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Greek Gods

Looking for apollo allies, amel IV if possible :-)

My allies are : PR Daji, Heph IV, PR Tyr III, PR Freyja III, PR Thor I, PR Nezha, Elizabeth, Poppy, PR Loki III, PR Faugn IV, PR Dagon IV, PR Byakee IV, Nidhogg

My ID : 4379542

I set Daji all the time, and can switch for other on demand :-)

[Image: 42d8f9ad.jpg]
All max Athena looking for all other Greeks but mostly other Athenas! Athena is my permanent ally and I'm very active, so I'll always be there for you!

ID: 20,748,968

UID: 20,748,968
Permanent VR Athena looking for all. Feel free to add me!
Hi, ign: Sky
My allies are Courts of Aquarius - Carrie and Goddess Athena
ID: 60,265,557
In need of many Goddess Athena add me if that's you Smile

ID 11,150,521

My main ally: Poseidon IV (level 99, CD 14)
Looking for: Poseidon IV

also switch it up and use Elizabeth (99), Carrie (99), and Freyr (80) from time to time... always have a water ally, though.

edit: hit 99 on Poseidon Smile
IGN: Ah Shine
ID: 67814133
Main ally: goddess athena (Lv 99, CD 13)
Other allies: bell (Lv 99, CD 11)
Wanted allies: ATHENA IV (Lv 99, CD 13)

ID: 68411728
Main ally: Poseidon (Lv 1, newbie ^__^ )
Other allies: many beast (Lv 99 )
Wanted allies: Poseidon
IGN: ObliqueBiblioclast
ID: 66843866
Main ally: 6*Elizabeth the Blood Countess (Lv 99, CD 16)
Other allies: 6* Poseidon (Lv 1, CD 13), 6* Artemis (Lv1, CD 15), 5* Freyr
Wanted allies: 6* Artemis, 6* Poseidon, 7* Freyr
[Image: 3677764c.jpg]

IGN: ObliqueBiblioclast
ID: 66843866
Regular Ally: ALL MAX DAJI
Wanted Ally: PR Wukong4, Artemis4, PR Nezha, SS Dogs
Wanted Ally: Apollo

My Main Ally: Apollo IV, CD 11

In game ID: 33,393,653
[Image: e8852693.jpg]

My Regular Allies: Wukong, PR Thor, PR Tyr, PR Faugn and Apollo.

Game ID: 33,393,653
ID: 32592709
Ally: All Max PR Tyr
Other allies: LVL 80 Wukong LVL 20 6* Artemis
Wanted allies: 6* Artemis
IGN : [SG]Aakash
ID: 63574901
Regular ally: Apollo god of the sun Ameliorate max lvl max cd 11
Other allies: Dagon the deep dictator Ameliorate max lvl max cd 7, Pr Idun lvl max,
Wanted ally: Apollo god of the sun ameliorate max lvl max

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