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[Guide] A Full Guide and Explanation to the Arena (ToS Version 13 Update)
with 3Kingdoms bonus back... think want to try my SunQuan/Qiaos
with 4 bonus cards, 1st default battle 2900+ wow... havent seen that 'high' number for a long time
next... someone's arena... 7 combos... why the score is even worse than my usual Erebus with 1 bonus card...
very very wrong one... can even dissolve 5 attr even keep activate Starter... KO.... .... ..... Sad
will stick to this team till seeing almost out of Legend III...

RXWing / 48,740,450 / Lv340+
My Teams (30 Aug) / Inventory (16 Oct) / Replays
Once again, arena is dominated mostly by Guan Yu with some Lu Bu team in between.

After 1 vigor refill (10 runs), currently sit at no.15, with top 5 runs average at about 3.9k. After analyzing teams of top player, the standard setup is

Guan Yu + Liu Bei + PR Starter + 2 Bonus Cards + Guan Yu

The 2 bonus cards do not really matter as I never use their actives. (I guess Vali's one maybe useful for bursting)
Utility provided by PR starter is just worth the loss of 1 slot for bonus card.

Most shields are technically solvable through skydrop (top arena players are basically using minimal active while hoping skydrop to settle for them), although this involves some vigor refill and i don't think it is worth to go all the way to reach top 10.

For people aiming 10-100 for 20 dimes, using a starter will be a more viable options for these shield.
For bursting, Liu Bei (combine skill is not even needed) + starter will do.

For Lu Bu team setup, it is
Lu Bu + Zhuge Liang + Norvi + 1 dupe dark bonus card/ Burst card (recommend Edward) + PR Starter + Lu Bu

I personally use Lu Bu team with 2 bonus cards for the past 2 weeks in arena and averages about 3.2k-3.4k per run so with at least 4 bonus cards, it will certainly perform well in arena.
Zhuge Liang is simply useful for enchanted puzzle shield and fusion shield involves enchanted dark. (Lu Bu team user should look for these arenas for scoring)
For bursting, Lu Bu/Zhuge Liang (depending on enemy's skill) + Edward + Starter will be enough.

Available Cards:
[Image: dqTJNez.jpg]
ID: 43061313
Yeah the power creep of these two teams coupled with them getting extra points makes me salty. :/

Seriously the ammount if diamonds thrown weekly at the seal for nothing is kind of ridiculous.

Lucky lvl 300+ newb.
Got: All the greeks gods; Got Barbhogg; Samael max; Chinese Paladins team (RH:LYR); Death Artist Jack all max; Marguerite x3; Yang Jian; the 3 enchantresses; Ursula + Novalis; Luno;Dumuzi not PR yet;PR Inanna; Gaia;Pr Diablo; Giemsa;HFD; VR Loki;Madam Chyang; Princess Sara; Aether; Sera; Bael; Perython; Dodo. Cool
Don't have: Skills.  Tongue    

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