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[Guide] Azuride II © | Your Source to All Things Water! | Part 2- Practical{WIP}
Progress on hold now due to rl commitments and will try to update as much as possible when I find the time. Thank you Smile. I will still be replying to comments,though.

Are you one of them...?

'I'm always bombarded by Water cards..'
'Keen to build a mono Water team but have no idea how to..'
'I need some walkthrough to pass the difficult stages'
'Which leader played in the team is better? I'm torn!'

Is it a yes..? Or is it a no? No matter. The fact that you've clicked in here proves that you're one of the chosen one.

Welcome to..
[Image: 4153744.png]
Your source to all things, Water! (Part 2- Practical)

Current version : v8.1

[Image: 4153736.png]
  • Foreword
  • Comparison(VS) between Teams (TBC)
  • Tips and Tricks (TBC)
  • Walkthrough for difficult stages i.e. SM/NM(Ultimate stages)
  • Credits and special thanks


Greetings to you all ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, once more Smile. I'm back with part 2 of the guide. Be sure to check out part 1 if you haven't do so ! >Click here to be warped<

For this part of the guide, it will be more on the practical approach. I will mostly touch on team buildings and walkthroughs for SM/NM (Ultimate stages)Here's hoping that all of you will have the time of your life reading this  Angel .


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Team Passive(s)- relevant in a mono Water team

Leader and ally of 6★
[Image: 40?cb=20140622090558]
  • Every combo there will be 70% chance of getting 1 extra combo (this combo will not be affected by any active skill)

[Image: 40?cb=20140905202558]
  • Zeus will convert to the same attribute as Poseidon(Both Leader and Ally required @ 6★)
    Zeus and Greek Gods gain a Linked Skill - Trace of Infusion: For 1 turn, all dropped Runestones would be aligned; and if Elemental Trace is used on the enemy (the sign that appear when you use your Greek God's active), damage will be boosted to 2.2x directly instead of relying on combos to accumulate it

Leader and ally
[Image: 40?cb=20140622092403]
  • Runestones of the Leader's Attribute will have a higher chance to drop

Leader and ally(must be the same, either 6★ or 7★
[Image: 40?cb=20140622090649][Image: 40?cb=20140622093151]
  • Runestones of the Leader's Attribute will have a higher chance to drop.
  • Effect of Enchanted Runestones x110%.

[Image: 40?cb=20140622091402]+ 2 (Leader and Ally)[Image: 40?cb=20140622090649&]/ + 1 (Leader or Ally)[Image: 40?cb=20140622093151]
  • Odin will convert to the same attribute as the Norse God(s) (it needs 2 ★6 or 1 ★7)
    Odin and Norse God(s) gain a Linked Skill - Enchantment Legacy: Turn Heart Runestones, the God(s)' attribute and opposing attribute into Enchanted Runestones of the same attribute.

[Image: 40?cb=20150111044953]+ 2 (Leader and Ally)[Image: 40?cb=20140622090649&]/ + 1 (Leader or Ally)[Image: 40?cb=20140622093151]
  • Odin will convert to the same attribute as the Norse God(s) (it needs 2 ★6 or 1 ★7)
    Odin and Norse God(s) gain a Linked Skill - Enchantment Injuction: Turn Runestones of Heart, opposing attribute and the God(s)' attribute into Enchanted Runestones of the same attribute, while Runestones of enemy attribute turn into Heart Runestones.

  • If the Leader Skill of specified member(s) who carries out the team skill is Fury of Attribute, it will become Ire of Attribute - Attribute Attack x300% (it needs 2 ★7)

Leader and Ally
[Image: 40?cb=20141219124243]
  • If the Leader Skill of specified member(s) who carries out the team skill is Water Riot, it will become Water Rebellion.
    If Runestones of the same attribute, Runestones of the opposite attribute and Heart Runestones are dissolved at the same round, Attribute Attack increases by an extra 300% at the round (no stacking); the attack bonus returns to 100% next round.

