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[Guide] Crash Course
Woa this guide is good!!!

Very good guide, this will set the bar for new guide very high up.

Can tell that you have put in a lot of effort into writing the guide, alot of research has been done.

Perhaps another common thing to add is card draws (weekly event etc)

Transmigration etc.


request for sticky

[Image: KrgV7X.gif]
Stamina and team cost increased by 1 every 2 levels until level 200.

Borrowing allies is due to reason A. When you complete a battle, you are also relogged into the server to send battle results.

If you can read Chinese, I can send you a link which has even more detailed breakdown of how many diamonds you can get and other newbie info. Heck, I'll just link it and you can google translate if you want:

Main page that links to most of the other guides:◤新手諮詢◢+-+各種技巧、首抽、觀念
[Image: daedc57b.jpg]
[Image: e20c487d.jpg]

Want to train skill CD? Watch:
Max Pollux Skill CD
Great job! It's awesome.

Just want to add at attribute section. You only deal 50% damage if you attack with weaker attribute.
[Image: 7641bde6.jpg]
Once it generates enough views i will put it up in best guides section

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Elf Deck In Use
Awesome work~.

Can I make a suggestion to make a note that you don't have to immediately add whatever card MH gives you as rewards, such as the Starter and DD draws, as well as PSS, Harpy and MH cards?

I made the mistake of accepting those rewards, which ended up clogging my inventory, as I haven't found a good use for the three Harpies I have in my inventory right now, when those three slots could've been more useable cards or EXP fodder.
Great job!!! honestly!!! its very detailed and nice breakdown on really many impt infos!!!

Great job and keep up the good work!!! this is really a taxing piece of art. :]
* vVv *

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Nd Elizebeth, Belle, Dual Sirius Allies; add me @ 5808544 :]
Great job on this guide!
Wish it was made when I was a noobie...
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Sliming all penguins into the slime side.

Oh, and I'm faboo

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