13.jpg]

that would be my version, without circe, but 2 converter and the lazy button, aka Taishang Laojun. And also decent HP.

[Image: 9ee59892.jpg]

that one is a stable version with only one booster for the boss. No big bang, but rather safe for spinners like me.

[Image: 77d9e72f.jpg]


+lots and lots of runes to attack. No converter needed
+ can carry many booster
+ high average attack, since 50% of your board count as earth runes

-unflexible, due to demon/god restriction

You have to ally a earth Yan& Xi for Giemsa to change her element, but in return you get 100% earth damage with water and fire, too. The whole team can focus on boosters that way. sadly no circe possible.

I would run that, 3 booster for increased attack, one heart converter for emergencies. 

[Image: f7f93499.jpg]


+able to clear stages with only water and light enemies very fast
+ 300% bonus to those elements includes active skills
+with 2 or more snipers inside high HP

- yet very low recovery.
-inflexible, due to element restrictions

Egyptian decks rely a lot on damage with actives. Your warlike soldier stingers or Mechanical Medics fully benefit from the leaderskill. Normally the damage is 10.000 per accumulated round, up to 100k after 10 rounds. With Dual Shu its 100k per round. The active of Shu themselves usually results in over a million damage, too. Diarmuid+Rosa are there for a) a burst at the end, and b) to convert. Wink One can go with 4 snipers, too. If the enemies have lower damage, or higher CDs, its a viable option.

[Image: ac4e9bfb.jpg]

Mark - II

+ quite flexible, even with (nearly) only earth cards
+ can ally daji without any problems/restrictions other then her element
+ decent recovery

- only earth doesnt opens the full potential
- cant use fiends, god and dragons (so most of your trusted converters)

surprisingly that deck comes without Mark-II fusion, but with Emerald Monk and withered Melog. Those 2 fused arent that bad anymore, and a good alternative when you need to converters. Demon Bull King is here as a aweseome converter and statbooster. (Can be replaced by Mufasa if you dont got one, or need some kind of nice damage) Mark-II himself works as a booster or defensebreaker (but only one at a time). Need a boost? Spin 5 combos. Need a defense breaker? Spin less then 5 combos. Duncan is the allaround weapon.

[Image: df253ecb.jpg]

Includes Mark- II fusion ofr the sake of it, you can replace the sniper with something more useful of earth or elve race. (Archimandrite of Earth/ Xuanwu to tank some hits, Medusa to stall+ slighty boost your attack) Yang Jian to burst down the boss.  Circe as your overall boost. Duncan again as Jack of all trades.

[Image: 892a43f5.jpg]

3.2 Defensive Teams

Actually, that section is going to be very short. With the introduction of Wukong Amelioration nearly all defensive setups got rendered useless, since he makes you nearly immortal. Ususally grind teams always run ed, 2 booster, 1 utility card and hades or Idun as leader. The following team is more a gimmick, that is worse then wukong teams. But we need a defensive team section, do we? Wink

Dual Domon

+good mix between offensive and defensive
+ with 2 domons no earth converters inside needed
+ actually very flexible

-lacks the firepower of full offensive teams
- only effective against earth and water, and somewhat against fire. (Though no one should bring that team to a main fire fight)

medusa gives you the time to kill the high hp mobs, or prevent some nasty deaths with her 3 round stall. Mufasa + Sacrificial princess Kushinada produce some decent burst. (still nothing like ed + douman)

if a defensebreaker is needed, grab yourself Mark II.

[Image: 269d75f7.jpg]

Dual Archimandrite of Earth

Do you ever wanted to have 170k HP? Well, try that setup. Without atleast one maxed proud wolf chieftain you have basically no option to recover HP. However, with archimandrites active popped in you can easily survive a 2x 99.999 attack. Medusa is almost needed, too. Since you have no damageboost at all. (One option would be greenery king instead of her, but even with him your damage is quite low)

+loads of HP
+like, very much

- 0 damage
- very very low recovery, screwed without proud wolf chieftain

[Image: 886a678c.jpg]

3.3 Special teams

King Solomon/Big Bad Pete

King Solomon. When you make a team of ONLY earth elves, fiends and beasts, you get a 300% attackbonus. Not that awesome alone, he has a hidden passive with Raoa Nui the puppet on Vigil. When you slot last one in that team, too, you get a build in 70% tumbler. That is currently the only setup that allows you to go double offensive leader, and get a tumbler. In conclusion you can play that game either offensive with an build in safety, or more defensive while maintaining a nice damage output. Just make sure to get your HP as low as possible, and recovery as high as possible, to make most use of that tumbler and Rapa Nuis active (Which requires 2,2k recovery for the total damagebonus)

+build in tumbler + up to 900% attack
+tumbler? Its awesome! Unless you face one of these antiwukong stages. Wink
+ with the right cards you can burst quite nice

-not very flexible, requires unusual ally choice

That is a more offensive way to play, with our usual fiend-converter-booster-fusion and DBK as chosen beast. 