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[Image: 4158196.png]

In this section, I will give you my team recommendations for almost every possible leaders.

Some abbreviations that you might want to take note of:
OC- Offensive converter
DC- Defensive converter
DM - Damage multiplier/Booster
UT- Utilities

Last but not least, do remember that this is just a guideline to help you build your teams, you do not have to stick exactly to it. Also, there is no such thing as the 'perfect team' or the game's not gonna be fun,  Blush ?

[Image: 80?cb=20140622093151] Freyr the Immortal Warrior

Freyr-lead teams generally boast great balance of all stats thus also being relatively stable. Because of their team passive(Freyr as lead/ally) you will want to have more Enchanted Water runes on board to take advantage of the boost. In a Freyr team, one definitely should have Odin, an amazing card that can be used as an OC/DM. I say should, not must so if you do not have him it is okay too but you'll be losing out naturally.

Sample Variations

The luxury high-end build

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093151][Image: 50?cb=20150111044953][Image: 50?cb=20150111044953][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 60?cb=20140622093151]

Team cost:

Key members: [Image: 50?cb=20150111044953] x 2

The core of this team is definitely the 2 PR Odin. The TC is incredibly high hence the name of this build. With 2 PR Odin, you get incredible stat boost and access to 2 mass switch converting/up to 3x damage multiplier which is crazy.
As for the last 2 slot, you can pretty much go with anything you want, mix and match according to the stage that you are attempting.

The mainstream build

PR Odin variant

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093151][Image: 50?cb=20140622093223][Image: 50?cb=20140717102438][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 50?cb=20140622092228][Image: 60?cb=20140622093151]

Since you are playing Freyr as leader/ally, you might want to actually slot out Pisces due to to the increase drop rate bonus. However, I still find a short converter extremely handy so it is really down to your own preference. Other than that, a very typical lineup.

Non PR Odin variant

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093151][Image: 50?cb=20140622091402&][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 50?cb=20140717102438][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 60?cb=20140717102440]

First thing's first. PR Daji is almost always better as the ally if your Odin is non PR.  Since you are not playing duo Freyr, a short converter naturally will help more. Molly too works extremely well here pairing with PR Daji's leader skill . I actually have been using this lineup for a very long time before PR Odin was released and it's good.

No Odin variant

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093151][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 50?cb=20140717102441][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 50?cb=20140622091848][Image: 60?cb=20140717102440]

A near to mono Water Human team... (lol). Humans generally have high recovery so Cassandra's active benefits from this. Gretchen acting as an emergency healer should your HP dips too low for safety or a 2x DM when you go for the kill.

[Image: 80?cb=20141219124243] Gory Aristocrat Elizabeth

Elizabeth being a Demon means that she has low HP stat. In exchange, she has higher than average attack stat. Many will regard Demon lead teams as 'Glass Cannon' teams because they are a strong cannon that can be easily shattered like a glass; meaning albeit possessing strong attacking capabilities, the paper thin HP of an Elizabeth team might cause trouble at times.

When playing an Elizabeth team, one can choose to ally another Elizabeth or go with Daji. Never will go wrong with either, you have my word on that. Also note that a short CD converter is essential in an Elizabeth team mainly to maintain the capped damage multiplier.

Sample Variations

The mainstream build

[Image: 60?cb=20141219124243][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 50?cb=20140622091848][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 60?cb=20141219124243]

This lineup is one of my personal favourite. Such destructive capabilities. With 2 Pisces, you are almost never going to run out of Water runes. Cassandra for the extra oomph to the already very much oomph 12.25x multiplier. Molly for the finishing blow to also trigger duo Elizabeth's hidden passive.

The beefy build

[Image: 60?cb=20141219124243][Image: 50?cb=20140717102438][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 50?cb=20140717102441][Image: 50?cb=20140622115122][Image: 60?cb=20140717102440]

Much suited when attempting the stage where you're very unlikely to just pass through with brute force and higher HP is needed.Dagon's amelioration IV adds an additional 25% chance of Heart runes to be dropped underneath its column which is a nice touch. Gretchen acting as an emergency heal/2x damage multiplier as usual.

