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[Guide] Craft Forging {Looking for Contribution}
(07-09-2018, 11:44 AM)nitolbaid Wrote: Did somebody manage to craft a chain of shattering core from cores of other types?

Do somebody knows how to get chain of shattering 3* cores other than with old achievments?

Chains are associated with the Crash Fever collab and aren't craftable AFAIK. No way to get them other than Crash Fever events, which might come back, since they weren't supposed to come back after the first time but did anyway.

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Fauxy the first time they didn't say that it was the only time, but i believe that the second collaboration they did imply that  although they didn't have a second rate up event unlike KoF/HxH / and I bet that YYH may have a second rate up too.

*edited since u is too close vs I and my fingers are too big lol. 

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