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Greek gods
This thread will be only used for ppl who are looking for Greek Gods ally or use Greek Gods as ally

Sample Format:

Nickname: Ario

Game ID: 12345678

Regularly Ally: Artemis Goddess of the Moon lvl75

Wanted Ally: Artemis Goddess of the Moon, any lvl is good

Again this thread would be only for those who are seeking or using Greek God as ally.

Lets keep this thread clean.

List your regularly ally and wanted ally.

Players could easily find the ally they need and decide to send& accept a friend request.

If u want additional information or confirmation about whether he accepts you or rejects you, send him a private message.

Thank you and hope u find the right partner here.


Game ID: 2708728

Regularly Ally: All 5 Greek God MAX

Wanted Ally: Any Greek God, lv 90+


Game ID: 2172346

Regularly Ally: Apollo God of the Sun lvl11

Wanted Ally:Apollo God of the Sun ,Any LIGHT 200% ATK ,any lvl is good

Name: OhYeaH!

Game ID: 1547859

Regularly Ally : Goddess Athena, Freyja Goddess of Love(lv max), Earth Paladin(lv max), Sirius of Solar Eclipse, Tyr God of Justice

Wanted Ally : Goddess Athena

Name: Frank
Game ID: 6-594-929
Regular Ally: Poseidon God of the Sea (lv 75)
Wanted ally: Fox Queen
Regularly Ally: Artemis (Goddess of the Moon soon)
Game ID: 75 111 71
Wanted Ally: Artemis, Fox

Game ID: 1148831

Regularly Ally: Poseidon God of the Sea Level 65

Wanted AllyTongueoseidon, Ao Gong
Nickname: ===>Kenji<===

Game ID: 7637205

Regularly Ally: Poseidon lv 41 (will evole Poseidon God of the Sea)

Wanted Ally : Poseidon God of the Sea
Name: MiHuy
Game ID: 9 169 261
Regular Ally: Poseidon
Wanted ally: Poseidon, the Chinese Dragon King, or Tefnut (egyptian god water)
[Image: 11443044_73950904.png]
Nickname: Ernest0923

ID: 8877131

Regular Ally: Artemis

Looking for: Artemis, Artemis Goddess of the Moon
[Image: 7544893_3439716.png]

[Image: 7544893_1414831585.png]
Nickname: Kurt
ID: 10,581,481
Regular Ally: Artemis
Wanted ally: Artemis, Loki

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