The Harem build

[Image: 60?cb=20141219124243][Image: 50?cb=20140622091848][Image: 50?cb=20150204101207][Image: 50?cb=20141124114118][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 60?cb=20141219124243]

Actually similar to the mainstream build. Just that Daesung is surrounded by so many girls. I cannot resist posting this Tongue. Anyway, Syu Syiao-Syue being the highlight here of keeping Fire/Heart runes as it priorities Light/Dark runes so you can actually use this to trigger the hidden passive much easier.

[Image: 80?cb=20140622090558] Poseidon God of the Sea

Poseidon teams are very luck reliant but if you know the tricks the odds will favour you most of the time. I'll be explaining that in a separate section.

In a Poseidon team, converters, no matter short/long CDs are very much appreciated as they are the core to a strong Poseidon team. Damage multipliers? Not as much.

Many also do not suggest PR Molly in a Poseidon team because you are almost going to be left with no Water runes on board as they will be all clumped up on the top few rows. However, she is no doubt a great burst card to be used to eliminate the boss.

Sample Variations

The Mainstream build

Zeus variant

[Image: 60?cb=20140622090558][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 50?cb=20140905202558][Image: 50?cb=20140622114747][Image: 60?cb=20140622090558]

2 Pisces might look too many but sometimes even that 2-3 runes will make a huge impact to the combo count. For those who do not have 2, obviously you can replace 1 of them with a slightly higher CD converter e.g. Qinlong/Ao Guang.
Zeus + Yuanshi is a very deadly overkill combo so there's that.

No Zeus variant

[Image: 60?cb=20140622090558][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 50?cb=20140717102438][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 50?cb=20140622093422]/[Image: 50?cb=20150228064832][Image: 60?cb=20140622090558]

To make up for the lack of a Zeus, Wen Zhong/Glacial Yan is a good choice. If you have both, Wen Zhong will be better since he converts Heart> Water(assuring a more consistent supply of Water runes) and his amelioration skill increases the drop rate of Water runes underneath him by 25%; effectively increasing the combo count.

The Overheal build

[Image: 60?cb=20140622090558][Image: 50?cb=20140622092954][Image: 50?cb=20140622093422][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 60?cb=20140622090558]

Mainly the setup to tackle bosses with overheal shields (only excess HP recovered will be dealt as damage). I'll get straight to the point here. No lust? No talk. As simple as that. Lust is definitely a must.

The 'True' Poseidon build

[Image: 60?cb=20140622090558][Image: 50?cb=20140622090558][Image: 50?cb=20140622090558][Image: 50?cb=20140622090558][Image: 50?cb=20140622090558][Image: 60?cb=20140622090558]

This is a legitimate team. No joke. However, they must all be at amelioration IV to actually make this viable. The rate of continuous skydrops is absurdly insane here. Don't believe me? Ask Gary, one of the forumer with experience on this but he plays Artemis. Tongue.

[Image: 80?cb=20141128030326] Tefnut the Decent God of Drizzles

The core that makes Tefnut teams viable is definitely [Image: 50?cb=20141128030337].

Some pointers:
How to calculate damage dealt by?[Image: 50?cb=20141128030337]
Multiply the accumulated damage by 12.25x and you get the damage that you will be nuking against Fire/Dark enemies. E.g. 100k x 12.25 = 1.225m

Sample Variations

The Mainstream build

[Image: 60?cb=20141128030326][Image: 50?cb=20140717102441]/[Image: 50?cb=20141128030337][Image: 50?cb=20141128030337][Image: 50?cb=20141128030337][Image: 50?cb=20141128030337][Image: 60?cb=20141128030326]

Gretchen/another Whale? If you own a Gretchen, I'll advise to go with Gretchen as a team full while Whale is a 'lil.. too YOLO? Ahaha Tongue. Not funny? Ohkayy.

