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Greek Gods
LF athena vr skydrop form , en server , add : 45851266

IGN: [BY] Skipeach

ID: 34090454
Main ally: Fading light - Apollo (All max)
Other allies: Wildlife of Ordeal (All max), VR Tyr (All max), VR Freyr (All max), VR Loki (All max) Chessia (Dual max), PR OOtengu (All Max), VR Artemis (skill lvl 8), VR Athena (skill lvl 10), Phanes (skill lvl 10), PR Pontos (lvl 90, skill llv 3), He Xian'gu (working on, soon be maxed)
Wanted allies: Fading light - Apollo (All max) , any other mentioned in other allies (or any at all, have more than a 100 free frieds slots)

Just rejoined TOS, looking for allies, please add me at 60,485,995. Accept any leaders!

Just rejoined TOS, looking for allies, please add me at 60,485,995. Accept any leaders! 
IGN: sdorky

ID: 2838985
Main ally: The Night Watcher - Artemis (All Max)
Other allies: Regretful Vixen Su Daiji (All Max)
Wanted allies: The Night Watcher - Artemis
IGN: Blameonme

ID: 66630142
Main ally: All Max God of the Azure Sea - Poseidon (VR)

Desperately looking for other PR/VR Poseidon allies! Will accept all requests
IGN: Loku Loku

ID: 3615530
Main ally: Apollo, Thor Artemis, Inanna

Wanted Allies: Anything and everything, would love to get some Inanna
IGN: Ervid
ID: 13918350

Full time ally: VR All Max Arthemis (The Night Watcher - Arthemis)
IGN: Fan9z

ID: 25826079
Main ally: Pompeii
Other allies: VR Hephaestus, Hideyoshi, Killua, 
Wanted allies: VR Hephaestus and every active player
IGN: Nicki-13
ID: 50420650

Main ally: Fading light - Apollo (All max)
many gods using Pompeii
Addon all
Wanted Allies: beasts, machine, dragons, elves, demons.
IGN: #checckmate

ID: 3290 8819

Main Ally: Dazlzing Light - Apollo (All max)
LF: Dazzling Light - Apollo
Main Battle Decks

[VN]°Orion ™      ID: 32 908 819
[Image: acc1_zps49296c13.jpg~original]

* * 
[VN]•Orion ™      ID: 28 604 769
[Image: acc2_zps0beea207.jpg~original]

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