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[Guide] Crash Course
This guide was intended as something like a complete walkthrough for new players.
Unfortunately there is way too much information and variety to this game in order for me to grasp it efficiently.
Additionally I have to add that my own knowledge wouldn't be sufficient enough either, in order to make it whole or "perfect".

Please note that I made this guide with the help of other/older threads. Back when I started on this project I didn't bother to copy paste each username or thread-url in order to give them credit, which obviously enough was a mistake.
Hopefully mentioning it here will make somewhat up for it, since going to this thread-chaos again would be too big of a nightmare.
A thank you to all you members who helped each other in the past, from whom I "borrowed" their work Wink, and of course you who are still helping each other out, including a special thanks to [SG] Neried for contributing actively that much material to this thread.

I am "finished" with this guide, if you want to contribute a section of it feel free to write me a PM or leave a comment with the content, you will be given credit with my colouring-technique.

I just realized that I have to thank ralfhero more than anybody else, for taking a lot of his time in order to tutor my noobish ass. He answered a lot of my questions and taught me advanced things, which enabled me to make much faster progress instead of waisting endless stamina, time and energy on inefficient gameplay.

Respect to Nitecat for being in this forum as much as he is, taking care of it while answering all my stupid suggestions and questions.  

Hopefully I didn't forget anybody ~ that is all, thank you.

1. Basics

1.1 Stamina
1.2 Diamonds
1.3 Coins
1.4 World
       1.5 Events
       1.6 Attributes
1.7 Evolution
1.8 Resetting
1.x Additional general information
1.x Guides

2. Dynamic aspects

2.1 Battles
2.2 Evolution Materials
2.3 Seal Draws
2.4 Friend Points/Seals

3. Tactical aspects

3.1 Farming
3.2 Races
3.3 Team building
3.4 Leveling
       3.5 Skilling
3.6 Bosses / Special Bosses
3.7 Unclear Actives/Passives


1. Basics

1.1 Stamina

Stamina is energy you use in order to battle.
You can restore your stamina instantly with a character level up or using a diamond, which fully regenerates in both scenarios.  

Player's level affects your stamina pool limit and the team cost.
Team cost is representing your character's "power" that he/she has for putting monsters in the team - the more teamcost the more and  stronger monsters you can have in each of your teams.

Stamina and team cost increase by one, every two levels - until level 200.

1.2 Diamonds

Diamonds can be used in many ways :

- You can draw a Seal Card for five diamonds, you can either draw silver, gold (rare) or platin (super rare).
- Refill your stamina.
- Expand inventory : five slots, each.
- Expand Friend List : five slots, each.
- Revive instantly in a battle.

Reviving yourself during a battle means that the HP of that certain enemy/enemies (including final boss) will stay the same as when you died. You will will receive full HP.

Note :
- Revive yourself just in very important/rare battles.
Special events will make battles extra difficult, due to having a very rare boss card at the end of it.
- Beginners, especially F2P (Free To Play), should save as much of their diamonds up as possible.
It is not recommended to waste them on continuing regular battles or filling up stamina – at least not until the mid-lategame.

You can get diamonds in the game if you :

1) Complete a whole island for the first time, each time you pass it through. (Since you are progressing in a circle).
2) Unleash a seal in the tower.
3) Clear events/special events all the way up to master, incuding clearing Soulmaster Stages*.
4) Sometimes Madhead rewards players for special ocassions/celebrations or holidays.
5) Log in consecutively for "x" amount of days, or leveling your account.
5) ... are "lucky" enough to encounter a serious bug/server failure with the rest of the community, aka compensation.

--- ---

Due to additional input we will be adding more information regarding the connection of diamonds and your account level/login days.

[Image: jop.gif]

When players reach Level 20, there's a chance to draw a seal card of a main character ranging from 2 * to 5 *.
When players reach Level 40, there's a chance to draw a seal card of a defensing dragon ranging from 3 * to 5 *.
When players reach level 60, they are rewarded with a Dark Prime Soulstone (6*).
When players reach level 80, they are rewarded with a Harpy.

1.3 Coins

You get coins for clearing a battle, selling monsters or as a random login bonus reward form Madhead.
Coins are used for leveling up and evolving monsters.