Anyway the reason I'd prefer Gretchen is because post-fusion, Whale's active charge up twice faster(5 turns to reach 100k) sorta makes up for the absence of another Whale. Gretchen's original active which is an almost instant heal is also a great help to the team as the team in general boasts low recovery. Besides, the teamrestoring to full HP upon fusion is a very nice touch.

* Extremely helpful when stalling, can be a real lifesaver at times.

The Combative build

Okay, so naturally there are definitely stages whereby you cannot just snipe your way through.

Dragons' Follower variant

[Image: 60?cb=20141128030326][Image: 50?cb=20140717102438][Image: 50?cb=20140717102441][Image: 50?cb=20141128030337][Image: 50?cb=20141128030337][Image: 60?cb=20141128030326]

The easy way through is to just slot in an OC and not just any OC. Preferably a Dragon OC to further increase the team's HP. The reason is since the team already has low recovery, it is best to have your HP higher so you can tank more hits.

Lonely whale variant

[Image: 60?cb=20141128030326][Image: 50?cb=20141128030337][Image: 50?cb=20140717102441][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 60?cb=20141128030326]

More to stages with many non-snipe friendly shields. This build takes advantage of the 12.25x multiplier of the team combatively. This time, non Dragon team members(other than Whale) are recommended in a bid to increase the team's recovery stat so it acts more like a normal team.

[Image: 80?cb=20140717102441]Adjoined Android- Gretchen H.

Gretchen teams are very rarely used due to the fact that its restrictive leader skill. Looking at it from another point of view, it is actually not too shabby although it definitely lacks the punch when compared to the 'big guns'.

Sample variations

Credits to necropuddi for the ideas

[Image: 60?cb=20140717102441][Image: 50?cb=20141128030337][Image: 50?cb=20140622091848][Image: 50?cb=20140717102438][Image: 50?cb=20141124114118][Image: 60?cb=20140717102441]

updating on this.

[Image: 80?cb=20140622093422] Wen Zhong the Mercy Revealer

One of the first few leader with team members as restriction to get the normal damage multiplier. Being frank, not entirely an impressive card as a leader.

'Jiang Zhong' variant

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093422][Image: 50?cb=20140717102438][Image: 50?cb=20140622092228][Image: 50?cb=20141219124331][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 60?cb=20140622093456]

The more commonly seen Wen Zhong build with Jiang Zi Ya as the ally. Beowulf + Scrubia works very well here. Beowulf as usual providing 2.2x DM wheras Scrubia converts random column (may leave Heart runes that triggers their leader skill).

The Daredevil build

[Image: 60?cb=20140622093422][Image: 50?cb=20140622090558][Image: 50?cb=20140905202558][Image: 50?cb=20140717102438][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 60?cb=20140622093422]

So.. why the name, you ask? Personally, I've never seen anyone play this and to be honest, definitely not a very stable deck. The inspiration for this was from a Randeng-Yang Jian team video with Greek+ Zeus as members. Also, since Zeus is a Light attribute, the requirement of having at least 1 Light card in the team is cleared. For a massive burst, WZ>Poseidon+Zeus(partner skill)>Molly. Just devastating  Cool , only if you do well in the battles before you get the chance to pull this off HAHAH. *Actually this build seems quite fun although not very practical, might try it once I get my hands on WZ and Poseidon and report back here!

[Image: 80?cb=20140622092120] Court of Aquarius- Carrie

Used to be very popular back in the days when people always run duo Carrie. Close to obsolete now mainly due to her dated leader skill. Her active skill is still a very nice DM though.

Sample Variations

Typical build

[Image: 60?cb=20140622092120][Image: 50?cb=20140622092228][Image: 50?cb=20141219124331][Image: 50?cb=20140622115122][Image: 50?cb=20140622093223][Image: 60?cb=20140717102440]

Because of Carrie's dated leader skill, this team has weaker firepower than most teams around. A DC is highly recommended here to make full use of her leader skill. Also because of her Carrie's low 2x multiplier, a DM certainly will help. Beowulf+ Scrubia is a great combo here. If you do not have either or both, just simply switch with another DM/OC.

