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[Guide] A Full Guide and Explanation to the Arena (ToS Version 16.3 Update)
It's been a while since I've been back to this thread. So my answers are probably not very useful now.
There are two cap damages; 20 Mil and 100 Mil. First 20 Mil gives 550 points and every million after that gives only 1 point, up to 630 points. It's actually mentioned in the calculation as well.
You need to hit 100 Mil when aiming for perfect score >4400 points.
Edit: Added Ghroth usage in Tips and Tricks.

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Added more tips on Ghroth usage and stalling without dissolving runestones.

Using Ghroth:
-Sometimes it would be worth replacing a member with bonus points with Ghroth, as his active skill is able to hit 25 combo cap (for 10 points each combo) and make up for lost bonus points, as well as manage to hit 100m damage cap (for 630 max damage points), all with just his active skill.
-More suitable if Ghroth can obtain damage multiplier from boosted leader and ally leader skills.
-A disadvantage is that Ghroth can't be added to "race/attribute specific only" teams.

Stalling without dissolving runestones:
-This is viable with high HP teams with HP multipliers.
-You can stall without dissolving runestones (you can move them, just not dissolving them).
-This DOES NOT take up any rounds spent as long as runestones are not dissolved.
-This is done to either let negative effects (such as 7+ combo spin, time reduction, can't dissolve specific attribute runestone etc) to run out, or to rearrange runestones to make it easier to spin.
-Disadvantages include taking up more time to finish the stage, and not viable on normal HP multiplier teams.
-Be aware to NOT do this during an 8-combo mob. Otherwise, it will hit you 8 times.

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(12-24-2016, 02:46 AM)DrFluttershy Wrote: -You can rearrange your board without dissolving, and surprisingly, this doesn't count as a round. However, the downsides are you will be hit by the enemy, and any skills used will not jump back up until runestones are dissolved.

I tried using Poppy and then rearranging without dissolving and it did count as a round (5 times). I thought I would do it to get by the ATTR can not attack for 5 rounds skill. The skill counted down to zero, I did not get attacked, but my round count included the 5 non-dissolve rounds.

Tried again without Poppy and I got a round added. It looks like this is no longer current (haven't noticed it before so may have changed in this patch).

stalling without dissolving runestones was patched 2 days ago, this should be updated.
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Arena extended by 1 day, don't forget to play today!
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