Important detail for beginners :

"The Greedy Day" and "The Golden Day" are two events on saturday and sunday. Those special weekly events can be found in "The Lost Relic" section of the game.
They are providing lots of EXP and especially a lot of coins if the player is able to beat the stage.

1.4 World

[Image: huch14.jpg]

1.5 Events

I will be referring to regular battles with a bonus as "daily battle events" :

Daily battle events provide players with three possible bonuses, each day one island and even the tower on saturday :

- Gain 200% Exp
- Chance of Seal Card drop +100%
- Stamina used -50%

Take note that each "difficulty-level/circle" of that specific island gets each of those three bonuses randomly, meaning that it changes every week, might be good or bad - depending on what you prefer.

Players are provided simultaneously with  "special battles" in the "Lost Relic" area :

Monday : Collection of Elements
Tueday : Sword's Descent Day
Wednesday : The Hunting Day
Thursay : Gem Searching Day
Friday : Day of Elements
Saturday : The Greedy Day, former "Chaotic Day" + Day of Dark Elements.
Sunday : The Golden Day , former "Holy Day".

Instant battles (same link as for special battles) are another daily addition to the player's daily life. :

Instant battles are in synchronization with the daily battles.
Example : If it is Monday and we are having bonus on the blue island (water), instant battles will have the same attribute - water.

Be aware that instant battles are different!
Players are hunting exclusively "Soulstones" there.
The purpose of Soulstones is to be sacrificed for monsters of your choice, preferable both should have the same attribute/colour.

- Each instant battle takes place twice each day, each time just for an hour.
- Those two hours are completely random for every player, each day.
- Six hours is the fixed gap between them, earliest time they can start is 10 AM and the latest is 9 PM.

Resulting in :

10AM + 4PM / 11AM + 5PM / 12PM + 6PM / [...] 3PM + 9PM.

If you want to know when your instant battle/s are taking place, go to the cogwheel in the right upper corner of your screen and tap on "Announcement".

Note: You get one diamond after clearing such stages, one time only.

Infinite Transmigration , 50 - for free, each day.
Once you get good enough you will be able to farm additional Soulstones, of quite good quality, there.

Soulmaster stages, are important and rare events, having no apprentice, elite or master level - costing each time 50 stamina and lasting just one day.

Madhead is announcing them beforehand, note that the boss is dropping 100% as a card.
Those stages are coming back, after going through some kind of rotation with the rest of the other events.
Therefore you might have to wait a few weeks/months before you can have another try on a specific boss.

Note :
Soulmaster is meant for advanced players.
Even those players have to invest sometimes diamonds in order to continue SM-battles.

"Flying dinosaur" on the right, in the picture called "12 Zodiacs" in the game "The Traveler's Memories".

12 Zodiacs :

Beating the third seal will unlock this stage for you.

First of all, the very special aspect of this area is that you are getting so called "Astropieces",if you manage to collect them during the battle and survive it until the end.
Each boss has his/her own Astropieces, because of that you can't use them on another stage, even if it has the same attribute.

After you collected ten Astropieces at one stage, and after clearing the master level difficulty, you gain access to an extra stage.
The awesome part of that extra stage, or Zodiac in general, is that you aren't waisting any stamina if you chose to play it, because you are paying ten Astropieces for each battle instead of your stamina.

1.6 Attributes

[Image: combo1part2.gif]

1.7 Evolution

Evolution is a key part of this game. That process makes your monsters stronger, enables them to get more HP (hit points/health points) and to inflict more DMG (damage) to the enemy.

There are four criterion for monsters to evolve :
  1. The monster isn't already fully evolved / has an additional phase left.
  2. The monster has reached its max. level at its current phase.
  3. The player has enough coins in order to evolve the card.
  4. The player has all the specific needed evolution-materials for the card.
Those materials can be farmed from events and regular battles.

I would suggest saving each evolution-ingredient one or two times in your inventory.
You might not need them at that moment, however it is likely that those will be necessary in the future, especially in the beginning where you are drawing random cards of random rarity.
If you sell everything, because of obvious lack of space, it can become very expensive (stamina) and exhausting to get one or more of those cards again.
Therefore spending some diamonds for the purpose of expanding the inventory is not a waste in my opinion.

