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[Guide]7th Anniversary ALL MAX - What to choose?
[Image: heB6YoQ.jpg]

Tower of Saviors' 7th anniversary gave us another All Max event! Over the past year, we've seen great new cards released, as well as old cards being rejuvenated, and with so many options in mind, which one should you go for?

Note: There is a new black gold card 'Xiang Yu' being released on February 5, so I encourage players to hold on to their All Max draw until you're finished drawing that seal, as you might get the card you want then, leaving you to choose another card with this All Max Event!

Some reminders of the all max before we start:
1. No collaboration monsters
2. No black gold monsters, with 2 exceptions (Bahamut and Behemoth) 
3. No collector deck monsters
3. Monster selected will be in its highest form (Yes, even SR cards)
4. The 5 available options will prioritize cards you don't own yet, afterwards choosing random monsters if there are <5 unobtained cards available.
5. Once you select your race & attribute type, you cannot revert the option! So choose wisely!

Below you can find the cards eligible for the event, based off attribute, then race

Best Options

[Image: mybqTEu.png] Unbreakable Fondness - Su Daji You've seen how good she is. Whether you're a fairly new player or a seasoned veteran, Daji has everything you could want in a card. Boasting a universal leader skill, 2 strong actives, as well as seamlessly fitting into any team that can run her, you simply cannot go wrong when choosing her.

[Image: JzXockL.png] Cat of Charisma - Mellow This is THE best stall card in the game. Being able to indefinitely dodge attacks while still gaining a x3 damage bonus is insane. And sure, while you can just as easily lose the effect thanks to sky drops but most of the time, when the effect is active, you're not going to want to dissolve runes anyway. 

[Image: DIcPvtO.png] Paragon of Brilliance - Diamond The premier elf leader as of now and the foreseeable future, Diamond fares best against things that aren't machina. And while a black gold elf card seems inevitable at some point, diamond will likely still see usage thanks to her powerful active skill. 

[Image: UaLvbmT.png] Noble Fire of the Lost - Bahamut One common pattern you see among the cards listed to far is that they all have strong actives, and Bahamut is no different. Its main selling point is the sheer amount of utility he provides. Being able to bypass 3 enemy skills with just 1 card is extremely strong, making it an essential utility member when running a QG team.

[Image: LM1xoqq.png] Valor of the East Sea - Ao Guang Another core card for QG team. If you had to choose over picking this or Bahamut, I would suggest picking Bahamut, as its active skill is more unique, whilst Ao Guang may be substituted with other cards. 

[Image: YADnLU1.png] Smite of Warhammer - Bull King The pairing of Bull King + Iron Fan Princess has seen a surge in popularity, and its no surprise why. Bull King's actives really complements Iron fan's own, and the pairing of these 2 also has the added bonus of increased stats, suddenly giving you a super beefed multi-hit card. If you have Iron Fan Princess, then do give Bull King a serious thought.

Other great options you may consider

[Image: A39zNOi.png] Spacial Distortion - Abraham Despite the existence of Miku & Kaito as well as Machi, Abraham is still able to hold its ground as one of the premier water leader cards. However, unlike the previously mentioned leaders, Abraham is not bound by race limits. 

[Image: IzHgN2a.png] Origin of All Sins - Eve While not as strong as Ying Zheng, Eve is a good substitute as a demon leader if you are unable to obtain him. However, this card has no worth as a member when used in other teams.

[Image: BWa63fs.png] Pride of Regalia - Jade A staple for elf teams, thanks to the strong offensive boost she provides, as well as utility upon deactivation.

[Image: MZajFrv.png] Mutated Biodiversity - Darwin Apart from the self attack increase and potential -3 CD, Darwin is one of the rare "explode board" actives that machinas have access to.

[Image: Z36xYA9.png] Militant Heroine - Wu Zetian Strong active. One of the rare "launch extra attacks" actives that demons have access to. Great for speed farming easy stages as well.

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