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[Guide] Dragonic Compulsion System (8.0 Update)
[Image: 2jfmz9y.jpg]

In the latest version of Tower of Saviors (8.0) we had a new and exciting system introduced referred to as the "Dragonic Compulsion" system. This system requires the use of dragonic gems or crafts that can be obtained in various ways in the game. When a player reaches Level 10 they will be given a dragonic craft for free as a reward which can be obtained through the community rewards tab. Existing players can also claim this dragonic craft from the rewards section as well. 

During the update (On 20/01/2015) MadHead also introduced an additional method in order to obtain two (2) additional crafts given through the purchase of 6 or more diamonds. This is not a permanent bonus. Other ways to obtain dragonic crafts will include, but not limited to;
  • Achievements
  • Guild missions
  • Weekly promotions by MadHead
  • Purchase rewards
  • In-game battles
To view related videos and tutorials based on this new system please check out Appendix A at the bottom.

[Image: 2j5nggm.jpg]

To view your available dragonic crafts you can select the "Craft gearbox" from your bag.

[Image: 2yvmnn8.jpg]

When you enter your gearbox you will see a list of the dragonic pieces that you have obtained.

[Image: 34oew5y.jpg]

From here you can see that dragonic crafts are ranked in terms of rarity. The dragonic crafts with one (1) diamond located in the bottom left corner shows that it is more common and only contains one (1) effect. The more diamonds located in the lower left corner the greater the dragonic craft is (as well as the effects that it posses when equipped to the leader).

These diamonds also reflect how many affects the craft contains when equipped to your main character. 

For example:
1 diamond effect - Team Attack increases by 10% for 1 Round (Name of Craft: Vague Pique Pattern)
2 diamond effect - 50% of total HP will be recovered for 1 Round + Team Attack Increases by 20% for 1 Round (Name of Craft: Aggressive Shrewd Seal)

It is important to understand that these effects will only apply to the LEADER of your team who has this dragonic craft equipped to them. The other dragonic crafts that you equip to other team members will only help in obtaining CHARGERS to your compulsion meter during gameplay.

For instance.
[Image: 250uwis.jpg]
Heph has equipped: Aggressive Shrewd Seal (This will mean I have 2 effects on my team - 50% recovery of HP and 20% Attack for 1 Round) - In addition I can obtain charges by: Launching Attacks
Medea has equipped: Vague Pique Pattern (Since Medea is not the leader the skill will not apply - however she can help gain charges by "Dissolving runestones of any attribute".)
Achilles has equipped: Vague Pique Pattern (same as Medea)
Fire DS has equipped: Vague Pique Seal (Same effect as Medea)

Question: Whats the difference between a Seal and Pattern?

You may notice that some of the crafts have different shapes for a reason. They indicate the type of process required in order to gain a charge. For instance the Pattern is based on "dissolving 3 or more runestones of any attribute".  A seal looks at transposition points - meaning the ability to move and exchange a runes position.

[Image: jqrtx3.jpg]
[Image: 33vkhnn.jpg]

[Image: 2dmioeo.jpg]

Before entering a battle you need to edit your team. When you observe your team you will be able to swipe your hand (to the right) to change the setup menu. 

[Image: 14pjpz.jpg]

From here you can click on each box to select which dragonic craft you wish to equip onto your leader (plus team members). By clicking on the "Charge" button you will obtain information on how you can charge your compulsion meter in game. As shown below.

[Image: 22ht7p.jpg]

You can also check what effect your compulsion meter will have when activated (this is based on what dragonic craft you have equipped to your leader). As shown below.

[Image: 21erhqc.jpg]

[Image: 2rnx30p.jpg]

When selecting your ally be sure to check whether or not they have any dragonic pieces equipped. This applies to your account too. Click on your avatar on the main screen and select "Craft" and choose the dragonic piece you wish for others to use when they decide to use your summoner as their ally in game.

[Image: 359ix4k.jpg]

Once you enter the battle you will now see a new icon appear on the bottom left of the battle screen (as shown below).

[Image: 1zywi77.jpg]

In order to fill this compulsion meter you will need to achieve the tasks required for each individual dragonic craft (as explained above). Once you have successfully charged the compulsion meter it will appear to glow red and sparkle (as shown below).