Players don't have to immediately add whatever card/s MH(Madhead) is giving them as a reward, such as the Starters, DD-draws, as well as PSS (Prime Soulstones), Harpy or Madhead monster cards.

Note :
Don't forget to bookmark your important monsters and evolution materials!
That way they will be protected from being sacrificed, due to some mistake.
The whole process of leveling your cards will benefit from this too, since bookmarked cards are blended out and therefore sacrificing is clearly arranged!

1.8 Resetting

Players can keep on resetting the game, on their devices, until they get a starting card they like.
In order to reset you will have to delete the game and reinstall it, or just simply throw the save file out of your mobile phone.
You can play either over IOS or Android, IOS has the option of cutting the save file out of the phone, with the help of a PC and the software "iFunbox". That basically makes deleting and reinstalling unnecessary, however you have to go through that annoyingly long tutorial anyway - but hey, it's something - right?
Android users can delete their save file if they go into their mobile options, to the applications management and clear/delete the cache. Not sure if there is a shortcut with Android devices.

If you have an account which you want to keep, bind it with facebook or twitter, even if you delete the game now you will able to recover it at the login, with your account details.

1.x Additional general information

- English TOS Wiki :
- Chinese TOS Wiki :
- Signatures : or
- TOS Facebook :
- FAQ for Beginners :
- Gallery :

1.x Guides

- Useful guide :
- Guide for all newbies :
- Guide to skill leveling :
- Guide to full gallery :
- Guide to max skill Gemini, CD5 Defense, Offense Mode and non-farmable cards :
- Calcuation of damages :
- Evolution Guide :
- Tips / Guide / Video / Links / Team Effects / Others :
--- --- ---
- Guide For Light Mono Decks :
- Guide For Dark Mono Decks :
- All Possible Pure Dragon Deck Combinations & Strategy Guide :
- Top Five Dragon Decks And How To Use Them :
--- --- ---
- The Return Of Evil Lord :
- Diablo The Lord of Terror  :
- Dragon Grand Master Guide :
- Ancient Dragon- Dark Grandmaster walkthrough :
- Guide for The Buffoon Master Stage :

please contact me if you find another guide/want your guide featured too ~ I am trying to make this as complete as possible, however due to the general overload I might have overseen much, thanks!

2. Dynamic aspects

2.1 Battles

The main battles are the core battles of this game.
Players must successfully go through each floor in order to unlock the next one. After unlocking a main battle, there will always be an option to replay it.

Seal Drops :

Let's start with regular enemies.
Sometimes they drop as cards, those so called "seal drops" are predetermined by the server - even before you enter the battle, or rather while you are connecting to it. That is why you don’t have to bother with the order of killing your enemies, instead adjust your priority to their dmg-output and skills.

Targeting :

You can do that with priority targeting. Target a specific enemy while you tap it.
If you want to get fancy touch and drag your finger accross the enemies, dont lift your finger until you're done - now you gave them a priority-sequence, noticeable by numbers.
Bonus hint : If you encounter an enemy/boss with a strange symbol or ability, just hold your finger on it until a text appears, it will explain his status/special skill.

Defence :
Every Enemy has a fixed defence number.
If you make more damage then his defence, your damage will go through, the player himself has no defence.

Ally/s :

Your borrowed Ally has to become your friend first, before his/her passive skill is activated for you and your team - otherwise you will  just able to use their active skill.

A] If you use friend A as an ally for a quest, you will not be able to use friend A until the next time friend A logs in. Your ally will be added back into your list of usable allies after he goes online.
"Borrowing allies is due to reason A. When you complete a battle, you are also relogged into the server to send battle results"

Recovery (rcr) :

For recovery, matching three heart runes will heal the amount of recovery your team has, which you can check from the team section of the menu. Extra heart runes connected to the chain of 3 gives you +25%, then it adds the combo boost. Extra chains of 3 give you +100%.

Combos :

Combos are increasing your damage output, the exact %-value can be seen in the right corner of your screen, while the runes/stones are dissolving.

2x three stones does more damage than five or six runes at once.
Especially if you have Daji, since she increases combo damage even further. Cards like PKoE (Paladin King of Earth) only multiplie (250%) if you combine less than five stones together = single attack.Sometimes matching five or more is wise, since it can give you a higher chance of additional random combos from above, or at least provide you with stones that you can actually use.