[Image: 58c5ff82.jpg]

The following deck is more defensive with Stolas. With Matryoshka inside it can even overheal quite nice. You just need atleast 3 heart runes to keep her up. Mufasa for a burst, in combination with Rapa nui the damage is quite nice. (Just stall for some earth runes before using Mufasa)Though I would go Diarmuid instead of Matryoshka, unless I really need to heal a lot.

[Image: 3c2b3dc3.jpg]

at the moment there arent more "special teams" in a sense of being truly unique in there playstyle. You can think of Mark II teams being here, too. ^^

3.4 Race monos

Most of these teams are neither very competitve or useful, but if you got them maxed its fun to try them out. Just dont attempt SMs with them, except you got the stamina to blow. (I skip the + - list here, too. The teams are really just for fun, and not really something to aim for as a maindeck)

ONE exception being beasts. Those can build a nice deck, that might be competitve.


Dont try this at home. Actually, with PR Nidhogg earth mono dragons is possible to play. You got hearts, booster, HP-recovery and not to shabby damage. Thats if you got 137 TC and 2 PR Nidhoggs.

[Image: ea35b93e.jpg]


Well. You have some nice utility cards, and you can go dual circe. Seungri and Circe are probably the best leader- ally combination. Recovery is quite nice. Or Jiang Yun Fan for x3,5 human earth attack. thats pretty decent.

[Image: 4e4c21f6.jpg]

[Image: 44b54823.jpg]


The only race that is able to build legit effective decks. 

Dual Medusa. 350% earth beast attack. Times 2. Thats cool. Just your recovery is awful. Mufasa+ Greenery King to kill every boss with high HP. Indiana Duck and Bull King as converters. (Heart and earth)

[Image: d02e8e5d.jpg]

Basically same thing with less damage, but not so awful recovery. (Still bad, compared to the HP)

[Image: c60928fd.jpg]


Might work. Maybe not. Its converters and booster all the way. But very low HP.

[Image: f52ea3cf.jpg]


Okay, this one is basically a Dumuzi deck, only with gods. And it doesnt looks that bad. I might try it some day. Can run VR Freyja as massive converter.

[Image: 984a902c.jpg]


No elves. Before I go mono earth elf, I rather go dual Nidhogg. Sorry guys.

4. Famous Last words + Thanks

Okay, thats it from my side. If you got additions, questions, other decks, wishes or if you just want to increase your post count, go ahead and write below. I will help as much as I can, and the community will, too. 
Always remember, Earth is a nice color. Madhead just thinks otherwise sometimes.

I want to  thank Ixidor, Vorseti, Azsurance, deathexe and my guildmates over at Nightingale for feedback, tips and kind words. Thx to Blitz for moving it to best guides n walkthroughs. 
If you find major grammar mistakes, please hit me, I will correct it.

29.May.2015 First complete(?) version of the guide available.
16.July.2015 update to 9.2 (finally. And next week is new collab .__.)
20.October.2015 update to 10.00

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Have you consulted Ashi on the matter already Smile ?

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(05-11-2015, 02:36 AM)Crux Wrote: Have you consulted Ashi on the matter already Smile ?

Not yet, but exactly who?  Blush

EDIT: If you mean Ashirogi Muto, I wrote a PM about updating his guide, bu hes currently busy and gave me the go.
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(05-11-2015, 02:45 AM)Akanto Wrote:
(05-11-2015, 02:36 AM)Crux Wrote: Have you consulted Ashi on the matter already Smile ?

Not yet, but exactly who?  Blush

EDIT: If you mean Ashirogi Muto, I wrote a PM about updating his guide, bu hes currently busy and gave me the go.

Ah okay, good luck with this. I'll be looking forward to it .  Cool
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Good luck Akanto! I wouldn't have let you take over, since I'm so stingy, byt I'm just a bit too busy to post as much as I did some time ago. In any case, GL!
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Good luck akanto I just hope many players will start to join the earths side
i almost cummed n dirtied my laptop screen.. good job!!
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Good luck akanto with the guide .

One small correction , Sih Kong Yu the Emperors Scion , should be moved to conveter section .

Some cards you left out ( intentional and unitentional , not asking to include all of them , i am just mentioning them ) :

Yatonokami the Shikigami ( booster ) , Yamauba the Mother of Hills ( booster ) , Empyrean Tower - Lu Cheng-Syuan ( booster ) , Ootengu the Stiff Monk ( Utility/leader ) , Terrametallic Dragon Curtis ( Leader ,damage atctive ) , Yvette the Butterfly ( utility-heal ) , Barbara the Dragon Maiden ( utility , leader ) , Savage Metallic Rhinoceros ( fusion member ) , Spirits' Guide - The Greenery King ( leader - booster ) , Proud Wolf Chieftain ( utility -leader ) , Tsathoggua the Toad-like Gargoyle ( booster - similar active to Sacrificial Princess Kushinada )

Among the above mentioned cards i think at least Ootengu the Stiff Monk should be included on the guide , since he can be used on solomon deck as leader . Hmmm what else ....perhaps Dragon Malificent -Maleficent synergy ?
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You didn't mention Mark II and his fusion too Sad

But otherwise, I'm looking forward to this guide, I have a bunch of earth cards which I want to use.
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