[Image: 29q134x.jpg]

If you wish to check the status of your compulsion meter you can tap and hold the icon (whilst not dissolving any runestones) to check what effects you have achieved and what you need to do in order to charge your compulsion meter further (as shown below). 

[Image: 2mipte.jpg]

It is important to understand that once the meter is full you are not obliged to use it straight away. You can choose when to use it. So saving it for the boss can be useful. There is indeed a limit (confirmed by: ralfhero & agatio). You can only use the compulsion system twice (2) during a battle. Therefore during transmigration you may only use your compulsion system twice (upon charging successfully). 

Question: So how do you activate it you ask? 
Pretty easy. Let me explain below.

Once you move some runes to start dissolving the icon will glow (as shown below).

[Image: 29q0go5.jpg]

At this point, and only at this point, can you now tap the icon to activate the compulsion system. Once all runestones dissolve (this includes the ones you have selected plus any skyfalls that occur naturally) the new compulsion dissolving screen will appear (also joked around as the "Candy Crush") - as shown below.

[Image: 314tueg.jpg]

You will be given less than 10 seconds to try and dissolve as many possible runes. However the moving mechanics are not the same that you have grown accustomed to. In fact you can only move ONE rune at a time in order to cause a dissolution. 

The normal rules apply - you must have at least 3 runes of a specific color for it to dissolve successfully. This is a time battle. The idea is to try and dissolve as many as possible within the given time frame. 

However damage is calculated a little differently (big thanks to agnesi for the next few points and confirmations). It is important to understand that the runestones you dissolve during the compulsion phase are NOT added to your existing dissolves and combos. If you look at the screenshot below you will notice in the top left corner contains your "score". This is what will be considered when adding additional attack power to your next turn. 

Current attack power calculation:
5000 or lower score: 1000 combo score = +0.1% damage (i.e. for every 1000 in your score an additional factor of 0.1 will be added to your total damage output). 
Higher than 5000 score: Once you move past 5000, the bonus is quartered and changes to +0.025%/1000 points (down from +0.1%/1000 (Credits to Fro)).

When your combo meter (top right corner) increases you will notice that during the battle the three (3) bars in the middle of the screen (circled in red) will start to light up or fill up. Each bar that is successfully filled will represent the activation of the skills assigned to your dragonic craft (on your leader). 

For instance: 
1 bar will mean your first skill will be activated: 50% HP recovered for 1 turn*
2 bars will mean that your first and second skill will be activated: 50% HP recovered and 20% team attack for 1 turn*
3 bars will mean that your first, second and third skill will be activated. 
*This is based on using the Aggressive Shrewd Seal Dragonic Craft (which gives only 2 effect bonuses, described above).

Question: What about when you use a PR starter (i.e. PR Sean for example)? 
Unfortunately when you activate a Power Released Starter card the dragonic compulsion meter vanishes during the extend rune time. Meaning you cannot use the dragonic compulsion system inconjunction with a PR starters active ability. 

Question: What does it mean by 2000 or 4500 point requirement when I view the dragonic compulsion icon in battle?
It represents how much you need to obtain in your score (during the mini-game that opens when DC is activated). So in order to activate your first effect you need to obtain 2000 points on your score board to achieve the first skill effect (which in turn will fill up one of the bars in the top). 

[Image: 2vwh9w1.jpg]

If any of this information is inaccurate or additional findings have been discovered please let us all know. I am happy to include your information within this post and give credit where needed. 

Update Log
1.1 - Information updated accordingly concerning compulsion phase. 
1.2 - Calculation for combos updated.

Appendix A
- A video tutorial by VVV in English. This video does a really good job at explaining a lot of the basic mechanics and the benefits of the new system. Highly recommended.

- Video demonstrating Dragonic Compulsion System.

Important note: During this video none of the compulsion skill bars were lit up (or filled). As a result no additional skills were activated.

The calculation by agnesi confirms this as:
Hep has 56,166 in pure rune damage, and ends up with 453,687 damage at the end.

Thus: 56166*(1+3.75)*(1.1^4)*(1.1615) = 453,687
Which includes the Combo Score, Ameliorations, and dragonic compulsion (combo score only). No extra damage from rune dissolves, and no 20% team attack increase.