3 runes x 2 [VS] 6 runes together :

3 runes gives you 100% damage
4 runes gives you 125% damage
5 runes gives you 150% damage
6 runes gives you 175% damage

Six runes together gives you 175% damage, with the same number of runes you can make two set of three runes => 100% + 100% = 200%.
Beware : You make more damage, but you attack only one enemy.
Six runes give you less damage, but you attack more enemies at the same time.

Special case : Enchanted runes :

You'll have to combo 5+ runestones in order to get one enchanted runestone.
Those give you more attack per rune, to be specific 15% more damage.

3 runes = 100%
3 enchanted runes = 145% damage
3 runes + 1 enchanted = 140% damage (100% + 25% + 15%)
2 runes + 1 enchanted = 115% damage.

Enchanted stones will only affect its own attribute/colour, not other.

Critical Damage :

Seems like there is no special sound/s or visual, just spikes in damage (200%).

2.2 Evolution Materials

If you take a look back at the world map above, or just click here, you will see all those listings at the left and right side.

Each listing represents an island, the tower is included as an exception at the left upper corner.
Each row stands for an avaible stage of difficulty, meaning that the higher you go up the more of a pain it gets to survive/kill your enemies ~ on the other hand evolution materials and seal drops gain on quality too, making it an attractive farming spot for players - especially when a daily battle is taking place at an island you need.
Understand that each of those difficulties has its exclusive monster/s and evolution material/s which appear and drop randomly there.
It is important to understand that stage two isn't including things from stage one - stage four isn't including all those other things from stage one to three. Every row/difficulty is seperated and has its very own and exclusive drops, if you want a specific drop you have to farm at the accordant stage!

Let me give you a short and basic overview over the structure of evolutionary materials, the good thing about this whole story is that you can't evolve evolutionary material and that each has a max. of three stages/forms - which makes this whole story a lot simpler.
(Only their active skills can be leveled up. One should not have any of these inside your deck, unless you are trying a special deck.)

[Image: combo2.gif]

Special cases are the twelve Zodiac bosses and monsters called "Fiends", the right upper corner shows a Zodiac boss, beneath it is a Fiend. Zodiacs are special since they require special evolution materials which can only be found in the 12 Zodiac stage, aka flying dinosaur.

That blue lady belongs to the family of Astralists. Those can be encountered and dropped at their respectively attribute/colour stages, in this case you could find "The Water Astralist" in every Zodiac water stage.

The Fortune Teller,  golden lady from the picture, is a special card. It is very rare, much rarer than the Astralists - and can be found at every Zodiac stage, no matter the attribue/colour.

--- --- ---

Those dark "clowns" are special evolution materials for Fiends, they appear just once a week - every saturday, in the Lost Relic ~ aka flying castle on the left.
It's an event, it's active the whole saturday called Day of Dark Elements.
If you are still confused about this whole story, please look at following links :

- The map is displaying the daily location of every farmable mob/evolution material in this game.
- Special battles are additional chances to farm a material which might not be in your reach yet, or too hard for you to get on normal stages - since the mobs are much easier to kill at those special battles, at least that is my opinion.
Every day has a special battle, go up to "Events" if you missed their time of appearance.
- Lastly, if you need an overview, just go here, the English Wiki is outdated, however it will serve fine with basic things like evolutionary materials.

2.3 Seal Draws

Five diamonds allow you to draw one card from the "fancy dragon".

Possible outcomes  

★3 : Silver
★4 : Gold [Rare]
★5 : Platin [Super rare]
It would be important to add that there is an additional level after platin, called :
★6 : Legendary

Legendary cards are the highest tier in this game, mostly players get lucky and draw platin.
After leveling up the platin card to its max. level they evolve it into a legendary card.

Other methods of obtaining legendary cards are special events, feel free to inform yourself about all existing legendary cards and events.

Another important thing you should know is that stats are the same.
That means that if you get a silver card and evolve it two times to a super rare (platin), it will have the same stats as one that was drawn from another player as super rare from the beginning.
However you might have one advantage! The thing is, the more you play with a card (completing quest with it) the lower the CD(cool down) for its active skill gets.
So if you started at a 3-star card (silver), for example a random beast,  and you used it constanly in quests, it will have a lower CD than say a fresh 5-star version of the same card.

