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Greek Gods
IGN: Gaylord
ID: 25259733
Ally: Poseidon amel IV (I have all Greek on max, Poseidon and Hep amel IV; pm for change)
Wanted ally (max): Poseidon / Hephaestus / Apollo and if possible amel IV

[Image: 1828c248.jpg]
[Image: d9326bed.jpg]
Looking for people to use my Ally: Poseidon God of the Sea



I'm a noob that just started and really need friends!

IGN: Light
ID: 70284024
Main Ally: Apollo most of the time, Dragon Spiritor - earth when i have no light friends
Wanted Allies: Apollo... Good Light Allies? Dragon Allies?

IGN: Arda
ID: 11454037
Main ally: Thor/Freyja/Apollo/Athena, all pr and/or max AM, max level
Other allies: Various, just request if needed.
Wanted allies: Max AM Athena

Feel free to add if you have any ALL MAX cards too.
The brightest light casts the darkest shadows.
IGN: PandaRex97
ID: 61258385
Main ally: Apollo 6*
Other allies: Tefnut 6* Malphas 6*
Wanted allies: Apollo 6*( At least lvl 50 )
Hey guys! Looking for athena allies!

Name: Pleiades☆
ID: 33 404 314
Usual ally: PR Freyja(max lvl and amelioration)
Other allies: Circe(max lvl and skill), Bell(lvl 85), Yang Jian(max lvl), PR Demon Bull( max lvl), Athena(max amelioration still lvling) PM me to change!

Need more athena allies! Add me!
Looking for Apollo ALLY!

Just started Light Greek Team don't be harsh to me :3

Nickname : Dean The Great
UID : 58, 478, 298
Main Ally : Apollo & Maxed Poppy (Most of the time Apollo)
Just a decent player.
IGN : [Mist]Vincent
ID : 39727777
Regular ally : Artemis lvl max, ame IV, cd 12
Wanted ally : Artemis lvl max, ame IV
Add me plsBig Grin

pm if friendlist is full thx!

Give me +1 if my post is useful Smile
IGN: Fabricate
ID: 57 391 549
Main ally: Hephaestus max lvl max ameliorate
Other allies: Daji max, Freyja max, ML max, Thor max, Eliz max
Wanted allies: Hephaestus allies are welcome
[Image: 843386dd.jpg]
[Image: 03e6f20b.jpg]
Looking for Apollo allies
IGN: Bvlgari
ID: 53033464
Regular allies: poseidon, apollo, daji pr, freyja pr
ID - 53033464

Regular Allies All Max:
TSZ and a sh*t ton more

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