The Chinese also offered their explanation to the dragonic compulsion system which can be viewed in the video below:

Excellent work!
Figured most of it by myself aside from only leader gem active and meanng of Madheads 'complusion' Smile

Wrong section. Mod please move this. This should warrant a place to be in the best guide section Smile
How MH looks at Blitz:
[Image: jR8RQEx.jpg]
I think the amount of times you can use the system is according to the level of your sphere, I've only able to use twice in transmigration. Anyone able to confirm the same thing?
[Image: h6JG8v3.gif]
[Image: yH7e6Pb.png]
I thank the dark lord for all the dark cards, i just hate him for trolling me with daji -_-

Dark mono guideCLICK HERE
Success as F2P CLICK HERE
Good guide, thank you!

What is the meaning of the 2000/4500 points required for Compulsion Skill I and II? I watched your video but you only had a score of 1615 so I assume they are not related?

I already found a bug when activating the compulsion system, it just hangs doing nothing, all effect animations and the music are still working but it's not progressing to the compulsion screen.

Edit: A force reset and restart of TOS helped, was worried I would have lost my transmigration soulstones..

(01-20-2015, 05:35 AM)ralfhero Wrote: I think the amount of times you can use the system is according to the level of your sphere, I've only able to use twice in transmigration. Anyone able to confirm the same thing?

Just noticed that as well, so that's the meaning of the Combustions counter when you check the status, it just tells you how many you've left. I could only do 2 combustions and I was using three sphere of myself and one of my ally.
Actually, there's a fair amount of this (esp. damage calculation) that's incorrect. I realized this after checking your video for how the damage calculations work for this.

It turns out that Madhead has put up a video (in Chinese) explaining how DC works:

Important points:
1) Runes dissolved through DC don't calculate into rune damage. Rune damage and combo damage are both calculated the same as usual.
2) After DC is activated, the final combo score (top left) becomes an extra multiplier. 1000 combo score = +0.1x damage.
3) With a high enough DC combo score, the three bar meter (top center) fills up yellow. Each bar represents one skill. The skill will be applied if and only if that bar is lit.

TL;DR you shouldn't DC out your attribute runes, because that'll screw you over. Better to DC out other colors, so you have a good board next turn.

If you want, you can confirm it with your own video:
Hep has 56166 in pure rune damage, and ends up with 453687 damage at the end.
That's Combo Score, Ameliorations, and DC. No extra damage from rune dissolves, and no 20% team attack increase.
ID: 40 944 239  
Allies (All/Dbl Max): Darkness, Aqua, Kurama
Other Frequently Used Leaders (All/Dbl Max): Lucy, Mellow, VR Greek (FELDW), Hiei, Azathoth, Daoloth, PR Haza, etc.
5. Added New System “Dragonic Compulsion”
- New battle system “Dragonary Crafts”, Summoners can obtain new powers by equipping “Dragonary Crafts” onto your characters.
- “Dragonary Crafts” was considered as an equipment item, Summoners can freely equip and remove it from your monsters.
- Different “Dragonary Crafts” holds different “Dragonic Compulsion” power.
- After “Dragonary Craft” was equipped, “Graft Apparatus” will appear on the top right in the battle interface.
- “Craft Apparatus” will be fully charged when specified conditions of the “Dragonary Craft” has been completed. “Craft Apparatus” charges faster if more “Dragonary Craft”  of the same kind are equipped.
- After “Craft Apparatus” has been fully charged, Summoners can launch “Dragonic Compulsion” by pressing on the “Craft Apparatus” icon located on the top right.
- “Dragonic Compulsion” can only be launched twice in every battle.

I'm from Spain, so excuse my language mistakes, "beaches" Big Grin

[Image: giphy.gif]

ID 65664166
(01-20-2015, 02:47 AM)austzorro Wrote: In addition there is no limit as to how many times you can use the effect of your compulsion during a battle. If you are in a transmigration stage you may end up using your compulsion system several times at different points in order to help progress you further. Just remember each time the compulsion system is activated, you will need to recharge it again.

Odd. I've brought it into two battles and in both cases after I activated DC on a miniboss, it never recharged. One of the battles was transmigration, so it had plenty of opportunities to recharge. The icon turned grey and became unclickable.
Previously abra kadabra, but ate some shit and evolved.
(01-20-2015, 07:34 AM)alakazam Wrote: Odd. I've brought it into two battles and in both cases after I activated DC on a miniboss, it never recharged. One of the battles was transmigration, so it had plenty of opportunities to recharge. The icon turned grey and became unclickable.

Same here 

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