2.4 Friend Points/Seals

You can add people to your friendlist, or they can add you - over your account numbers, aka ID (Identity).
If the ally that you choose happens to be your friend you will get +10 friend points, just once a day for each friend.
If you stumble across a random stranger and use his monster, it will provide you with +5 friend points, once a day too.

In case you wonder what the point of those points is (pun intended) :

After getting at least 200 points you are able to draw a card, from the "not fancy dragon".
You are asking me what the drops are?
Mostly useless cards, however sometimes you might get something you want or need, more about that topic can be found here.

3. Tactical aspects

3.1 Farming

Farming, is usually the most efficient way of gathering XP/XP for cards. Let us look into some of these spots.


[End-game players]
6th seal stages, on 100% exp bonus is the best way to farm EXP. 17 stamina gives about ~3k worth of exp, compared to the zodiac stages which give 1500 exp for 15 stamina.

[Mid-game players]
Zodiac stages. Many players love to use Zodiac stages in order to farm because it is giving a nice amount of exp, while providing a solid amount of food for your card/s.

[Starter to mid-game]
Greedy Day/Golden Day.
The exp garnered from these stages is so good that your level will shoot up faster...

Despite the map, I will point out possible bosses that can actually drop as seal cards :

- Morai Sisters :
Each one of them at her respective island and stage : 2-2, 4-2 and 5-2, they might be drawn for five diamonds.

- Paladin :
Each one of them at his respective island and stage : 2-1, 4-1, 5-1, they can't be drawn for five diamonds.

- DD-Dragons (defense dragons) :
Each one of them at its respective island and stage : 2-5,4-5, 5-5, they are basically always the endbosses and can be drawn for five diamonds.

- Beasts :
Each one of them at its respective island and stage, they can be drawn for five diamonds.
"Might want to elaborate that Beasts in section 3.1 = CN beasts, I'm pretty sure the greek boss beasts don't drop."

Note :
All those cards will always drop at their lowest form of evolution, meaning silver.

Witches :

Farming witches & elves after the third seal, is going to go like :

Grass witch @ The Burning Metal / Water witch @ The Wild Plague
/ Dark witch @ The Bright Guidance / Light witch @ The Nightmare

Let me share some strategies with you :

1] Feed elf with 1 wolf.
2] Feed two of those elves to witch.
4] Feed it to your card.
1] Feed witch with five salamanders.
2] Feed it to your main card.
1] Feed one wolf to another wolf.
2] Feed two of those to witch.
3] Feed it to your main card.

The most efficient level of a witch seems to be between 11 and 13.

A popular question is : -50% Stamina or +100% Drop Seal?

+100% Drop is giving the player double the chance of getting a drop per wave, including those bosses from above.
Sounds probably better than it is, since Valkyrie's might be something like 1%, means that it goes up to 2%.
On the other hand you will most likely see more consistent drops from the normal monsters.

-50% Stamina means that you can run a battle two times and have two shots at collecting her as well as the other monsters at that stage.
You will also get double the exp as you do the level two times for the cost of one.
Most players prefer the -50% as it makes more runs possible, thus giving more opportunity for drops.

Slimes :  

★1 Slimes can be found in the respective islands 1st level.
★2 Slimes can only be occasionally found in special events.

Can be farmed at the islands, after the player destroyes the 5th seal, and occassionally in the ancient relic special battles(?).
Alternatively You can try to evolve the baby slimes that are farmable on The First and Second Seal.


The Sixth Seal takes too much stamina and the drop rate is too low.
Do it on the 100% seal card drop bonus on The First Seal.
You get more slimes then you can evolve, so if you feed them to each other then the slime gets to skill level 2-3 and then you get bigger jumps when you feed it to your main card.

Zodiac :

Level the fractured guardians to 15 (max. level) and  then evolve them.
Feed it to your card of interest.
There is bonus exp when you feed these guardians to zodiac cards hence the double ^ symbol. It gives 50K+(?) exp each.

Starters :

Their general droprate is pretty low.
So low that most people will consider getting them only through friend seals.