[Image: 80?cb=20141219124636] Princess of Icicle- Yuki-onna

Team with Yuki-onna as lead generally will have low overall HP stat because you'll be having at least 3 Demons in the team to fully utilize her leader skill. A step-up version of Carrie.

Sample Variations

Typical build

[Image: 60?cb=20141219124636][Image: 50?cb=20140622092228][Image: 50?cb=20141219124331][Image: 50?cb=20140717102438][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 60?cb=20140717102440]

Beowulf+ Scrubia makes a perfect addition in this team. However, with 3 Demon/1 Elf in the team the HP definitely will take a hit so it's best to slot in cards with high HP to minimize the impact. Ao Guang/Qinglong cuts the fit here. 1 slot for you to play around.

[Image: 80?cb=20141218160452] Douman Ashiya, Onmyōji of Douma

This card is really OP, like really. No joke. What's more, he's obtainable from Ultimate SM stage, makes it accessible to every Tom, Dick and Harry! Personally, I'm really in love with this card. I actually cleared more SMs with this as leader compared to Freyr.. which is quite sad(lol). The survivability of this team is just insane.

Sample Variations

Eternal Trans build

[Image: 60?cb=20141218160452][Image: 50?cb=20140622092228][Image: 50?cb=20140622092959][Image: 50?cb=20140622115122][Image: 50?cb=20140622093223][Image: 60?cb=20140717102440]

I used this exact setup to clear Eternal Trans, hence the name. Yep. If you read about Douman Ashiya in Part 1, you will realise how devastating his recovery capabilities are. For insurance, you'll want a DC ( Dagon is best in this case, 25% Heart runes increased underneath + high HP). That's all. Nothing much to write about.

A quick walkthrough here!

The Overheal build

[Image: 60?cb=20141218160452][Image: 50?cb=20140622115122][Image: 50?cb=20140622115122][Image: 50?cb=20140622092959][Image: 50?cb=20140622092130][Image: 60?cb=20140717102440]

2 DCs should be more than enough. 2 slots for you to mix and match. 1 should belong to OC. Another probably will go to UT for insurance purposes.

[Image: 80?cb=20150204101207] Stone of Origin- Syu Siao-Syue

Not exactly a mono Water team, but with the right cards you will get the 'feel' of playing a Water team because well, you will end up spinning Water runes most of the time anyway Tongue. HAHAHAH. Ok, that was lame. Consider this card a step-up version of Wen Zhong.

Sample Variations

Sexy ladies build

[Image: 60?cb=20150204101207][Image: 50?cb=20140622091858][Image: 50?cb=20140622091906][Image: 50?cb=20140622091848][Image: 50?cb=20140622092403][Image: 60?cb=20150204101207]

All hail the Enchantress trio!

Actually there's already a guide for Xuan Yuan builds so if you're interested please also do take a look at it
necropuddi's guide.

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reserved x7 because why not.

last reserved post so feel free to comment after this
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Really liking the new format. Great job. Big Grin
ID: 29,237,346

Main Ally: All Max Daji

Guild Ally: All Max SSS

Other Allies(on request): 
All Max: Stolas/Pisces/Capricorn/Libra/Leo/Ursula/Novalis/Dagon/Cthugha/Kejorou
Level Max/PR'd: Faugn IV/Lisa/Inanna/Namtar/Astaroth IV/Sagittarius II/Douman Ashiya/Artemis IV/Nezha III
IV Ducks/Dogs: Water/Earth/Light

Will add low level users.
Great one. Looking forward to tips on greek team
Add me:
IGN: [SR]Meijin III
ID: 64222481
Allies: Atrahasis the Wise Entity, Poseidon, PR Loki

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