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Guan Yu [Deck Building Advice]
(Yesterday, 04:16 PM)fathead Wrote: Ah that makes alot of sense , thanks agensi Smile

No chance of me being able to do the Zhangfei SM right? I mean I really don't see myself getting past a SM stage even by gemming 10 times xD

Wouldn't recommend it. If the stage that lets you power level to 150 is still up, I almost recommend pouring all your stamina into that. But probably it's better to try to get the main stages done, the biweekly stages, daily quests. Do the arena and try to get into a guild, because guilds give you a coin and EXP bonus, alongside letting you participate in more events. Save up your dimes, try to get 50. Ancient coin seal opens next week with a new black platinum (the rarest of cards). But even if you don't get him or any of the other black cards, ancient coin seal is basically all meta leaders/members, so it's a good time to splurge.

UID: 86478773
2Max Leaders: Maya, Erebus, Ophiuchus, Amaterasu, Aloha, Rose.
1Max (CDLV10+): Chessia, Barbara.
LF: Hot Nidhoggs and Ophiuchuses in my area. Other leaders matching mine OK too, but those especially at the moment.
(Yesterday, 03:31 PM)Fauxy Wrote:
Wouldn't recommend it. [... Wrote:pid='278473' dateline='1510895099']

Thanks Fauxy - I've found the stage to power level (it gives you three soulstones too!), and will alternate between grinding that and clearing through the map.

I'll also be clearing the biweekly stages and daily quests for the rewards, where possible. It's actually quite fun to level now, with all the free soul stones madhead keeps throwing at me XD

I won't stress too much about my team composition (even if its mono-water, so what? Maybe I'll get lucky and draw Atlantis xD), and come back to you guys if I get stuck on a stage or something Smile

I'll take a look into arenas as well - see what that's all about (even though my card levels suck, it'll be fun too Big Grin)

Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it!

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