3.2 Races

There are only six races.

Gods, Fiends, Humans, Beasts, Dragons & Elves.

Gods :

+ Have great and balanced stats.
+ Start to gain more stats per level after LV70
0 Usually, 3 to 4m+ EXP is needed to max. out a god.
0 They are mostly starters of a mono deck.

Zodiac bosses as examples of gods :

- Virgo
- Leo
- Cancer
- Gemini
- Taurus
- Poppy
- Pisces
- Carrie
- Domon
- Hertz
- Scorpio
- Luna , has an interesting ability ~ combining those two fractions.

Fiends :

+ High ATK/DMG
+ Interesting/good skills, (e.g. Achilles's skill of turning your enemy into earth, and giving your damage a 2.2x multiplier. Fire Monos, rejoice!)
0 Decent RCR
0 Behaviour of stats while leveling is unknown at this point.
- Low HP

- Charon
- Beowulf
- Hong Yue
- Faust
- Achilles
- Blair
- Felix
- Diarmuid
- Lu Bu
- Xi
- Minamoto

Humans :

+ Balanced stats
0 Stat gain per level is constant

The best human cards in the game are of course, the three Enchantresses.
Sadly, there is no 250%/200% damage multiplier cards for humans, with the exception of PKOE/Earth paladuck/Hertz, which are universal damage multipliers.

Example for a human team would be Paladin.

- Need "a lot" of EXP.
- Paladin are much better than beasts in terms of RCR, HP, DMG.
- You have to reach level 80 to get the 50 party cost necessary to run five 5* paladin (10 cost each).
- Paladin team got an additional passive bonus-chance to crit (200%).
- With two Light Paladin as leader/ally their health can reach 80k, beast would be around 90-100k(?).
- Two PKOEs as leader/ally would provide another interesting setup, since it would provide a very high bonus damage, if played correctly.

Beasts :

+ High HP
0 Decent ATK
0 Decent RCR (kinda)

With the exception of Greek beasts, such as Griffin, Medusa, etc.
Their stat-gain from lvl 1 to 70ish is exponentially good.
After that their stat-gains decrease.
It's kinda like a reverse god stat-gain.
They are mostly quite easy to max, with again the exception of the Greek beasts, normal beasts take around 2.5m EXP to max, Greek beasts around 3m EXP.

Beats are fantastic starters, can be used from the First Seal all the way until the Fifth Seal.
Great Schema of Fire (GSOF) is one of many ways to beat the 5th seal boss.

Dragons :

+ High HP
+ High ATK
- Low RCR

When paired with the Dragon Disciples, they become extremely efficient and powerful beasts.
Check out Nitecats' guide for a more comprehensive look into Dragons.

Elves :

+ High RCR
+ Great active skills
0 Decent ATK
- Low HP

Combining elves with Diablo makes them seriously powerful.

Some elves, such as the Gluttonous Slime, go well with beast teams.
They form a mono heart deck, which can beat some extra stages and even some GM (grandmaster) stages.

3.3 Team building

[Image: combo3part3.gif]

3.4 Leveling

Leveling includes Soulstones, statues, Madheads and Harpies.

Soulstones can be found in Instant battles, Transmigiration and rarely in Zodiac EX battles.

Statues are gained from zodiac battles, EX included, each statue requires two small Soulstones in order to evolve.

Madheads, when used during leveling give a 100% chance to get a perfect (=200% EXP).
It is recommended to use it with four Prime Soulstones of the same attribute/colour, resulting in 1.2m EXP.
Cards with another attribute receive just 800k.

Prime Soulstones are the legendary version of the Soulstones, note that just a dark and light version exists.
Obviously enough those are very rare, mostly part of special events or rewards.

Soulstones :

+ Fastest way to level your cards up.
- Nearly no exp or coins.
- Costs a lot of stamina.
- RNG can make runs a total waste of stamina, not going to touch those ducks.

General attribute bonus

Exp. given is multiplied by 1,5. This means that for example a Great Aqua Soulstone gives Great Schema of Aqua 45000exp instead of 30000exp which a Great Soulstone of another attribute would have given!
It does not matter what combination of monsters, or attributes, you used in order to sacrifice them for a level up.
Those resulting "Great"(100%), "Brilliant"(150%) or "Perfect"(200%) effects are random.

