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[Guide] Active Skill Catalog (Updated 3/3/2017)
Okay, I'm working on adding all the rest of the stuff that I left out before. So some questions:
  •  how should I sort the completed list? There's already some series that I lump together as one set when they have similar actives (like Babylons or Starters). Would it be better to list such series first, before going into the cards unique to each attribute? For example in the Converters part I could bring out VR Norse, Golems etc. and put them at the top to indicate that they all share that particular ability. Cards that change attribute like CoK Agatha could go there too. 
  •  there are cards that amplify a specific race's ATK/REC; should those be separated from the attribute-specific ones? Cards that boost Race + Attribute like Nidhogg or Cheung Po Tsai would appear multiple times then.
  •  for converters that create attributes besides their own, like ZLE or PR ML, should they belong in those other attributes' sections too?
(12-20-2016, 12:18 PM)BlackPaul Wrote: Thanks for this. Now we need a kind person with time on their hands to catalogue all the team passive effects and we're laughing.

I mean, there's already a page on the wiki. Unless that's not what you're thinking of?
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