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Greek skydrops nerfed?!?11
I died to the 9 combo shield in SM with VR Hephaestus and Heimdall Sad I wasn't paying attention and only made one combo from the masked board, but it only gave me 6 skydrop combos! That's not fair! Madhead must have altered the drop rate of Fire runes for Hephaestus!

[In case you didn't get it, this is a joke.]

But, in all seriousness. Refined VR Greeks have a bunch more ways of generating runs than their PR counterparts.
- Each initial combo drops 2 runes.
- Each group of 3 runes drops 2 runes
- Each attribute dissolved drops 3 runes.
So obviously spinning for VR Greeks is different from PR Greeks. The question is, exactly what ways are optimum?

From farming Zhang Jue's SM, I've been developing a fondness for stacking the off-color combos (except Hearts). This results in less runes generated from the initial combos, but when the other attributes match up later, they add 3 runes to the large main clump, instead of getting mixed with other colors. This feels more effective to me, though I don't know for sure since I'm also using Heimdallr.

How else has everyone been spinning their VR Greeks?

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I wish I had Heimdallr because I think I miscalled it, Hephaestus is one of the stronger greeks, but they're all quite good and all have quite different flavors despite their identical skills. Artemis and Apollo are more offense heavy with Pollux/Alma and ML/Luna while Hephaestus and Athena are more defensive with decent damage using Shakuro and Lu Xun. If you got Kyo (and I don't) Hephaestus does both, which puts him pretty up there. Still okay without, cleared Zhang Jue with only Bedivere to boost damage. Poseidon can be great, but needing a black card to be optimum puts him at lowest for me just because of the expense of it.

I like the splitting the board in two with an undissolveable line in the middle method, which guarantees more combos overall but it's quite difficult to do consistently and still do good initial combos.

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My only issue is that it is now hard to stall. Even 1 combo usually nets me 5 or more fire combos. Even dissolving an off color rune still creates attack runes. Not bad when you're stalling on a high HP enemy. Sucks when it's a low HP enemy.

Other than that, I'm really liking VR Greek. I never really liked playing Greeks and would only do so if it was required by an achievement, but now, I love watching all the combos and dissolving of runes while I sit there and wait.

Edit: my spinning is to try and get rid of as many Runes as possible to watch the show lol. I haven't run the SM yet, so it's just been regular battles.

MH does have a history of ninja nerfing Greek Skydrops. None PR Greek skydrops used to be insane before (easily achieving 20 combos after convert) so they nerfed it. After PR, the skydrop became good again, and MH ninja nerfed it again. So I wouldn't be surprised if they ninja nerf skydrops again.
Even if there is a "ninja nerf", all the VR team skills basically guarantee at least 5-6 combos. The op joke about one combo --> 6 skydrops combos is a real thing; I've done this many times.

I usually just try to clear as many different attributes as possible to maximise the initial skydrops, plus a set of 5 to keep up the active skill. If I can manage to split the board in two like mentioned above, that also works well.
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Here's to hoping that even if VR Greeks get nerfed, it won't be as bad as before. Greeks were known for their instability due to the nature of skydrops as a gamble, so VR added some consistency to it as opposed to a straight-up buff.
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Really liked what they did to Greeks post-VR - a much more interesting fix than adding a flat multiplier IMO, which has already been covered by the active skill anyway. Here's another one to Greeks' longevity and low-key hoping for dupes during CNY drawsTongue
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I think Beelzebub revival stage (5b in the SM with the strikeout) really demonstrated the power of Greeks. In that mode you had to spin and not get Light combos. So I would spin the bottom half and ensure that when my 2 combos were ended, I'd skydrop dissolve a bunch of light runes. In the process you'd get over 10 combos and heal up with Shakuro.
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I used to refer to Greeks as a freight train...hard to get going and hard to stop when going. Resets will still pose a problem for Greeks but it won't be as bad as before. I still don't like Greeks active as u can't use leader and ally at the same time. Reset also reduces charging of that.

I worry about creep when they did this. Hopefully they don't make us pay for it.
Actually in all seriousness, Madhead has tweaked the drop rate for Greek slightly. I used to get 20 combos easily, now I'm getting 14-16.
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