I suggest leveling your team depending on the bonus day.
It might be wise to max. level a card before you switch to the next one.
Can't be made a rule, since each card needs another amount of experience in order to be maxed.

Back in my days I followed the islands and did either -50% stamina or that 100% exp bonus.
The fun part with 100% XP is that it will allow you to chain level up while farming, which basically results in even more farming than with the -50% bonus.
It will be said in the skilling section, however the main point is to collect witches and elves.
The next step is to search and get cards from the same attribut/colour as them and sacrifice those junk cards to level up your witches and elves.
Junk cards would be something like gnomes, wolves or salamanders.

If you are desperate enough you can sacrifice junk cards of different  attributes to them as well.
Just do yourself a favour and don't throw Great Soulstones (or above) at them.

If you want to speed level up the whole process you can switch to Instant Battles instead, aka hunting for Soulstones, IF you are ready to face those other rather negative side effects.

More about that whole topic can be found here.

3.5 Skilling

Honeymons can be used to level up Verdandi's skill level, clowns can be used to level up Valkyrie's skill level, Crystal Eggs can be used to level up Great Schema of Earth's (or any lower evolutions of it) skill level.
Harpies gives a 100% chance to up your skill level.

A monster can get a skill level up if you :
- ... feed the same kind of monster to it.
- ... the active skill has the same name, the monster doesn't even have to have the same color/attribute as the targeted card.
- ... feed a Harpy to it.

Harpies are never a waste on rune convertors, such as Ao Guang, since they have unique skills which can be otherwise only be level by battles.
Skills like the one from Gemini, is not unique, it can be level by another card, in fact it's called Deeperdark Slime ... so you simply don't use harpies on those cards, it will be a total waste.

More about that shenanigangs can be found here.

3.6 Bosses / Special Bosses

Saruman the Evil Lord

The deck you currently have should be fine.
Chain 5 runes together in oder to kill his minions, then attack Saruman.
If Saruman seems to be regenerating his minions too fast for your comfort : Wait till he has 2 CD, then kill the minions - that way you will have one turn to attack him.

For an easy kill : Get a dragon from the dark/light side as your ally, when Saruman is exposed use the dragon's active for an instant kill.

Sirius Brothers

The deck you are using should be fine.
Attack the two wolves evenly, by chaining 5 runes together when you attack, or by balancing your damage between the two wolves.
Remember that light deals 150% more damage to dark!

To make things easier : Get a dragon from the dark/light side and use its active on the wolf (if you have the dark dragon, use it on the light wolf, vice versa) for a simpler boss battle.

Odin Knight of Remains

The deck you are using should be fine, but it has :
a) ... to be leveled up quite a bit.
b) ... should have RCR to regain ~1000 health every turn.

To damage Odin you have to chain 5 runes together in order to create an enchanted stone.
Then use that enchanted stone in your next chain of runes to damage him.
E.g. I chain 5 fire runes together to get one enchanted fire rune, now if you want to damage Odin you have to chain this enchanted fire rune with other fire runes.

For an easier (you might not be seeing this word anymore after this, haha) time, always chain 5 runes together to attack Odin.
This way, you are guaranteed to have an enchanted rune dropping every time.

If you reaaaaaaaaaaaly cannot beat Odin : Get an Eternal Granter Idun ally with you.
This is an idiot proof strategy because Idun will heal you to max before Odin can damage you, but this will be a extremely and excruciating long grind.

Diablo Lord of Terror

The deck you are using now.. may not be fine, unless it is well leveled.

You will have to regenerate about 5k~ health every two turns(?), otherwise you will have a bad time.

There is really no easy way for Diablo.
Someone players have beaten him using just slimes.

The only easy way I can think of is to get a Sagittarius as an ally and use "Direct Hit" when Diablo changes his type to Earth, nuking him with all your skills at once.


The deck you are using definitely is not fine, unless you are telling me that you are using GSoF as your leader and ally, plus all your team members are beasts.
(If so, I am sorry and will buy you a cup of Starbucks if I ever see you IRL)

This Seal Boss is very special as you need to overheal in order to damage it.
It is the first boss which requires a specific set of cards in order to be dealt with.

