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[Guide] Dragonic Compulsion System (8.0 Update)
Looks like the attack bonus calculation is changed as follows (from someone in Thai group)

1 STAR craft
+10%/1000 points for < 5000 points
+2.5%/1000 points for >5000 points

2 STAR craft
+10%/1000 points for <7000 points
+3.75%/1000 points for >7000 points

3 STAR craft
+10%/1000 points for<10000 points
+5%/1000 points for >10000 points

(03-14-2015, 03:22 AM)Blitzkriag Wrote:
(03-14-2015, 03:20 AM)VVV Wrote: Need another vid? Lol

Most of it is just practise though :/

no special tips? god i swear i really suck at this, i use the one for fire and dark mono, and never activated the second skill which heals 50% hp...

I normally only use TAP or DRAW A LINE crafts. These are the easiest to form combos that will unlock the full potential. 

Draw Line crafts are called 'Pattern of Connection' (e.g. Prayer Jolt Pattern - the one you can exchange from in League battle (600 points) designed for dragon team) -- Diamond shaped. 
Tap to destroy are called 'Spell of Destruction' (e.g. Aggressive Suspire Spell) -- Oval shaped.

[Image: output_W6m_OG0.gif]

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