There are two ways, both aren't easy

1. Get two Ethereal Dragons as your leader and ally, additionally you must have three Dragon "XXX to heart" converters in your team with maxed out CDs.

2a. Get two GSoF as your leader and ally, plus have four beast cards with the ability to convert "XXX to heart", with max CDs.

b. A slight variation to this deck is to use GSOE + GSOF as leader and ally respectively if you cannot get through the gargoyle at Round 5.
If you are using that tactic it will be good to include a Greedy Elf or Isabell in your team as well.


Well, if you have gotten this far you won't even be needing this guide anymore, by this point you should be able to write your own guides now LOL

Mono teams will be the best way to beat his arse, but you will need the XXX to heart converter, and some good RCR.
You do not have to stall CD for this fight because the round before Lucifer allows you to do so, with the tanky fate sisters.
(Comment from Smof/me : I have no clue what he meant here - might be due to my missing knowledge.)

Beast teams will have trouble here.

There really is no guide for this, so just good luck on getting the five diamonds and the Harpy!
(Don't spend too many diamonds!)

3.7 Unclear Actives/Passives

The best place to inform yourself about that is here.

【Honos reddaturus dignis】:

*Nitecat(SG), *[SG] Neried, *Huat, *Sayokyoku, *aelisk

awesome work so far Smile
for the coin section i would recommend the greedy day and the golden day which appears during weekend (golden day also a good place to gain fast levels)
you can check your timezone by clicking on announcement manually as well

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Excellent work man.

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(English is not my first language, so please forgive me for any grammar mistake.)
Great job so far ^^

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Nice work!

In aus the Sunday battle is called the golden day not the chaotic day. Is it different in other places?

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(11-22-2013, 07:34 AM)MooNChilD Wrote: Nice work!

In aus the Sunday battle is called the golden day not the chaotic day. Is it different in other places?

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In the US the it is also the Golden Day.

But the guide looks cool I like the map, pretty straightforward and gives pretty much what you'll need to get on track Big Grin

I'm wondering, should there be like a little (*) at the Tower of Saviors Wiki in English? To let new people know it's outdated, so the info there might not all be accurate...
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(11-22-2013, 09:03 AM)Alungi Wrote:
(11-22-2013, 07:34 AM)MooNChilD Wrote: Nice work!

In aus the Sunday battle is called the golden day not the chaotic day. Is it different in other places?

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In the US the it is also the Golden Day.

But the guide looks cool I like the map, pretty straightforward and gives pretty much what you'll need to get on track Big Grin

I'm wondering, should there be like a little (*) at the Tower of Saviors Wiki in English? To let new people know it's outdated, so the info there might not all be accurate...

It was basically renamed, chaotic and holy were once their names - did update the guide accordingly. What can I say ~ was/am tired as hell, happens ~ my bad Angel

Edit :

Yeah, good point - I am trying to use just rather small and accurate sections from there - not sure about all those events from their page, since I just saw a couple of them myself.
Might try to become an admin on the Wiki, after finishing this guide, just in order to update it slowly.
Once this is completed i am going to stick this thread up if u guys dont mind

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(11-22-2013, 10:14 AM)Smof Wrote:
(11-22-2013, 09:03 AM)Alungi Wrote:
(11-22-2013, 07:34 AM)MooNChilD Wrote: Nice work!

In aus the Sunday battle is called the golden day not the chaotic day. Is it different in other places?

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In the US the it is also the Golden Day.

But the guide looks cool I like the map, pretty straightforward and gives pretty much what you'll need to get on track Big Grin

I'm wondering, should there be like a little (*) at the Tower of Saviors Wiki in English? To let new people know it's outdated, so the info there might not all be accurate...

It was basically renamed, chaotic and holy were once their names - did update the guide accordingly. What can I say ~ was/am tired as hell, happens ~ my bad Angel

Edit :

Yeah, good point - I am trying to use just rather small and accurate sections from there - not sure about all those events from their page, since I just saw a couple of them myself.
Might try to become an admin on the Wiki, after finishing this guide, just in order to update it slowly.

That would be awesome! To dust off the English Wiki instead of somewhat translating would be a lot of help and reference to everyone Big Grin
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I am very impressed with the world map part of the guide, great effort down there Smile

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